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  1. I'm surprised you still call Mrs. Zeke "ma'am"
  2. That's our South Carolina laws at work for us, the "Protection of Persons and Property Act": http://www.sled.sc.gov/ProtectionOfPeople.aspx?MenuID=CWP
  3. So frustrating and one of my biggest pet peeves, not answering the simple questions that were asked! From where did you end up buying?
  4. We have something similar in South Carolina, the "Protection of Persons and Property Act": http://www.sled.sc.gov/ProtectionOfPeople.aspx?MenuID=CWP
  5. I think the problem is the criminals don't care about the consequences if they're caught. They're not interested in following the law anyway. So what if Tony Soprano can't legally own/carry a firearm. He will anyway. Us law abiding citizens do care, if we are legally prohibited, we won't, so we are concerned about having that right taken away.
  6. PSA

    I know it sucks for you guys up in NJ but PSA has really good deals down here plus their stuff generally gets good reviews (for what it is).
  7. I have this argument with my wife all of the time. She won't touch anything that's past its date and in most cases that date is essentially meaningless.
  8. Here is one dealer in Somerset along with their online pricing for a Walther: http://www.gardenstatearmory.com/handguns/semi-automatic-handguns?manufacturer=42&page=1&caliber=18 Here is another dealer on Rt 22: http://www.middlebrookfirearms.com/ and another in Flemington: https://tacticaltrainingcenternj.com/firearm-sales/ Call them and ask what they have in stock and what their best pricing is.
  9. I think it's all about recognizing those who put themselves in harms way in the "service" of protecting our lives. Pay (career vs volunteer) doesn't matter, and this would include military, first responders, law enforcement, fire, and ems.
  10. My family and I stopped shopping at Dicks. Glad to see it's having a collective effect.
  11. There's a local ginger infused bourbon down here called Virgil Kaine, good stuff! https://virgilkaine.com/
  12. Coincidentally I came across this video yesterday, he has a similar recipe:
  13. What bitters did you use and where did you get them?
  14. My first purchase after escaping was a revolver. Kind of surreal to just walk in and out in about 20 minutes, NICS check and all. Now that I have my SC CWP my understanding is I don't even need the NICS. I too have started looking at the AR pistols, maybe do my own build.
  15. I just did this!