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  1. Thanks Griz. My 200 meter zero (established at 25 yards) ended up being 16 clicks up from the bottom, does that sound reasonable? I wasn't expecting to go that far, maybe 8 clicks from what I have been finding online ... (I do realize that I sitll need to get out on a 200 yard range to complete the zeroing).
  2. Sounds like the liberal philosophy of "it's not what was said, but who said it" ...
  3. I've been going through basically the same thing with my new M1A. My understanding though is because my elevation dial goes to 11, its markings are in meters (if it goes to 12 it's in yards). What I have found through my research (and I hope I am right here, please correct me if wrong) is that the bullet should strike 4.6 cm above POA at 25 meters for it to strike POA at 250 meters. This can be used to get you on paper at 25 meters for a 250 meter zero. Apparently this also works out to be striking POA at 25 yards is equal to POA at 200 meters (yes mixed measure), so I intend to set my 200 meter zero (because that's what's on my dial) using a 25 yard target. Make sense?
  4. Welcome! I also shoot USPSA at Old Bridge.
  5. Thanks, I just went and updated those settings. I also changed PayPal to block payment attempts in non-US currencies.
  6. I have some musical gear listed on eBay and had a bidder for an item from Poland, even though I marked the item as only shipping to the US: Shipping to: United States Excludes: Alaska/Hawaii, US Protectorates, APO/FPO, Africa, Asia, Central America and Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania, Southeast Asia, South America, PO Box Is there any way to block non-US bidders? What do I do if he wins?
  7. Guys ... thanks for the endorsement of PPU, I went with 500 rounds to give it a try.
  8. Yeah ... that's one thing I figured would happen with the Wolf. I am seeing PMC for $.60 a round for 500 rnd case and Prvi Partizan for $.52 on sgammo right now ... thx Nick.
  9. I finally got around to ordering my M1A (picking it up today!) and I have been looking for some bulk US made brass-cased .308 but everywhere I check it is either more than I want to pay (> $.70 per round) or out of stock (sgammo, Target sports, etc). Is the foreign made steel cased stuff any good in the M1A? ... or am I going to just have to suck it up and pay more for US brass?
  10. Never had a problem.
  11. Thanks, I stopped in at Garden State Armory last night and they said the same thing. I have one ordered.
  12. I think to get started what you have right now is perfect. As a new competitor your equipment is not what will be holding you back. Shoot some matches and get experience and then you can figure out what, if any, upgrades you want.
  13. I think I am running into the same issue, any recommendations on a torque driver?
  14. I went with Magpul. Primary Arms is still running good deals. Thanks guys!