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  1. Wow! I'm sitting on a goldmine, with the stock I have.
  2. I use an app called Foreflight, it will graphically place all TFR's including sporting events over the sectional chart. It also has all weather and airport info, so it's basically an electronic flight bag. On the other hand, calling for a briefing doesn't always work. I took off from Linden once, when flight service told me a presidential TFR was over, just to have Newark tower tell me that it had been extended, turned back and landed immediately. No harm no foul on that one.
  3. Don't forget about Sazon, and Sofrito.
  4. Hoping for a happy ending to all this.
  5. Don't they always make PPE? I mean, I consider my firearms PPE.
  6. Thought for sure it was gonna be this, https://www.amazon.com/BUG-A-SALT-2-0-from-Skell-Inc/dp/B00STSZ77G
  7. Are these the same folks that had Divello"s on Rt541 near Flying W?
  8. For anyone interested, here's a list of breweries in NJ. If you join NJCP a lot of them give discounts. https://newjerseycraftbeer.com/new-jersey-breweries/
  9. Shawn, tell me more about this crock pot cheesesteak. Maybe the recipe?
  10. Just saw this, apparently there will be no more racing at Raceway Park. I guess Atco is gonna be a lot busier. http://www.etownraceway.com/mydocuments/nappfamilyrestructure.pdf
  11. Emergancy Gilligan's Island
  12. Another fan of the Weber Smokey Mountain here. It's really easy to use, and I've had great results. I also have a home built stick burner, but you really have to baby sit the thing most of the day, adding wood every 30-45 minutes.
  13. My wife's Grandfather flew one in WWII. He was able to be in Kentucky for the first flight of Glacier Girl after being restored. After he and his wife passed away, we were cleaning out their house, and I came across a box of letters. It turned out to be every letter he sent my wife's Grandmother during his time overseas. Some really neat stuff to read. My wife's uncle let me keep her grandfather's original pilot training handbook as well. There was a lot of history in that house. Thanks for posting the videos CAP.
  14. Yeah, we probably have met. I was a student when the Portuguese man of war(if you remember him) was still an instructor there, before he tried starting his own school.
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