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  1. Is that 9mm?
  2. Why do people think they automatically need to buy a house for cash? Mortgage rates are at all time lows. At 4% mortgage even before tax deduction you’ll beat that in long term stock market returns. Don’t like the debt? Then do 50% mortgage. Why would someone living in their later years want their largest asset locked up like that? sorry for the thread drift. But cmon. A house is a lousy investment. Especially if you’re over 50 or 60.
  3. From Brooklyn to Anthony’s pocket. Ka Ching. Good for him and good for the expansion...
  4. The tragedy of this is that nobody was able to advise this guy to just sell his property outright to pay off the loan instead of going into foreclosure? Based on how long he was here, and taking out a home equity loan ten yesrs ago and how much property values have gone up. And with an 8000 square foot “other building”.. I’m just speculating he’d have tons of money left over if he just sold the house.
  5. This debate has been going on for years. First thing we need to know is the bottom of crawl space dirt or concrete?
  6. The guy who killed Bin Laden on the stern show said he never went through one full magazine (I'll assume 30 rounder) on ANY single mission. He said basically only i idiots spray bullets you don't fire unless you know it will kill someone
  7. I just meant in general when it happens usually something else I learn. On another board a while ago a guy asked a question about having a dump truck drop a load a stone in his yard and some chimed in "watch out the truck doesn't bust up your sidewalk." And the guy replied "I'm not a retard I know". But all i was thinking was wow great advice about the sidewalk.
  8. This thread was a great example of sometimes there is thread drift but it's for a good reason. Soneone asks a question about something (life straw). Someone bashes it (usual in intenet world) then we learn something else (in this case the straw might be adequate but what is more important is transporting water) I like when that happens.
  9. Now lowered. $60.
  10. Regarding "it's too heavy". If this is for clay sports you're only holding the gun for 3 seconds at a time. Between shots waiting for your turn you are resting your barrel on the pad. its 95% waiting your turn 5% shouldering it. Maybe atshootup meet ups people are holding the gun in their hands all the time to not offend the loaner. i see guys with $7k guns resting on the pads. rest. Relax
  11. The CONCRETE telephone poles got blown over that's incredible
  12. I get that all else equal you would never voluntarily pick a town that is outright firearm biased. Because your enjoyment would be stifled. But I think for longer term happiness you should be thinking about the town taxes as percentage of cost of house first and then the permits to concur yours plans or not. If youre rich and it doesn't matter, then you might not care.
  13. Hmmmm. My name isn't Debbie BTW.
  14. NOW $60 x 4. 4 Raymour Flanagan "Logan" dining room chairs. Bought a couple months ago for a dining room area never used. Seriously there is less than a dozen butt count rounds on these chairs. Brand new they are $139 each (I think I paid more but that's what's on the website now). I am offering for $75 X 4. Serious, as new condition. Chairs are fine, just going in a different design direction Location Paramus.
  15. Am I the only one who got the awesome joke about the house used to be a gas station?