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  1. Although a little pricey these are very comfortable and work well with long guns. After a day the ones with the head bands can really start to hurt (especially over thicker shooting glasses). I switched to these: https://smile.amazon.com/WALKERS-GWP-NHE-BT-Bluetooth-Neck-Worn-Hearing/dp/B01MTJLDSA/ They are very low profile and a NRR of 31. They come with a bunch of different types and sizes of replaceable ear plugs including foam. This model has Bluetooth so you can be connected to your phone and receive calls while you are in the middle of a shooting competition (a little distracting :-) They have other models without Bluetooth that are at a lower price. They are on sale at times and I paid $109 at MidwayUSA last year. For indoor shooting I would probably still use doubled up earpro as I wouldn't be shooting all day long.
  2. Interesting and I guess not surprising. I guess these people will be again shocked and in tears in 2020
  3. You want protection that has the highest NRR (Noise Reduction Rating). I use these foam plugs that have a NRR of 33: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0033YLEGO/ Together with this Earmuff with a NRR of 30: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B007BGSI5U As Zeke said crank up the volume so you hear more regular sounds using both.
  4. As usual a good article by Lott. I often wonder what the readers of the Times think of these types of logical articles.
  5. Not sure what you thought I meant but I wasn't implying anything except criminals find ways to get guns illegally even with the best checks and systems. If they really wanted to stop "gun crimes" they could install metal detectors down the worst streets in the worst cities. Of course that would violate the good people in those cities rights but they are willing to violation the pro-2a peoples rights all the time (especially in NJ)..
  6. Do people who probably are not allowed to own guns obtain them at an FFL? Probably.
  7. Even if you wanted to a private seller can not do a NICS check.
  8. At first you might want to try a match with no movement. You start at a single spot and shoot at either plates or paper targets. There will typically be around 5 stages with different target arrangements, sizes, and distances. The Glock matches are great for beginners although there are not many in a given area. The next one in NJ is in June. The steel matches at OBRPC are also good for a first time match (and you don't have to be a member to shoot there). They are on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month. You can even shoot them with a .22 if you want to and you don't need a holster (you start in the low ready position). 5 or 6 stages with 5 plates each. With anything but a .22 you would draw from a holster but you don't have to. You can also start at the low ready position but in that case you would receive additional seconds penalty. Their matches start at 9 am but get there earlier at 08:15 - 08:30 to go through the new shooters walk through (not necessarily new to shooting but new to that competition). You can register for the matches at www.steelscoring.com or you can just come and register at the match (preregistration is much easier to do) It might be a little far from you but shooters even come from PA and NY. The only other equipment you would need is 5 or 6 magazines (If you don't have that many magazines other people will usually help you loading your magazines while you are shooting). You can put the magazines on the start table. OB has a new shooters page that will give you a feeling for the matches (thanks Adam): http://www.obsteelchallenge.com/new-shooters-steel-challenge Also bring lots of ammo. If you only needed one bullet per target you would require 150 cartridges for 6 stages x 5 targets x 5 runs/stage so 250 - 300 should be enough. Don't worry about your times just go out to have fun. Check out youtube for video's of the matches. Beware that it can become addictive
  9. Given what the anti-2a politicians can try to do I do not want the denial. In the future this COULD be used as a way of taking away our FID, etc. I am VERY conservative when it comes to losing my 2a rights in NJ (what's left of them). I know I am being paranoid but to each their own.
  10. Has anyone used a smaller gauge shotgun (20 gauge to .410 caliber) for a knockdown steel match (loaded with birdshot) and how effective were they?
  11. IANAL but I would think unless you had it expunged it was not (others will chime in with more info). You should purchase your criminal background check report from Nj to verify what is on the report.. You can use the following link: http://www.njsp.org/criminal-history-records/#instruct
  12. NJGF

    Beretta tactical 1310

    Damn. If they fixed the lifter issue I might have to trade mine for one of the new ones.
  13. I got an early G42 which apparently had issues (like yours). I brought it to a GSSF match and the Glock Armorer replaced a bunch of parts for free. The gun now runs flawlessly.
  14. The circuit going to each contact (say on a window) is a closed circuit. That means that current is always flowing through it and pulling down a relay (or electronic equivalent) in the main alarm panel. When the window/door opens the contact opens, no current flows, the relay goes up, and sets off the alarm. Say you have accidentally put a staple across the wire going to the window. The alarm panel thinks everything is OK but when the window is open the shorted wire prevents the alarm panel from seeing the alarm. The EOL resistor is used so that if the wire is shorted the alarm panel can see that it there is no longer a resistor at the end of the line and can either set off the alarm or a trouble signal. This is extremely valuable. Very few of us go to each window and door and make sure that it is working properly on a regular basis so the EOL resistor really helps you know things are OK. As FXDX said when the installer puts the EOL resistor in the panel it achieves very little except to know that the installer didn't install it correctly.
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