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  1. TooBigToFit

    HK MK23

    (I was sent here from the Chat Room where my love affair for the pistol is well known). Just for full disclosure, I am an HK fan (but I must assert, not a fanboy). Also, I now live in an NFA friendly state. Sorry! It's my favorite handgun. It's got an overall pretty good trigger (heavy but smooth DA with a fairly predictable wall if you wanna stage it, fairly crisp SA break with a bit of overtravel, but a fantastic, short, tactile and audible reset). The sight radius, trigger, and long barrel together deliver a stupidly accurate pistol. It's big, yes. But that's partially what makes it fun. Working the slide, to steal a phrase from Colion Noir's video on the same gun, feels like opening the door to a bank vault. It's smooth. People see you shooting the gun at the range, and most can't help but ask you about it. It's a fun conversation starter. There's no reason you can't use it as an HD gun though... Its capacity is comparable to other double stack .45s (save for the ludicrous FNX 45 Tactical), and you're not really trying to hide an HD gun in your pants, so the size isn't as big of a factor. I don't have an HK45 to compare it to, but I do have a decent number of other HKs. You can see the Mk23 + KAC suppressor below next to them... From left to right, VP9 and P30SK, USP Tactical 9mm and USP Compact 9mm LEM, the Mk23 of course and the USP Compact .45 Stainless. The USP Compact .45 will be closest in size to the HK45C...
  2. Over here in PA, SGL ranges allow almost any gun, even if it's not hunting legal (save for full auto), though with a limit of 3 rounds loaded at a time (6 on the handgun range, if it exists). The general public is also allowed to shoot on the range, with a $30 range use permit (which is actually pricier than a hunting license). We manage just fine, even with the increased number of hunters, and increased number of gun owners. I sighted in my guns at the busiest SGL range in the entire state a couple of times, and never really had an issue. Yes, it gets busy a few weeks before deer season (but that's expected), and yes you might see something unsafe once in a while, but that's kinda par for course on a public range (especially of the guys who only break out their deer rifle or slug gun a week before deer season, and don't shoot otherwise).
  3. PA: NO! No permit = similar (but not the same) directly to/from rules as NJ. Can't speak about DE.
  4. Malice's post gets you to the same screen you mentioned (with a minor correction: you slide the app to app info, where you get the screen you mentioned with the force stop and uninstall options). I've not verified, but it seems with my phone, downloaded apps have the uninstall option only, whereas built in apps (like Maps) have the disable option only. Moto X 2nd gen with Android 5.0 lollipop.
  5. Judging by your posts, I'm guessing you're a 4th gen Legacy GT owner.
  6. It's a 12ga. I'm curious as to how much it weighs. Their website lists 7.6 pounds for every 12ga Featherlight barrel length, which can't be right. I'm live and work north of the city, but I like it so far. People calling soda as pop kinda throws me off though.
  7. Just figured I'd share it with all of you. And yeah, this is cross posted on PAFOA. I started wanting it as an NJ resident, and got it as a PA resident, so that's why it's on both forums. Enjoy, and feel free to ask questions! It had to be THE gun, THE shotgun. Graduated from college, got my dream job, and moving out of NJ, I needed to celebrate. It had to be special, and it was going to be the Ithaca 37. Ithaca, for those that don't know, is now located in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. They're a friendly bunch, and will do pretty much whatever you want on your shotgun (as long as you can afford it, of course). Engraving and gold inlays, woodwork, stock dimensions, and a whole lot more. I ordered the Ithaca 37 Uplands Combo (it's a smoothbore/rifled barrel combo) with... 28" vent rib smoothbore barrel 24" rifled barrel, with open sights AAA grade wood, with a LOP of 13 7/8" Hand engraving enhancement Receiver drilled and tapped for scope mount How about a couple more pictures? A look at the engraving on one side. This, as silly as it sounds, was one of the reasons why I chose the Featherlight. I have a soft spot for English Setters, they're absolutely wonderful dogs. The hand enhanced engraving is where they'll take the standard factory engraving (which is machined into the receiver), and do hand engraving to add extra detail. Sadly (not to discredit the engraver that did this receiver, it was a beautiful job), Bill Mains, Ithaca's hand engraver, passed away nearly 2 years ago. The other side of the receiver depicts a duck scene. A closer look at the stock. The shotgun feels like it fits great. The vent rib barrel is pretty neat. If you look in the picture, you can see a screw in the rib. The rib itself dovetails into the posts on the barrel, and is presumably replaceable by removing that screw. The posts that support the vent rib are machined out of the same material out of the barrel, instead of being soldered on. Ithaca calls this the Solderless Barrel System, and touts that it produces straighter barrels since they are never exposed to heat. Fiber optics on the front are listed as being manufactured by Truglo. The rifled barrel also has fiber optic sights (adjustable of course), manufactured by Marble Arms. All of the barrels (vent rib and smoothbore) are connected to the receiver by a thread. Drop them in, and give it a quarter turn, then tighten the magazine cap (or loosen? depending on which way you're looking) so that it snugs in the barrel. The rifled barrel installed on the gun. The bolt has some attractive machining. Loading shells is almost addictive, each one smoothly going in, without having to worry about pinching your fingers on a shell lifter. The action is also smooth. I will say it had issues loading shells from the magazine at first, but after several shells and snap caps, it's been perfect. Grip cap of the gun.
  8. I'm sorry, but this is the most ridiculous logic ever... That's like saying Dianne Feinstein isn't anti-gun because she didn't want to ban all guns, and in fact, wanted to specifically protect several ones used for hunting. It's your choice, and I don't hassle anyone about it, but I personally no longer set foot in Dick's (nor will I buy a Taurus for the reason which you stated, among others).
  9. I actually think he was being sarcastic (that is, I don't think he believes the predictions of "PA gun rights are over" are true). He's characterizing the people with such predictions as being jealous. Yes, Wolf is something to be concerned about, but he's only one part of the equation. There is some work to be done though. PS: I don't know if you guys have them on the eastern part of PA, but I'm headed for my first gun bash today. $40 ticket, 1 gun raffled off every 15 minutes from 1PM to 7PM, and plenty of food in between.
  10. Like NJ, I believe shooting in your backyard is dependent on where you live in PA. Some towns have no discharge ordinances. I too moved to PA for a job, though it's on the other side of the state. Liking it so far, but it's been quite an adjustment process.
  11. I got 12 for around $18 on Amazon (Streamlight). The funny thing is that CR123As were pretty easy for me to find before the storms, because everyone uses C's and D's instead. Not saying you shouldn't stock up (you certainly should), but you may be surprised how available they are. Not cheap though!
  12. Which brings up another good point about LawnBoy 2 cycles... A 2 cycle engine will be better for steep terrain because the oil will always get to where it needs to get to. Most 4 cycle mowers use a splash lube system, so they may not lubricate everything when mowing on the slopes. Some 4 cycles use a pressure lube system though, which solves the problem(some Hondas and Kawasakis). Not to mention a light 2 cycle is easy to maneuver on inclines. I guess I'm of the "they don't make things like they used to" crowd. Screw the EPA, I'm keeping my LawnBoy.
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