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  1. "Temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius (below freezing)" ... what? Do they mean Fahrenheit?
  2. Yup. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-poling-3ab7a911b/
  3. Update So in the last year I've exclusively carried my G26, either in my Alien Gear (no complaints it's been great) or if I'm doing something more active (like hiking with the dog) in my Maxpedition Octa Versapack with a UM-TG Trigger Guard.
  4. I'm not sure he's actually a lawyer. Note that he wrote "this law firm" and he's not listed in the top left of the letter.
  5. Makes me sick. Not one of these things will make law abiding citizens safer.
  6. I cringe when I see "guns" and "weapons", "firearms" is a much better term.
  7. I would think one of the NJ pro-2A groups would want to pick this up on his behalf ...
  8. Malice can you recommend some setup guides?
  9. Well, when you allow the common folk to have unfettered access to assault knives with evil features this is what happens ...
  10. That's exactly what happened here in CHS last 2018 election, a congressional district flipped from red to blue (Joe Cunningham vs Katie Arrington).
  11. Thanks it does, but I cannot find ANJRPC.
  12. "Witness Guy Lawrence, 48, said he saw a man running out of a building, believed to be Fishmongers' Hall, armed with two 20cm kitchen knives." Ahh ... so he had an arsenal/cache of weapons as well.
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