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  1. Well, I can see a lot of long guns sold last month, or a few months ago, in the future........... Fuck them! Can't do that with handguns though. Again, fuck them!
  2. Rosie, you made my day!
  3. When I first stared reading this thread I was trying to think where in Allentown this took place. Later on I saw it was in Allentown PA. Being this is a NJ Gun Forum I was thinking of Allentown, NJ, where I went to high school............
  4. I have a low rider pit bull, only 55lbs, but her bark sounds like it is out of a 100lb dog. My other dog is a lab/german shepard mix. She is up to 155lbs, big ass dog! Another one that barks/growls, people are not going to enter my house.
  5. Same with me. Unless I have something there for warranty though, I still do my own work. My son brings his car there, my daughter will bring hers there if I don't have time to change it. Yes, free, but I don't trust a lot of people.
  6. I bought two cars from there, interesting. Maybe a little sting operation is in order........... I do not take my cars/trucks there for normal service, only warranty stuff. I think I need to put a remote in there and see if it disappears.........
  7. There are next to no State Troopers driving through Millstone, unless one of the rappers there is having a major party. Back in my day we did anything we liked, no fear of the po-po showing-up, but if my father got wind of something, then my ass got beat! My parents have three dogs and a Mossberg, they aren't worried about someone entering their house unannounced at any time of the day.
  8. Sorry Highexposure, you don't know my house and it's layout, my wife and I do. I do not need a light on my weapon. I don't even need to use the sights to take care of business. It is a very small house, and if someone is on the 2nd floor of it AFTER my dogs went nuts barking, and I would assume the perp(s) either killed them, or gave them steaks to keep them busy, I am NOT worried about not seeing them in 100% daylight. They WILL BE DEAD! My brothers house, that's another story. I would want a light there, far too big to defend without WPL's.
  9. So, during a Home Invasion scenario, you want the perp(s) to know EXACTLY where you are because you have a nice bright light shining while walking around your house? I have plenty of ambient lighting throughout my house because of where I live. During Sandy, that was another story, NO ambient lighting for two weeks. That is the only time I would have been worried about not being able to see an intruder and what they may be carrying. I have two dogs, if a perp(s) gets past them, they won't like what hits them next. They are my first line of defense. My neighbors can hear them barking inside my house when they don't recognize something, whether by sight or by sound. My house is so small that I do not need a light so see my way around. No one knows your house better than you do. Having no kids at home, I am not worried about shooting someone be accident on my second floor where the bedrooms are located. So you all can continue to argue whether you need a light mounted to your guns. Every situation is different. This is NJ where we have to retreat by law, correct? I can't go outside with my loaded weapon to chase a perp since the threat is over, so again, why do I need a WPL?
  10. Not everyone can actually rack the slide of many semi autos, ESPECIALLY those with arthritis! Yes, there are many DAO semis so that wouldn't be an issue, but clearing a FTE, FTF, etc.... will now leave them with nothing to use. Revolvers are simple, leave it in DA so there is a nice long trigger throw, no oooooops........... My bedroom gun is a simple 4" J-Frame, I have a small house, no need for anything INSIDE the house. Now outside, that's another story, and have plenty of things to chose from if I need too.
  11. Walk into the police station with a box large enough for all your mags with a UPS label attached with an address for another state where they are legal and you have a friend/relative there that can legally take possession of them. Seal it up in front of them, ask them if they would like to escort you to the nearest UPS pickup site, then tell them thanks...........
  12. Ron Griggoletto is a great guy, Legacy Firearms, and yes, anything to do with shotguns he is the man! Household FFL so by appointment only. Ira at Legend Firearms is a blast! Regular brick and mortar store so much easier to get to hours-wise. The new Union Hill Road Gun Glub is also part of the same building, private indoor range. I prefer private ranges, much safer. Union Hill, OBRPC, and CJRPC are all 24/7 indoor with key cards. Can't say what the public ranges are in Lakewood. I have been to both, but will stick with the private clubs...........
  13. I hear ya Bob. I sat out of Knockdown Steel for about three years due to medical issues. Was glad to get back to it and do decent again!
  14. Rosey, I have shot plenty of Trap and have seen on many occasions the line called cold, the shooter that was up had to unload and show clear. Where this guy was shooting either they don't know how to run a line, or he was not at an event. Nice thing about an O/U, simple to show clear! I would always rest the gun on my sneaker until it was my turn to load and call for the target. But my gun wasn't fully closed, O/U, and there certainly was NOTHING in it!
  15. I have one, using plastic Glock mags, Romeo5 Red Dot, made aluminum risers to get the stock iron sights to co-witness with the Red Dot, guns runs perfect. Did have the Red Dot come loose during a competition, that made things interesting. Tried to keep it where it belonged with one hand while shooting with the other. That is the reason I now have the sights co-witnessing. The Romeo5 hid the stock sights in their stock location. I put a brake on there, useless. Put a large mag release on it, very useful, but have to remember it's location and size when swapping mags, can easily be hit by accident, but once you are used to it, very worthwhile to have. Why there is no bolt release is beyond me. For normal shooting, no issue. For competition and you forget your round count and run it dry, pain in the butt. When fractions of a second matter, a bolt release like my CX4 has would be very nice! I use it for Knockdown Steel, nice little gun, but kinda long and heavy compared to my CX4.