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  1. If I recall a while ago someone said Clifton was like 6 months. Just anecdotal though. Did you try search function for Clifton ?
  2. WMC2 link complete contradicts Glennjesey link. The CFTC is going after ICOs because of unregistered investments in companies which violates securities laws. So ICOs won’t survive if they are illegal Just sayin.... Now for better news...hot off the presses from the St Louis Federal Reserve: This below to me is the most fair assement of what bitcoin is, and it’s the challenges it faces I do not see the word Ponzi scheme anywhere mentioned. https://research.stlouisfed.org/publications/review/2018/02/13/is-bitcoin-a-waste-of-resources/ And this quote goes on to show you how intelligent and fair the St Louis Fed examined the state of our own paper money “Modern fiat money is a bubble, as it has no explicit future payoffs, yet people value it in exchange. Currency issued by Federal Reserve Banks is not a promise to pay anything in the future. At best, one could take one $20 bill to the nearest Federal Reserve Bank and exchange it for four $5 bills. Unlike private bonds or government bonds, which promise a future payment or stream of payments, or a stock claim, which provides a future stream of dividends, fiat money has no intrinsic value. It is purely a bubble: We value it only because we expect other people to accept it in exchange in the future.” Yes im bullish on this new asset class but it faces all the challenges exactly described in the paper. Most significantly the scalability of transactions and the volatility it can have when there is no Federal Reseve to dampen volatility. But that prescription was what the patient created the germ for in the first place. This might be the best thing i will read all year. (Besides posts about 9mm 1911s) Cheers!
  3. Well 1. He already “has a file” they issued the FID. 2. If he got a P2P they would know the gun too. So the only “tactic” they are gaining is “did he actually buy a ling gun because we’d have no record” but i agree. Way beyond “just a follow up” investigation. We should all practice what our response would be if it happens to us. Thanks for posting OP.
  4. Good. Because that takes a lot off the table and now I can watch your dive down into the full size under a grand 9mm market. I just have one last wish list. I’m a sucker for the flat stainless in 1911.
  5. I will be in this same boat some day. Blksheep csn you refine your preference a little more like are you focusing on under a grand or over a grand? Also do you want full size or smaller? price point really determines the starring point I think. Like I am not gonna spend over $1200 on a HG.
  6. Ahhh. I see our differences/confusion now. I don’t equate “demand” for bitcoin as a miner issue. To me demand for bitcoin is increase In utility for the asset. Either via people wanting to hold it like gold or via people wanting it to replace a currency. (Yes as a currency now it is a failure they are working on improving the scalability) over the next decade my bet is its utility skyrockets for a multitude of reasons. If it does, just by math it must go up in value (if indeed the utility goes up). So under my assumptions the economics of mining have zero impact on the price of bitcoin. all big leaps of faith. But I’m okay to wager on 100% down versus 1,000% up. show me any other investment that has an addressable market the scale of bitcoin with the payouts of 100% down and 1,000% up and I will invest in that too.
  7. If everybody got as angry at Bitcoin media as they did about assault weapon media I suppose I’d be okay. But nobody cares about fake news or even lies about bitcoin. Bill gates comments yesterday I can kinda just eyeroll. But a NY Times reporter clearly has proven he spent really zero research caring to want to really know how things work: ”Bitcoin miners compete for the coins by submitting answers to difficult math problems. Instead of solving the problems, miners use computers to submit a flood of guesses. This can be lucrative: Each Bitcoin is currently valued at about $10,550.” instead of SOLVING the math problem!?!?! Shame shame on you.
  8. I love this Thunder Ranch guy.. maybe in another lifetime I'd get out there.. "I went to cowboy shooting competition and I pissed everybody off because I showed up at the line carry concealed.." "just because your slide locks back and your out of ammo don't stop pointing it at him.. he probably wont know its empty.."
  9. I just bought a 4 pack today. Because the 4 slice tastes wayyyyyy better than the 8 slice.
  10. When you see him you gotta not be tense about it. You gotta be calm mature and resonaible. “Yeah I got a couple of old shoguns my dad gave me. Man we used to have good times hunting back in the day.:.. did you know there’s this rule where if I move I’m supposed to let the town know? I never even knew there was a rule but my new Neigbor mentioned it I saw all his fishing and hunting gear. So anyway, there was this question about seeing a doctor so of course I listed you why wouldn’t I? So just fill that out I guess right?”
  11. If you want to be really hip and cool, don’t attach the deck to the hose with a ledger anymore. Freestanding decks are all the rage if you read most DIY construction chat rooms. Yes you need more footers but the new wisdom is don’t fasten it to the house. You leave a small gap for water/snow etc.
  12. Did you just say that if no more coins are added to the supply that the price goes down? That the “demand” for coins is based on the supply of the coins? If you think the number of coins affects the utility/demand for coins (which drives the price) then we should just stop right there.
  13. raz I’m not really sure what your issue is. Is your point that it’s a “flaw” that as soon as nobody wants to post blocks that the system crashes? It’s clear you know more than most on here. But what’s with the “nobody wants” part? saying the system doesn’t work if nobody wants to maintain it is an exercise in immeasurable hypotheticals. It’s like saying well what happens when a 51% attack does occur? That’s like saying what will happen when aliens come to our planet. Well. We don’t know. But does that stop us from space exploration? I think you are underestimating the impact a global decentralized protocol will have. (Said with all due respect Raz that I know we are talking on a technical basis here).
  14. Link to hash power series. http://investorfieldguide.com/hashpower/ listen to these = get smarter. Here is a pro tip. You can play these 1.5x speed still understandable.
  15. It’s ironic that a board full of people who embrace freedom are against bitcoin. The purpose of bitcoin was to establish a global currency that could not be oppressed or stolen or controlled by a government or dictator or corrupt banking system. It’s the ultimate freedom. The white paper is called “a decentralized peer to peer currency system”. All you guys who want silver and gold because you don’t trust the banks or the government or are fearful of inflation? Satoshi is one of you! He just invented s way for that to happen digital, that’s all. But if you don’t want a “regulator” of your currency you need trust in something else to make it work. That trust is the Bitcoin operating system