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  1. Rosey, I have shot plenty of Trap and have seen on many occasions the line called cold, the shooter that was up had to unload and show clear. Where this guy was shooting either they don't know how to run a line, or he was not at an event. Nice thing about an O/U, simple to show clear! I would always rest the gun on my sneaker until it was my turn to load and call for the target. But my gun wasn't fully closed, O/U, and there certainly was NOTHING in it!
  2. I have one, using plastic Glock mags, Romeo5 Red Dot, made aluminum risers to get the stock iron sights to co-witness with the Red Dot, guns runs perfect. Did have the Red Dot come loose during a competition, that made things interesting. Tried to keep it where it belonged with one hand while shooting with the other. That is the reason I now have the sights co-witnessing. The Romeo5 hid the stock sights in their stock location. I put a brake on there, useless. Put a large mag release on it, very useful, but have to remember it's location and size when swapping mags, can easily be hit by accident, but once you are used to it, very worthwhile to have. Why there is no bolt release is beyond me. For normal shooting, no issue. For competition and you forget your round count and run it dry, pain in the butt. When fractions of a second matter, a bolt release like my CX4 has would be very nice! I use it for Knockdown Steel, nice little gun, but kinda long and heavy compared to my CX4.
  3. I have one of each, .223 and 7.62x39. Cool little rifles. Didn't know until recently about the set trigger on these. Have not taken them to the range to see the difference in trigger feel using it "normal" or in the set position. I bought them as plinkers.
  4. Mine have been going back and forth to the range with me........ If I have to get rid of them, they join my 25 round Saiga-12 drums that are waiting for me. If I am allowed by the gods in Trenton to modify them to ONLY hold 10 rounds, then they can stay here in NJ with me. Will wait and see. Did buy 10 new 10 round mags for my Ruger PC9, dang those plastic things are CHEAP! But, my metal mags are certainly not! I think my 10 round mags for my .22 semi autos were at least $25 a piece, which will still be legal, until the 5 round limit bill is introduced, it is already written. Some of my other mags were $40 or more a pop. Won't be happy if I can't keep them.
  5. Put a lot of rounds through mine, no problems. Did some mods to it, mags aren't cheap!
  6. Why isn't that lying, cheating POS in jail yet!
  7. Yeah, try to buy one! Every single place I tried to buy one from won't sell it to me because I am in NJ. So it Paul wants to sell me one then he will get my business. Otherwise it is either a drive to PA or DE to get one, or have someone in free America do it for me. They all think that ANY MAG over 10 rounds is now illegal in NJ, doesn't matter if it is a pump action gun OR a semi.
  8. So, it is for department-issued firearms only, interesting. We all know they would never rat each other out if caught somewhere with a 15 rounder for a non-department issued weapon, ya know, the "Professional Courtesy" thing........ I think the Democraps just like to drive a wedge between us. No problem, if my po-po pals wanna carry a 30 rounder, I am all for it! Hell, some of them shoot so poorly they actually do need that many rounds!
  9. Good luck! I have a friend with a shop and it is always hard to find good, reliable help!
  10. I ordered the Tactical version from Ira, he stocks the normal version. He said the mags are big and heavy. Well, I will be using a 20 rounder, so I betcha it will have some weight to it! I told him I will let him know how it holds-up. Using it for Knockdown Steel at OBRPC. I use my Saiga-12, but want to try something else. I hope the 20 round mag isn't in the way to work the action, I'll know next week. That gun puts me in Open, but that's fine, I'm already there with the Saiga.
  11. I bought a gun via Gunbroker quite awhile ago. Was an older S&W revolver, and the only reason I bought it was due to the fantastic job someone did polishing it! I have never shot it, just put it safely in the safe! If I can find who I bought it from I'll let you know. That is what he did as a hobby, take apart and polish guns. I don't have the patience.
  12. You would never make a good Democrap. They would have voted 10 times each by now. Ask them how it's done, they are the masters!
  13. Not sure if this should be here, or in the Optics section. Anyway, have a Ruger PC9 with the lowest mount possible for my Romeo5 red dot. Can not use the stock iron sights. I would like to see them, even if they are somewhere in the bottom of the optics lens. Is that 1/3 co-witness? I was thinking of using the taller mount that came with the optic, but I really like where it sits now. The taller sight may allow me to look under the optic and see the stock sights, maybe.... But don't want it that high up anyway. The rear sight is adjustable, I can raise it up a lot, maybe enough to use, but the front sight is fixed. Can I machine a spacer to go under it and raise it up? I don't see why not. Then the front and rear sights will be back to level, anything wrong with doing this? I ask because the sight came loose during a match and I had no way to use the stock sights to finish the stage. Had loctited the optics mounting screw, but it came loose anyway.
  14. Got the Ruger to use for Knockdown Steel. It is much heavier than my trusty CX4 though. I put the brake on it just to see if it would help stay on target better, figured it couldn't hurt. It may be the wrong tool for the job though. It really needs a slide release. May wind up just being a plinker. I ran it the other night and did not notice the brake do anything for it. I have not followed the Saiga-12 pricing. I do have a second one that is 100% stock and very few rounds though it. I guess I will just leave it in the safe. The other one is pretty molested, again, just use it for Knockdown Steel.
  15. Hmmmm. Well, the brake is on the PC9 so it shall stay there. I want to practice with the TIG doing something really small so I will go ahead and weld the holes shut. I will leave the Saiga alone then if that brake doesn't need to be pinned/welded.