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  1. I have found this site to be helpful: https://www.pewpewtactical.com/ar-15-definitive-resource/#chapter7
  2. As matty said, Garden State Shooting Center in Lakewood offers several training options. When I first started shooting, I went to TTC in Flemington and IIRC for $25 additional to my lane rental I had one of the ROs give me an intro lesson and "show me the ropes". Check if GSSC will do something similar.
  3. You mean your NJ Firearms Purchaser ID or your Permit to Purchase a handgun?
  4. Did you just assume Joe's pronouns?
  5. Which is why it's impossible to believe that their agenda is make us safer, and not simply disarm America.
  6. So if he had committed a robbery or other crime with said inoperable shotgun, he wouldn't have been charged with "armed" robbery because "well hey, the firearm used to commit the crime doesn't actually work". Would the same argument apply (it wasn't a legally defined as a firearm per statute) if the PD shot him because he was pointing what appeared to be a shotgun?
  7. Absolutely, otherwise they are just "braised" and not BBQ. No authentic smoke flavor. As for the instant pot? Meh ... nothing a good old fashioned dutch oven and low oven can't do.
  8. The intention of the form is to physically identify the applicant. It's not about how the applicant "feels". If that were true, then the applicant could answer any other question in the way they feel and not with the physical fact ... this would apply to place of birth, height, weight, ethnicity ... really any other fact on the form. Where do we draw the line? "Sex" is a physical fact here, and there are only two of them: xx and xy. So yes it most certainly matters "what is between your legs" - what is in your mind in this case is irrelevant.
  9. If you were in SC you could do exactly just that, provided you had your CWP of course. Here is Charleston most religious facilities have started hiring off duty POs to provide security during services.
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