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    Good 22LR Revolver

    I have several 686's, only made sense for me to get a 617 to keep them company. It also happens to be my daughters favorite gun to shoot. Due to the weight, there is practically no felt recoil. Bought mine used via Gun Broker, it is post-lock, but I have never had a problem with it.

    WTB 1911

    I have a Dan Wesson PM9 that hasn't been used much, very nice gun I bought new.

    WTB: 1987 Buick Grand National

    I know of one, but not sure if it's an 87. I think the guy thinks it's worth $30k or more, so there it sits.........

    Fear Mongering?

    You can PM it to us.
  5. The wifey and I will see you tomorrow night Rosie. And don't worry about that waistline, you will still have plenty there without that Hog Hunt sausage. Bring it to the range instead.

    Fear Mongering?

    And my CZ75 that has 17 round mags, never got a knock on the door about them, never had any LEO's at the range question their capacity, only made comments about it being a nice gun. I thought I had made those "high capacity" mags legal years ago when I used a pop rivet to limit the follower to 15 rounds (the LEO's at the range said it was legal), now I have been told a pop rivet is no longer legal to limit them to 10 rounds, so away they went. Now I need to spend a LOT of money for NJ Legal 10 rounders if I chose to continue using that gun. It's going to hibernate for a long time, I have plenty of others to chose to use.

    epoxy mag pistol floor plates with magblocks

    So is a pop rivet a legit way to stop the follower from letting you put more than 10 rounds in a mag? I wouldn't mind doing that, as the river could be drilled-out and removed at a later date when this stupid law gets reversed, or I leave the state. Most likely, leaving the state will come first. I don't feel like buying 10 rounders for NJ, seems like a waste of time and money. I have plenty of guns to chose from, my 1911's and revolvers have smiles on them right now. Well, except for my Para 1911 double stack, I bought that one for home defense. Fifteen rounds of .45ACP and MANY mags to leave around the house. Have not even looked to see if 10 round mags are made for that gun.

    Magazine Ban Upheld

    Well, my wife owns a 92FS, has 10 mags also. Of course, they are NOT 10 round mags either. If it weren't for me, she wouldn't even know what the assholes in Trenton did. Hell, how many gun owners in NJ even know about this abortion of a law?

    Magazine Ban Upheld

    I can't imagine how big of a safe deposit box I would need to get to store all my mags. My sister may be getting a big package from me for safe keeping next month.
  10. Well, I can see a lot of long guns sold last month, or a few months ago, in the future........... Fuck them! Can't do that with handguns though. Again, fuck them!

    Magazine Ban Upheld

    Rosie, you made my day!

    VBIED Last Night in Allentown - Multiple Fatalities

    When I first stared reading this thread I was trying to think where in Allentown this took place. Later on I saw it was in Allentown PA. Being this is a NJ Gun Forum I was thinking of Allentown, NJ, where I went to high school............

    Seems I have a thief scoping my house

    I have a low rider pit bull, only 55lbs, but her bark sounds like it is out of a 100lb dog. My other dog is a lab/german shepard mix. She is up to 155lbs, big ass dog! Another one that barks/growls, people are not going to enter my house.

    Seems I have a thief scoping my house

    Same with me. Unless I have something there for warranty though, I still do my own work. My son brings his car there, my daughter will bring hers there if I don't have time to change it. Yes, free, but I don't trust a lot of people.

    Seems I have a thief scoping my house

    I bought two cars from there, interesting. Maybe a little sting operation is in order........... I do not take my cars/trucks there for normal service, only warranty stuff. I think I need to put a remote in there and see if it disappears.........

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