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  1. Give this guy a call, his name is Paul. http://www.ecny.net/
  2. That's minutes from me!! That'll be awesome
  3. Same company I used too. The turn around for my liner was about 3 weeks.
  4. I've had the same issue, the cost of doing the concrete, a repair was crazy, I've decided to do it all over for a bit more. I used Shamrock, his name is Matthew, (908) 447 - 8500
  5. Stays in my safe unless I need it, range, buying a firearm etc.
  6. I was going to get one, but spending almost $80k for one was insane. It's a $80,000 jeep. I would up getting the ram 1500. But if you're really interested, wait till next year for the Durango srt
  7. For 1500 I will do it too.
  8. I'm not sure about the new software, I put in for a permit march 2nd and it was ready this past Friday, the 24th. I know it was dated the day it was picked up too
  9. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/939221689/midwayusa-competition-range-bag-system I bought the same one off troy, haven't picked it up yet, but that's a different story LOL
  10. Dafuk???? Museum lol. Black bettys
  11. Not to throw any shade on ford, but I've looked at a few and wanted to know what I was getting for the price when I sat in a few. I decided to go with a 2017 ram.
  12. I watch on my phone. Only because I work a lot. It's slightly over $100 for the year on mlb.com I haven't tried on Kodi yet only because I got it in november.
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