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  1. https://www.cabelas.com/assets/product_files/pdf/federal_state_firearms_regs_online.pdf
  2. I think this is generally how it works now, you can only have 1 "Real ID" from 1 state, and that state becomes your "domicile" as @45Doll says. So to the OP, what DL do you have? That determines what laws you must follow to purchase a firearm, even when purchased out of state. If you have NJ DL and wish to purchase in FL, then the FL dealer must also follow NJ law (in addition to FL law) in order to sell to you. IANAL but that's my understanding.
  3. "If you boil ribs, the terrorists win!" https://amazingribs.com/best-barbecue-ribs-recipe
  4. I literally can't leave my house w/o seeing a NJ plate.
  5. I have the scout squad model which I guess is essentially the same but with an 18" barrel. As for the optic I don't think anyone mentioned a scout scope - which addresses the eye relief issue. The way I look at with the M1A is that it's "off the radar" with the anti-2A crowd - doesn't even come up in the "assault rifle" conversation.
  6. You keep referencing this but don't ever tell us your budget. That would be helpful for us to know. If this is about defense, .22lr is the least desirable option. We can probably find you a long gun in a better caliber, within your exact budget.
  7. Of course I want to side with the brief (and IANAL), but couldn't an argument be made that it fits under "natural disaster - other catastrophe"? Seems general enough: or even man made disaster as "other injurious environmental contamination".
  8. To be clear here, it's simply a "Permit to Purchase" - which has already happened and was factually correct at the time of purchase. What happens after the purchase is irrelevant as it relates to the P2P.
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