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  1. Mosaic ... and installing your own TCP/IP stack because Windows didn't have one...
  2. Are you going with (Kingsford) charcoal and apple wood chunks, or straight wood? Where are you getting the brisket? I can't find a whole packer brisket (including the point) around here, just flats.
  3. OBRPC does the same.
  4. Yep, that's my "go-to" site! https://amazingribs.com/
  5. Update: Two weeks ago I was contacted by LGS to let me know my replacement sight was in. Stopped there Saturday and they did the replacement install and refused to charge me for the work. So not exactly sure what happened here, but the end result is I have a properly installed sight and I am a happy customer, I was taken care of in the end. I did buy a case of ammo to show my appreciation.
  6. Old Bridge is $300 initiation (capital) fee and $384 annual dues. http://www.obrpc.org/ Central Jersey is $600 capital and $300 dues. http://www.cjrpc.org/index.cfm?wpid=21
  7. yeah ... that's what my friend was afraid of ...
  8. Asking for a friend ... many companies are now charging a "spousal surcharge" if you choose to include your spouse on your plan when the spouse is eligible for medical coverage through their own employer. Unless you self-report this, how would your employer know that your spouse is eligible for other coverage? What would possibly be the downside of not reporting?
  9. There are 50 yd and 100 yd rifle ranges. Wooden target frames are provided. Steel is allowed but follow the common rules on caliber/distance. There are also 5 pistol pits and a shotgun range. There are competitions on most weekends that take up some or all of the ranges, you have to check the calendar. Other than that I have never seen a crowd, usually very open during the week.
  10. I am a member of OBRPC, what do you want to know? http://www.obrpc.org/ Gun stores? Howell Gun Works http://www.howellgunworks.com/
  11. Anyone here ever take their training? http://www.roctraining.net/
  12. ... or an excuse to get more guns!
  13. Doesn't matter for me alone or with others, I do things the same way. Generally though I prefer to shoot with others, I get bored when I'm alone.
  14. He did not want money from me on that initial visit/install, and I have the pistol with the sight installed.
  15. Back on Aug 24 I ordered an Ameriglo model SW-447 sight from OpticsPlanet. That week when it arrived, I stopped in at one of our local guns shops (let's call them LGS) to have it installed. After installation, I noticed the front sight was not standing straight up perpendicular to the slide, he took it into the back and worked for a few more mins then returned, and Xxxxx from LGS explained that the front sight was actually defective and he'd seen this before from Ameriglo; in fact he said it had happened with someone else that week too. He said he would contact Ameriglo directly to get a replacement sight for me as they would likely respond to him quicker, he wouldn't charge me for the install at this time, and once the new sight came in he would swap them and complete the install. On several follow-ups Xxxxx said he is still waiting on the replacement sights, and as of Oct 5 he said in an email "Still waiting on the sights. I called them right after we spoke and they told me they would have them out ASAP." I still have not heard from him. I feel like I might be getting the run around here. It doesn't take 2 months to get new sights shipped. My fear is that Xxxxx did not install the front sight correctly or worse damaged it and doesn't want to own up and hopes I just go away. So I emailed Myles Waterman at Ameriglo to find out if they have in fact been in contact with Xxxxx at LGS and they are sending him a replacement sight. I just want to get this taken care of and I'm not sure at this point I am being told the truth. Myles responded: "I am not familiar with LGS and I checked with one other person who would handle returns and they are also not familiar with the situation. I can assure you that we do not send out front sights that are defective and when installed properly the S&W front sight is perpendicular to the slide. I am not sure if e-mails might be getting lost etc. and if there is a problem with the front sight and its warranty related, we stand behind our sights 100%. If you would like to have LGS contact me directly, I can be reached at the number below." What would you guys do now? Should I work out an exchange directly with Ameriglo and get someone else to install? Should I keep harassing Xxxx at LGS? ... let him know I contacted Ameriglo? Previously I have heard that LGS is reputable, what would be Xxxxx's motivation here? I've kept LGS anonymous here because I'm not sure yet if they've done anything shady.