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  1. And we wonder how things like the Kill Dozer come about...........
  2. Nope, almost all of my revolvers are stainless, except for a Model 19 I have and a Ruger single action .30 carbine (which is a hoot to shoot).
  3. Those first two are easy to find. That third one, not so easy. The last one can be found also. A lot of people have tried to get me to sell my 610. I have many 686's, but only one 629 and one 610. Some of the 686's could be sold, same goes for the 629.
  4. Thanks Paul, I can feel the love from Arizona!
  5. Hey, does this mean we can buy military weapons if we agree to follow the direction of the Continental Congress? Can we join the National Guard and buy an M16?
  6. Ok, found on my laptop that F5 doesn't work, BUT the reload icon up in the top left corner DOES work! So now I have a way to get through all the pages on this forum once again.
  7. Yeah, he's a turncoat. Ran from NJ and only looks back to thumb his nose at us! Hey, I still have my first handgun I ever purchased, a Springfield Armory 1911, from Paul. While waiting for the NICS check I was outside his shop watching the carpenter bees drilling holes into his house. Bet ya he doesn't miss those phuckers! Or the NJ gun laws! LMAO!
  8. If the business signed a document allowing them to enforce Title 39 (in NJ) they can.
  9. Seems the rest of the country is watching this fiasco. I called to buy 10 15 round mags for a new gun I have coming, they wouldn't sell them to me. Somehow they already knew about the new law and I was a day late ordering them! I bought 10 rounders, same price, but just sucks.
  10. So, hypothetical question: A perp breaks into a house thinking no one is home. But wait, mama is home with her young pre-school age children. She quickly draws her husbands spare weapon (he is LEO) and shoots the perp right between the eyes! Great right? Well, maybe she has no FPID card, HIS gun has a 15 round mag that she can't touch, PLUS that was an illegal transfer. What happens...... Shit, we know what happens. Good shooting to mama and the story gets buried, right along with the perp. Two classes of citizens in NJ, the Elite and us peasants........... Don't take this as a bash on LEO, but WHY are there two sets of rules??????????
  11. The same bitch that introduced the 10 round limit has already co-sponsored a 5 round limit bill YESTERDAY! Give an inch, they take a mile!
  12. Is a pop rivet a legal way to limit a mags capacity? I did this to a CZ mag to limit it to 15. Had to dremel the frame a little bit by the magwell to let the rivet head slide by, but works fine. If it is legit I guess I can do it at 10 rounds next........
  13. You're my favorite Rosie! How did I miss this comment! LMAO!