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  1. Made the drive down on Friday, took the 301 route with no incident, nice drive very scenic. Got my SC DL yesterday, signed up for the SC CCW class in September.
  2. Charleston. For me though it looks like that route will take almost 2 more hours and another 100 miles.
  3. Thanks! I am headed to SC, so no need to go by Baltimore it just looked faster. I will absolutely take the route on 301 you recommend. No need to be in DC either so I will skirt right on by on the 495 beltway then ultimately to 95 south and freedom ...
  4. I am going to be making this drive next month. How about 695 around Baltimore, or is there a tunnel on that route too?
  5. Ditto what Pew Pew said. I have been running this gear for the last year and a half and love it.
  6. All great info posted so far. Also check out https://amazingribs.com/, it has a wealth of info.
  7. Cooks Illustrated reviewed them in November https://www.cooksillustrated.com/equipment_reviews/1854-multicookers-electric-pressure-cookers?incode=MCSCD00L0&ref=new_search_experience_13 The winner was the Fagor Lux LCD Multicooker and just plain Fagor Lux Multicooker http://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XCR2BNT/?tag=cioequippilot-20 "Best Buy" was the GoWISE USA 8-Quart 10-in-1 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013TBYQ5Q/?tag=cioequippilot-20 Instant Pot was only recommended with reservations: "This machine did a good job pressure cooking, making rice, and searing, but its slow cooking function takes so long that it makes some recipes not even worth attempting. Small-volume recipes, thinner soups, or more delicate cuts of meat are fine, but thick, large-volume recipes like stews and roasts take an insane amount of time: After 11 hours of cooking beef stew on high, the meat was still chewy, the carrots crunchy, and the potatoes raw. Cooking was unevenly concentrated in the bottom of the pot, where the heating element is. Even when we tried using the “high” setting for any slow-cooker recipes calling for low heat, they still took a very, very long time. This model also runs a little hotter under pressure, but this was easy to fix; we simply subtracted a few minutes from the cook time. Lastly, its operating instructions were a bit confusing and it had metal on its lid that got really hot."
  8. Thanks everyone for the advice thus far. It's a Land Rover Discovery Sport and the lease is through Chase.
  9. We are 1 1/2 years into a 3 year lease for my wife, and she unexpectedly started a new job last summer so now we are going to go WAY over the mileage restriction. Is there a way to get out of this or renegotiate?
  10. This is exactly what I did, arrives today. Thanks!
  11. I don't want to carry while skiing, I just want to have it with me in VT and want to understand the best place to keep it while skiing if not carrying. Sounds like locked in the car in a safe is the best bet. Going to Okemo.
  12. I'm headed up to Vermont next month and liking my constitutional rights, I have the same question. Aside from HE's pack suggestion, nobody else carries while skiing? OK but if I bring my pistol on the trip, what do I do with it while skiing if not carrying? Doesn't seem like a good idea to leave it in the room (staying overnight multi-nights), or just leave it locked in the room safe? I'll be traveling from NJ to VT up 287/87 through NY state (avoiding NYC) so as long as I follow FOPA I'm ok?
  13. Quality reasonably priced options are: Scope: 1-6 or 1-8 Vortex Strike Eagle Red Dot: Holosun HS515CU These are what I run and they serve me well.
  14. +1 for the Safariland ELS belt system. It's worked well for me.