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  1. Today til Thursday, free shipping over $100 Palmetto State Armory...
  2. I think I just saw the same ammo at luckygunner for $.39/round... not sure about shipping but they're usually pretty reasonable.
  3. Hell yes, I typed in my zip and the only shipping option was ground: $0.00, so I jumped on it. I did hear about their sometimes slow shipping, but the price is the best I found so I don't mind waiting.
  4. Thanks for the heads up... just ordered over 1k rounds of this stuff, shipping was free!!! Awesome deal considering I was just about to order some wolf gold for even more per round + shipping.
  5. +1... they are fun as hell! Leaves a nice crater and cloud too.
  6. chadz302

    Ruger mini-30

    Scrap you bring up a good point, I bought my mini thirty a couple years ago (used) for $500, that price is a joke now because they have more than doubled that. It is a damn good rifle, but for $1000-1300 or more you can get just about any high end rifle in 7.62 x 39. With that said, as far as NJ crazy legal is concerned, it doesn't get much safer than a mini thirty, since everything else seems like a loophole or grey area here.
  7. chadz302

    Ruger mini-30

    No prob, good luck bud
  8. chadz302

    Ruger mini-30

    Ahhh, that makes sense... mine was a 186-xxxx serial number, 90's I think, ate the steel cased stuff no problem. Good to know, thanks for clearing that up.
  9. chadz302

    Ruger mini-30

    I had an older version mini thirty, I found it a very reliable and 'fun' rifle myself, to this day I regret selling it. The rifle itself is small, but very accurate. The factory mags are a little expensive and difficult to find, but that can be said about most anything nowadays. Aftermarket mags suck for it, so stick with factory. Some people will tell you not to shoot steel cased ammo through it, but I had no problems using the cheap Russian stuff. 7.62 round is more effective too in defense situations and more exciting to shoot. I also recommend getting a stabilizer bar (harbar or accustrut) not only does it make the rifle more accurate, it makes it look badass m14 or m1a style. Just my humble opinion. Anyway, hope you find what you're looking for.
  10. Welcome from EHT! Haha I like what you said about bayonette attacks... very true.
  11. Welcome from EHT! As an ex-Virginia resident, I am now NJ firearms legal thanks for the most part to this forum.
  12. Sure, the mossberg sounds good, you have pics of them?
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