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  1. https://www.attorneygeneral.gov/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Reciprocity-Summary.pdf
  2. Has anyone here used Craig's Firearms for a transfer? I used to use Wortendyke but they closed March 1.
  3. Could these be made to work in a Stack On cabinet rather than a safe?
  4. I know a cop through work that does the firearms paperwork for his department. He told me they tell everyone not to bother because they will be denied. I'm certain most people stop at that point. I still wonder how many people actually got to the point where they were denied by a judge rather than just talked out of submitting their application.
  5. I remember a while back the NJ2AS was trying to get a large group to apply for permits to carry and see what happens. The idea was that most if not all would be denied at that could be the basis for a lawsuit. Don't know what ever became of it. I do wonder how many people actually got so far as being in front of a judge. From what I understand, most of us, myself included, don't want to risk being denied and never even apply. I know many PDs talk people out of applying.
  6. I wish my system performed like the others mentioned. I attribute its poor performance to the orientation. When I first got my system SRECs were selling for $650+ now they are much less. My ROI went from a few years to well over 10. Don't take this the wrong way, I'm 100% for solar just make sure you have good orientation and squirrel proofing. As was also stated, the power grid acts as your battery bank. Most of the grid in NJ is very reliable making a battery system a waste of money. Get a generator for emergencies.
  7. Are you sure about that? I did a lot of research before my installation and never came across that. Generally speaking, it isn't worth it to have a battery storage system here.
  8. Make sure your orientation is good. My house faces east and west, very far from ideal. I don't get nearly the output that I would if I had a south facing roof. I also have continuing problems with squirrels eating my wiring. I believe installers today have found solutions to that.
  9. I just checked out with a total of $229.23, definitely cheaper than Jet.com
  10. I just used Jeff last Friday. All is well with him. Best to contact him via email.
  11. Just used him the other day. The best way to contact him is via email.
  12. I just used Wortendyke for the first time in about 3 years. Jeff is such a nice guy. I highly recommend using him. The best way to contact him is via email.
  13. I just got two P2Ps with relative ease. Filled out paperwork, made an appointment with local PD, handed in paperwork and fees, filled out online background check and paid fee ($10?), got permits back in less than 30 days. My only gripes are the whole process is redundant, by the time I got the permits they were already a few days old, all these background checks and still can't carry.
  14. I used him a bunch of times a few years ago, great guy. I'm looking to use him again soon. I hope he is still available.
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