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  1. Let me rephrase it’s wring if me to say any HvAC company that offers service contracts is bad. I’m just saying in this situation this guy would have been better off just finding a local guy. But it’s like he felt obligated to take whatever number the guy said to fix it because he’s already contracted with him.
  2. Everyone with a furnace should have spare ignitor. A spare flame sensor. And know how to blw into the pressure switch. Yes NJ is fuxkdd up my exhaust fan rattled and I called TWO places and they told me “I’m not allowed to sell that to you “. Wtf!!! Regarding service contracts. At one point I resented not having one. But after hearing friend get his face ripped off two times by the company I just think service contract means “I have money you can rip me off.” He was told $1400 to replace a control board!!!” now, I just moved into a house that has a modern instant on gas blower thing on the wall and I feel very vulnerable i don’t know shit about how to trouble shoot these things. I would love to buy dinner/lunch for anybody who want to give me a primer on what to look out for on these high tech wall mounted furnaces.
  3. I will leave the above post but after that I won’t reply anymore about this stuff. either you are on board with the next thing bigger than the internet or not. Me personally I am positioning myself for when ten years from now this is all normal that I’ve made a boat load of money from it. I didn’t have the foresight to see it in 2000. I’m not missing this one.
  4. JohnRyan. By you making this statement: “Long(er)-term, governments and banks regulate the market and provide their own proprietary form of blockchain technology. Bitcoin and other de-centralized crytpo currencies will have laws that make their use either extremely inconvenient or outright illegal. “ Yo do not “get it”. The entire bitcoin experience is NO regulation. Everybody is so caught up in the idea that it’s fast and anonymous. That is not why it is taking over. It’s taking over because people don’t want a REGULATOR. The regulator in Venezuela sunk the currency 30%. The regulator in Zimbabwe said “no yiu cannot remove your money from your account.” Bitcoin is not exploding because of just Blockchain. It’s exploding because it is freedom Jack: I still disagree with you about the mining. They are not “looking” for bitcoin. They are adding on the additional hashes from all the tractions. They are using all that computing Jack. I still disagree with your statement “they are mining for bitcoin”. Do you know what a nonce is?
  5. If you've rocked a baby latlely you know these are worth their weight in gold. I have two I am selling one. Why would someone want two? So you can rock your baby to sleep on two different floors! The one I am selling I got used for $80. I will pass it on for $25 if you've got a baby this is a steal. It's very clean and perfect functionality. Pm me if you want a pic. Paramus location. cash or bitcoin. Lol.
  6. Anybody who says “i don’t see the need” has never lived in a country where the banking system has been shut down. Has never had to flee a country with only the shirt on their back. (This does not mean drug dealers it can be any refugee situation) They probably don’t travel much outside the US. Bitcoin was not created for anybody reading this forum. It was for the entire rest of the world that is seeking a decentralized currency system. It’s not about anonymity or speed and ease of moving money. It’s about not needing permission to do anything you want with your money. It will not replace FIAT. It will be in addition to. The people of the world want it. And it’s coming. Be in denial or not. It’s about choice. “But what if it goes down 50%?” There are huge populous that are okay with the CHANCE of 50% down to guard against “no, you cannot have your money now”. Miners are not mining for bitcoin. They are maintaining the Blockchain. Making the Blockchain is not hard. It’s easy. But it needs multiple “nodes” to agree on the output for a decentralized system to work. To just keep one super computer from doing all the work an extremely complex algorithmic Riddle is disbursed. Whoever solves the riddle first is compensated with bitcoin. Think of it as “my job is to maintain the Blockchain. And I get paid for it” this is my attempt to tell you guys why this thing is the monster that is destiny. (I’m not saying it won’t go down 75% on a glitch. I’m just telling you it’s bigger than you think). Is this thing called bitcoin the winner? I dunno but a decentralized transactional currency system is here to stay. And bitcoin is first out the gate. I’ll go back to bad videos now. Thank you for reading.
  7. If I could only pay for Yeager training with bitcoin. I’d win both ways.
  8. So his 25 yard head shot idea is not good? :-)
  9. 100 thousand new account openings every single day at Coinbase. And that’s just US customers. The mania is just beginning. The trend is up not down. 3x up. 4x up. 5x up pick a number. Way up before back down. Probably goes to zero someday. How about I say 100% chance it goes to zero some day. But for now the hype is on. The table is hot, do you increase the stack or go take a piss? I’m okay with taking a shot at up 5x or zero. I think that’s better odds than Atlantic City
  10. Like 2 years ago my favorite videos were a guy from TN who did gun reviews from his backyard compound. And could hit an 80 yard gong with a hand gun. The other guy was a cranky fat guy from Philly who seemed very blue collar relatable and did gun and gear reviews from his basement. Again, seemed very knowledgeable. Back then i thought Yeager was a kooky radical. Then I discovered this Bloovman guy and he was really good discussing training with Sentinel Concepts guy. But in prolly the last 6 months maybe it’s YouTube sensorship but all three of those channels have gone to shit and I found myself watching Yeager out of desperation. And you know what? I like it. It’s changing my mindset ”you competition guys practice for speed, my students shoot for stress”. “You guys can target practice all you want to hit little red dot, but I want my guys to hit a head shot from 25 yards. Yes a head shot. These fucking psycho killers will be more and more wearing armor you gotta learn to take head shots” i guess two years ago I would have laughed at that but now I feel like I’m done thinking holster draw and 3 on the plate at 15 yards or whatever with shot timer. My next goal is a medium pace head shot at 25. Boy I hope my glasses are up to date.
  11. My guess is it sees $50k before back to $2k CME futures trade in two weeks in it. Wouldn’t be there if it was the playground of drug dealers. Head of Blockchain.com said a Sovereign recognized digital currency will be in place within 2 years somewhere out of europe. The BOE already is asking them to keep on top of it.
  12. Cmon, no new rich guys here ?
  13. so my update on using the HDMI booster to send HDMI over Ethernet.. I bought the JTEC in the link for $50. it didn't work upon my first hookup. I then spent the next 60 minutes troubleshooting why "signal not found" was on my TV. I looked online. tried various configuarations of powering on/off and resetting the transmitters. No dice. I then resorted to pulling the TV off the wall and carrying it all the way over to the cable box in other room to see if I had a bad wire behind the wall causing the problems.. I was able to get it to work. So now the elimination was bad wires behind wall or bad cat5 or HDMI wires connecting the transmitters?.. again.. many minutes invested I figured it out that one of the Cat5e wires I was using was just not up to muster. I ordered at Cat6 similar to the other Cat6 that I was using in the chain that made the short signal work directly next to the box... it came yesterday and now the hookup works flawless as I wanted behind the walls. Who knew that there are differences in the quality of Cat5e or Cat6 lines. I've never heard of differnces in quality of coaxial cables.
  14. Kwadz. If you decide to do this. I will send you the $22. I’m serious. Well worth it to see how the fight goes.
  15. Sorry to bring this up again but the DVR thing is really paramount for me. For those using the PS for the DVRing. Are you able to record ahead in a schedule? Or can you only record what is playing live? I’m still perplexed how s 3rd party device can record another company signal “smartly”? (Meaning setting commands to tape shows at any time forever... etc )