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  1. If your in South Jersey try South Jersey Shooting Club. They have a facebook page that lists their events. Usually at least 2-3 events a month.
  2. Honestly I'm not sure I'd check their facebook page though, if your into that. https://www.facebook.com/pages/South-Jersey-Shooting-Club-Winslow-NJ/127614170587458?fref=ts Looks like they have it this Sunday and the 24th
  3. What exactly are you using them for? Biological resistant with cut/puncture resistance is a hard balance. This covers all three, but you are not going to be able to perform tasks easily http://www.turtleskin.com/Chemical-Resistant-Gloves.aspx
  4. The neighbor could have signed the complaints, not the police...
  5. talking dead covered it, I forget who taught him though.
  6. If he was blind how would he notice Daryl and the other guy trapped in the car?
  7. Took me a minute to realize he is rubbing himself...
  8. Thanks for the reminder, I forgot it was Sunday
  9. Good find thanks for the heads up
  10. ehh.... you can count me out. Most of you seem to be up North so that will work well for you guys, I'm not really up for that much traveling
  11. Such a shame since most of the skills used in the hot zone a BLS skills anyhow.
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