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  1. second poster from top. constitution is missing a t
  2. one cool thing about Tapco 10rd mags is that it's easy to convert them to 15rd capacity. Just need to cut down the follower by about 1/2. No need to modify the spring. Once you determine how much to cut, it's a 5 minute job.
  3. 40S&W is the compromise between the 10mm and the 9mm. back in the 80's the FBI wanted something more powerful than the 9 but less powerful than the 10mm. the 40 became very popular with law enforcement. Not sure why they didn't stick with the 45ACP, maybe something to do with lower capacity due to the 45's larger case diameter.
  4. The only pistol that comes close (that I'm aware of) is the Beretta 87 Cheetah. All metal construction, no pot metal. 3.8" barrel. Accepts 10 round mags from the 87 Target model. I've been drooling over one for two years now, but can't justify shelling out over $700 for yet another 22 pistol
  5. If you don't have experience with shooting, buy a .22LR and shoot it often. These days you can find a .22 clone of many of the most popular handguns out there (1911, Beretta 92, M&P, Glock). Another option would be to buy a centerfire pistol and a 22LR conversion kit for it (kits available for 1911, Glock, Beretta, Sig) As far as what's best - there is no "best". Any modern handgun from any of the main brands you pick up will be a quality piece. Go and fondle a bunch of them and pick what you like best. One last thing, if you're planning on shooting it a lot, think of ammo cost and whether it's worth it to go with a trendy caliber like a .40S&W Personally I don't see the point of paying twice the price of 9mm for some marginal increase in "stopping power".
  6. 92FS back in '99 Was total virgin when it came to handguns, and no gun owning friends to ask. Figured if it's good enough for the US Armed Forces, it's good enough for me. No regrets.
  7. I buy my 5.45x39 surplus from http://www.southernohiogun.com/ammo-mags-more/ammunition/russian-5-45x39-military-ammo.html
  8. it's be funnier is it was GLOCK 7, you know, the ceramic gun made in Germany that costs a month's salary.
  9. EchoVictor76

    Rail gun?

    an eletromagnetic launcher, perhaps. Pretty cool tech, not portable though. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Railgun
  10. What about us, AK owners? Does one have to use an AR for this class?
  11. It's easy to convert Tapco 10rd 5.45x39 mags to hold 15 rounds. Just shorten the follower, no need to shorten the spring. I just did one in about 15 minutes (took some sanding to get the length right, but once you know how much to cut off, it's a 5 min job)
  12. Maybe it's just easier to bribe the right people. Or hire a professional lobbyist or something. Isn't this how most of NJ politics work?
  13. signed. how about a petition to repeal the AWB? Or at least change it to get rid of the "evil features" and mag capacity restrictions?
  14. I know a guy in Moorestown (South Jersey) that charges $16.10 for transfer plus NICS. Was there yesterday, total cost was $32 and change. He keeps a low profile, no website, and it's not a gun shop. He's right on Main St. If you google Gerards Guns, you'll find it.
  15. I have 3 KCI mags and all three of them don't lock the slide back on my G19. This happens only during live fire. Pulling back the slide on an empty KCI mag always locks it back, but when firing, doesn't seem to work. At first I though it was because my thumb rides the slide release a little, but using factory Glock mags, the slide locks back every time. Still make great practice mags. Don't have to worry when dropping them in the dirt.
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