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  1. Braveheart. I can't even count the number of times I have seen it and watch it whenever it is on TV.
  2. Very cool! Thanks for the heads up.
  3. IMO the crappiest ammo that I have experience with is Ultramax ammo (sold locally at Dicks).
  4. kram

    Colt Python

    NJ Firearms Guild in Rahway had a couple of them in stock the last time I stopped by a few weeks ago. They were pricey but in excellent condition. http://www.njfg.com/
  5. Really? What personal experience do you have with this?
  6. kram

    9mm 1911

    And it still won't feel as good as a quality 1911 trigger.
  7. I was there today and asked about the discount and was told that they are no longer doing it. The discount was nice but it still won't stop me from going there. IMO Shore Shot is the best indoor range in NJ.
  8. http://www.sciortinos.net/ They are in South Amboy and the pizza is excellent. It tastes just as good as when they were in Perth Amboy.
  9. kram

    9mm single actions

    The H&K USP (Variant 9) is single action only.
  10. Route 1 and Wooding Ave in Edison as well. There are also plans to get these cameras at a few RT 27 intersections.
  11. You just described the HK45. Shore Shot has one that you can rent to try out.
  12. To each their own but IMO that is one fugly looking 1911 plus its a Taurus.
  13. Here is a "making of" trailer clip..... http://actofvalor.com/#/TRAILER Really looking forward to this movie.
  14. Have him practice using this dry fire drill...... http://pistol-forum....Trigger-Control and the ball and dummy drill at the range..... http://pistol-traini...om/archives/210 The best thing would be to have him sign up for a training class with a quality instructor.
  15. I like to have a minimum of 5 magazines per handgun
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