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  1. Welcome! I just bailed on Mercer county back in August and moved to SC.
  2. We say essentially the same thing when doing software development, except on #2 substitute "development work completed quickly"
  3. That's exactly what I have
  4. Fire away! The CWP was easy, you take an 8 hour class that covers the law and safety aspects and then a 50 question written test plus a 50 shot practical test. I think you have to get an 80/100 on both to pass. The practical test involves 5 shots in 5 seconds (if I remember the time correctly) with 2 sets each at 3, 5, 7, 10, and 15 yards with reloads after each set. You do this all under the command and watchful eye of the instructor. You need to hit anywhere within the Silhouette on the target. I went to the Twin Ponds public range http://www.dnr.sc.gov/shooting/ranges/twinponds.html. There are 18 pistol bays with a 25 yard range and 16 rifle bays on 100 yards. The bays are all covered and rifle has benches. Only paper targets allowed. It was all recently renovated so everything is new and in very good shape, and there's no cost to shoot there. It was about 1/3 full when I was there, and the range officers keep a close watch ver what's going on (but not to the extent they do at Range 14). I moved to Charleston on Aug 3, absolutely love it but must admit it's a bit surreal. Still not quite used to it being my new home. I live downtown and have horse carriages come down my street every day, kind of weird to live somewhere that others come for vacation. This is my street. I bought a box of .357 to see what that would be like, but realistically I will carry .38 SD rounds.
  5. Yes.
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone. Wasn't sure initially about the quality but the more I read about the Taurus revolvers the more I am liking them. Seems like you can't beat them for the price. Picked up a 605 in matte stainless yesterday. https://www.taurususa.com/product-details.cfm?id=247&category=Revolver&toggle=tr&breadcrumbseries=605 I was in and out of PSA in 20 minutes. Would have been faster if I had my CWP (should be arriving in the mail any day now). Took it to the local outdoor range run by the SC DNR, very nice facility. I know a snub nose 2" is less than ideal for shooting .357 but I was still surprised at the amount of recoil.
  7. So happy that I am now in South Carolina!
  8. Why not call it a 19x2? After watching Sootch's video the features make sense. I like it.
  9. For 3-gun I am looking at upgrading to a Stoeger M3K
  10. I've used Bowden's Fireside and Hearth in Hamilton and have been very happy with them. https://www.bowdensfireside.com/
  11. I just picked up a Streamlight TLR-7 for my home defense pistol.
  12. DA = Double Action, trigger cocks the hammer and fires. SA = Single Action, hammer is cocked manually and trigger pull fires.
  13. These threads look relevant ..
  14. I am curious about the Taurus models. Wasn't considering them but I think they could be a contender.