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  1. No rapid-fire indoors. Yeah, they had a max of 5 or 6 rounds at a time. They did have problems with the outdoor range. They put a large concrete tube that you would have to shoot through to make sure you couldn't shoot up over the berm. They do have a target retrieval setup like most public ranges, that was nice. The indoor range is 24/7 to members, and they are allowed to bring a guest, that had an honor system, I think it was $10 in the box for a guest. That was years ago when I went with a member. I typically only went there to shoot Trap.
  2. Pretty sure you need a sponsor to join that club. Go to one of their Trap Shooting events, open to the public, and you can find some members there. They always have at least one member running the Trap Shooting program. I think they shoot on Tuesday nights, and Sundays, check their website. It's been a few years since I went there.
  3. Lemme know, I have plenty, South Joisey now.
  4. I have far too many to choose from. I try to cycle through them, but there are a few that don't get much use, especially my handguns that had 15 round mags. I did not want to ruin the mags so they went out of state for safe keeping for now. Doubt we will ever get that law reversed, but if we do, then I can get my mags back and use those guns again.
  5. I have one hidden in my safe, they are nice guns to shoot!
  6. I had a flipped primer once. Luckily it was the very last shot on the very last stage at a USPSA match. I fired the shot, saw a bright blue flash (I was between barrels and under some wood), and the gun didn't recoil normally. I stopped, stood up, showed clear, and asked the RO if he noticed anything strange, he said yeah, that last round didn't hit anything and didn't sound right. I dropped the moonclip into my hand and that is when I noticed the flipped primer.
  7. Heck yeah! I just want to look rich! What's the difference between a Timex and a Rolex? They both show the time, one is a few bucks, the other thousands of dollars............. I am a Timex-kinda guy myself! Heck, I don't even wear a watch, I look at my cell phone.
  8. Ok @Dave Archibald, no comments............ But dude I have to! I am "only" 6'1" at 262lbs, and I was kinda tiny next to "Tiny"! And 2500 rounds of .38 ain't light!
  9. I bought two revolvers from Tiny (and Tiny he wasn't!). I bought a S&W 610 10mm which all my shooting friends want me to sell to them, and a run of the mill S&W 625 (post lock). He had his own private gun safe in the store. If my pockets were deeper he had a few others I wanted but no money.......... He was a nice guy, told me his wife was a doctor and made good money so he collected S&W revolvers. He was selling some at the time to fund more stuff for his motorcycle. This is a question for @Pizza Bob, but did people take the 610 and convert it into a 41 Magnum? Tiny may have mentioned that to me. I am thinking he had two S&W610's but they were different calibers. I could be wrong, that was years ago.
  10. Without nitrous, my car goes 0 to 112 in 6.4 seconds in 660ft. With nitrous I was going o to 156 in 8.8 seconds in 1320ft....... Car with me in it was 3400lbs, so far lighter than a street car, but I still have my full interior, carpet, headliner, power windows and door locks! But no A/C, no heat, no stereo, and only a 5 gallon fuel cell so it ain't going far! And yes, still has mufflers on it, I don't like my cars to be loud! The electric vehicles are pretty amazing though, like the Teslas. A ton of money also. Several Hypercars have electric drive motors PLUS a real piston-driven engine and put out well over 1000hp with all three going at the same time! But, I am a few hundred thousand dollars short of buying something like that. Would much rather have a Krieghoff shotgun than one of those cars.............
  11. @mustang69, what EFI system? I have been doing EFI since 1986. I run the new Holley stuff on both of my race cars. I go against the grain for sure! Faster car has been in the 8's at 156mph with some "help" from my blue bottle.........
  12. Yes, that would be an issue, you need a second truck! When I do my truck tires that is a PITA! That is when I borrow a friends truck to bring everything over, but I only have to do that every four or five years so no big deal. I have that TPMS tool from Amazon, it works great.
  13. Yes, this is how they build Pole Barns. It is not built like the typical garage, and not taxed as such either! To build this size structure on-site with footings/slab/lumber/sheathing/siding/shingles,etc.... would easily hit $125k. I should be around $70-$75k all-in. Concrete slab, apron, 4v4 pads outside of the man-doors will be done in two weeks, then time for lift installations!
  14. I drop off my wheels and new tires at a local shop, they do the dismount/mount/balancing, then I get them when they are done. No more clowns with their damn air guns! I can do most everything on my cars, the race cars are VERY simple!
  15. Escaped Central Jersey and moved to Southern Jersey where I could finally have some elbow room! Went from a 40x120 lot to a 7 acre lot, finally have ALL my toys in one place! Been working on a new pole barn which is 40x60, yes, half the size of my ENTIRE LOT at the old homestead! Can't work on the race cars yet until I have the concrete floor poured, but been working on outside lighting in the meantime. I did not build the structure, I just watched!
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