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  1. I have an Para in .45ACP, double stack which this state run by assholes made into a paperweight! I bought that gun for 15+1 for home defense, I chose not to neuter the mags and have not bothered to buy new mags for it. My sister has all my over 10 round mags until this state reverses that dumb ass law, if ever! My night stand gun is now my single stack SIg Sauer 1911 in .45ACP. I also have a Dan Wesson PM-9 which is a really pretty and very nice gun. A GSG 1911 for teaching newbies how to handle a 1911 but no kick with a .22. Also have an RIA 10mm which Rosie has used and out-shot me with my own gun!
  2. I have a 6" 617, my daughter loves that gun. Also have a speedloader setup for it which makes it much more fun to shoot. Have you shot a .44 Magnum? I have a 629, few people like to shoot it. Some will take all 6 shots, some pull the trigger once and hand it back to me. I bought it just because I collect S&W's. I'll shoot 6 rounds then put it away, everything else will feel like a .22 after that! I don't have a 9mm revolver, but do have a 10mm, S&W 610. I usually shoot .40 through it with moon clips.
  3. I had a friend at a local machine shop make me a set of spacers so my red dot would co-witness with the stock iron sights. Not sure if anyone is making something to "fix" this issue, mine came out great. Was my go-to Knockdown Steel gun before I left Central Jersey. Now it's my "plinker" down here in the sticks...........
  4. I have a 10 shot 617 with that same speedloader setup, it works really good! My daughter likes the gun, 6" barrel, no recoil, I don't think she will ever let me sell it. But if you buy a 617, look into that speedloader kit, it is well worth the money!
  5. No old commemoratives, no paper either. If you want to see a cool collection though go to the PNC Bank on Main Street in South River. They have a nice collection hanging on the wall. I primarily collected US silver, Morgans, Peace, Walkers, Standing Libertys, etc....
  6. As Avalancne stated, yes, but date, mintmark and condition is key. Just type in the data and mintmark in a Google search and you can find a rough value, or go to a local store that sells coin magazines like Barnes and Noble.
  7. T collectors certain coins are worth a LOT of money! Try to put together a complete collection of Morgan Silver Dollars for example. Yeah, if you look at their silver content, they aren't even worth $15 a piece (90% silver). Now try to get a COMPLETE set of them, especially in higher grades............... You want to sell my some high grade Morgans from 1893 thru 1895 cheap, feel free to let me know! I know what I paid for mine!
  8. Ray, I think I sent you pictures of some 686's finally.
  9. I have a LOT of guns for sale. Have not put all the details together yet, nor pricing. PLENTY of S&W wheel guns, one Ruger Single Action, several bottom feeders as well. Lot's of long guns also. All will be listed on Gun Broker soon when I finish the details.
  10. I have a buddy in Florida that wants some of my guns. Can I ship from NJ to the FFL of his choice in Florida, provided that his FFL will accept the guns from a non-FFL? I know not all FFL's will accept guns from private individuals. I know from buying guns via Gunbroker that many came from private individuals and not from an FFL in the sellers state. But this being NJ and the ever-changing bullshit laws, just asking here. I can call the NJSP, but we all know what you will get different answers calling on the same damn day!
  11. Numismatics. I plan on keeping the precious metals for now due to the low prices, not worth selling at this point. But, if you are willing to spend $25 an ounce for silver, I'll sell it! Silver market has been dead flat for years, so it's coming with me.
  12. Looking to leave this state finally and would rather sell some of my collection than take it all with us. PM me if interested in knowing what I have. Plenty of nice stuff.
  13. I have a Springfield Armory 1911 that needs a new safety tube installed but I need the tool to stake it in place. Anyone have one that wants to loan it, or do it for me? I have not bought the part yet.
  14. Stock 10 round mags or 15 rounders that have been modified? We never had an issue with our 92FS, but now it is useless since I have no mags for it..........
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