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  1. Bose is great, however, a equal or better onkyo system can be had for a fraction of the cost. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  2. I was taxed the same for my last 2 purchases this year (beater trucks) despite different listing of purchase price. No bill of sale just handed over the title and with plates both cost 140-ish
  3. The harmony line of remotes. Ease of use, fully programmable, and can control everything from your TV and games to your lights and air conditioning.
  4. Get in touch with Monmouth Arms. Steve will have all the details
  5. Dare I say it, but thats a sexy lady MartyZ
  6. Yeah, I missed that part lol
  7. Im down pending price
  8. I don't totally hate it. Now would this allow possession of 30rd at magazines since it would not technically be a semi auto rifle?
  9. You could build a very nice AR or even assemble a lower and attach a decent upper for 1000. Or talk with Steve from Monmouth Arms. He can set you up with something decent for that price
  10. I was in the same boat. I almost pulled the trigger on the Windham, but opted to build my own lower to get some hands on with the workings of the platform. Ended upgetting a Mega Arms lower, rock river 2 stage lower part kit, and rock river a4 varmint upper. Pk firearms helped As well as joeboboutfitters.com
  11. Personally Ive never had an issue at CJRPC or R14 with my MidwestPX 15/30s from anyone. They are so common that people just dont ask. Although I can say I have counted rounds of some LEO using personal rifles at the range and its not uncommon to hear 20 or 30 rounds before a mag drop.... But that's their issue not mine. Ive had people give me grief about a bayonet on a Yugo SKS in the past, so much that they called the local PD to question the legality of it. The local PD ofcoarse couldn't give them a proper answer. That very reasoning is why im purchasing legit 10 or 15rd mags. Not everyone knows the law. I feel that the 15/30s from MidwestPX are legal and fulfill all discriptions, and would defend them to any questioning LEO / risk that case. Most other makers Id stray away from and forget homebrewing some on my own. My craftsmanship isn't going to be the reason I may or not breathe free air in the future.
  12. Don't forget tax stamps. SBR or silenced rifle in your future?
  13. Just remember this: you won't have everything in one area. It's not like here where your oversatuated with stores and school's, ect. Find a nice place and expect to travel a little for something. There is rarely traffic except on rt 22
  14. I just shot a message to my brother in law for the names of the best complexes. To be honest I don't remember any with garages that I actually have been in
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