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  1. I am not sure this is true anywhere in the US. Lives must be in danger to use deadly force.
  2. Your story supports my earlier point: "The prices the system charges are arbitrary and highly inflated, basically made up."
  3. I did quite a while ago and it was helpful. Sorry can't remember the brand I used.
  4. Is that an african or european trailer?
  5. https://gunforhire.com/why-rent-guns/
  6. @CF1782 The box of 9 mm is 50 rounds, shoot the whole box tomorrow! There are many quality pistols available out there. The key is to try a few and find one you like. Everyone has their suggestion and they are not wrong. You will not be making a mistake by going with something from a quality manufacturer: S&W, Glock, Beretta, H&K, Sig Sauer, Walther, Springfield Armory, CZ. I am sure I am missing some. If this is going to be used for personal defense, .22 is generally not recommended as it doesn't have adequate stopping power. If you just want it for plinking and target practice then .22 is fine. Here is the rental list from GFH. My recommendation is go for a larger rather than smaller pistol, the reason being heavier weight means less felt recoil and longer slide means longer site radius = easier to aim. if it were me trying them out, these are the 9 mm at GFH that I would possibly choose from: 29 Springfield Armory XD pistol 9mm 38 H&K VP9 pistol 9mm 45 Sig Sauer P229 pistol 9mm 59 Walther PPQ pistol 9mm 67 CZ 75 B SA pistol 9mm 97 S&W M&P 9 pistol 9mm 246 Springfield Armory 1911-A1 Range Officer pistol 9mm 326 Glock 34 pistol 9mm 327 Glock 19 pistol 9mm 331 Sig Sauer P320 pistol 9mm 349 Sig Sauer P226 Elite pistol 9mm 374 Beretta 92FS pistol 9mm 375 Glock 17 pistol 9mm 402 Beretta 92FS pistol 9mm 408 Glock 48 pistol 9mm 418 Beretta M9 pistol 9mm
  7. ... and they are not necessarily "pro-2A" and subscribe to the standard liberal position of "protection for me but not for thee". They are still programmed to believe in "common sense" gun laws.
  8. Not sure you understand what a classifier is. There are essentially main 3 competition groups that you have mentioned: USPSA: they run IPSC style pistol matches, steel challenge, as well as multi-gun events. There is a group at OBRPC that runs matches, you do not need to be an OBRPC member. IDPA: they split off from USPSA because they felt that USPSA had become too gear/"run and gun" oriented, so this is slightly different rules from USPSA and these matches are focused on "defensive" pistol where you simulate concealed carry and using cover/concealment. The closest matches for you are at the Somerset range in Bridgewater. 3-Gun Nation: a whole different group dedicated to doing 3-gun matches. Last I remember the same folks at OBRPC hosted these as well, but that was 2 years ago so it may have changed.
  9. I'll give this advice with the risk of knowing that these other guys have more competition experience than me, but I think they will generally agree: Starting out, your loads are really not going to make a difference and that is a refinement for later. You will initially be slowed down by your stage planning (what to shoot in what order, when to reload), foot work (safely and quickly getting from point to point), target acquisition, firearm transition, and reloading speed (especially shotgun). Focus on those things first, and as you gain experience you will figure out what hardware you need to change.
  10. The prices the system charges are arbitrary and highly inflated, basically made up. This is done so when the insurance executives negotiate a lower price, they can now tell their subscribers "look how much money we saved!" When I changed jobs and picked up my cobra payments it was over $1600 per month to insure my family. So nearly $20,000 a year just to be healthy and never use the system - how does that make any sense?
  11. There's always some benefit from lessons, but if you have solid fundamental shooting skills you should be good to get started The key at least for me is don't worry so much about speed at first but focus on safe and steady. I have the 870 and used it for 3-gun but have seen that semi-auto is the better way to go as I found the pump action slows me down. The Stoeger is on my "next to purchase" list. I think the Mossberg 500 is on par with the 870. If you want a competition semi-auto Mossberg, then that would be the 940 JM Pro.
  12. ^this. @70gto if the Benelli is not in your budget, the Stoeger is the way to go. I mentioned this in the pistol thread, start with what you already have before you commit to anything customized.
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