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  1. Agreed. No election is too small to be ignored. And the primary is coming. Change has to start from the bottom up.
  2. Voted for Singh in the Senate primary last summer, though it ultimately went against him, and have been following him since. He has at least been consistent and he's got my vote in this primary. FWIW.
  3. Hah, yeah, because silencers have been such a problem here... Way to go, elected* representatives!
  4. Think that came and went awhile ago in this state. Of course, it didn't matter, and we just keep sliding further down the slope. Another case of this liberal state throwing a ton of crazy legislation against the wall to see what sticks. Like at the federal level, they can be as brazen as they want in submitting radical bills. Then some won't make it through and they'll say "compromise, see" and we'll get stuck with something out of this. Get your dollars behind GOA, ANJRPC, etc... We're going to need them to help us fight this like hell.
  5. Decent video on why even these weak executive actions are still a substantial threat to the second amendment. The very way they make their arguments is designed to alter public perception and ultimately redefine the 2A so they can later say "hey, we're not infringing on it, it doesn't represent an individual right to weapons of mass destruction".
  6. True. But then we're back to hanging our fate in the hands of justices who haven't raised a finger to protect the constitution in a long time, save for one religious case in NY. Not sure I'm confident enough to feel at ease they would protect the 2A.
  7. Saw his video and messaged Manchin on the matter. Takes two minutes and I hope his inbox is flooded.
  8. The two I have been using have been great. Had one for the last year that saw a lot of use. Just bought another two months ago and very glad I did. Being available, and reasonably priced, is a plus. My only gripe is they don't include the spacer to mount it 1/3 cowitness. That you have to find separately if you don't want absolute cowitness height. I personally prefer 1/3.
  9. I'll throw in a recommendation for the Holosun 510C reflex sight. Basically a less expensive Eotech. I have a couple of them and they have been fantastic. Very low (to practically none) parallax. Great battery life, supplemented by solar power. Holds a zero and works very well with a 3x magnifier.
  10. Yes, unfortunately, as I still came in just shy of 26 inches with the 11.3" with standard receiver extension. I would have needed to switch to an A5 system to get over 26" oal. I was right around 25 5/8" so it was close
  11. Perhaps, but I would think overall we are too easily accepting broader circumstances to fall under "community care taking" and cases like these could set precedents allowing for more abuse of such searches. We already have Rubio calling for restricting 2A rights for anyone investigated for "domestic terrorism", not even convicted, just investigated.
  12. Does the 4th allow unreasonable search and seizure of firearms without a warrant? This case going to the SCOTUS may decide. https://www.forbes.com/sites/evangerstmann/2021/02/05/supreme-court-will-decide-whether-police-can-enter-a-home-to-seize-guns-without-a-warrant/
  13. I'm pretty OCD about the receiver fit as well. On most decent sets, the wedge (or Aero's tension screw) does the trick. A thin O-ring on the front lug works in most other situations. Get a decent set of takedown pins as well.
  14. I have "x" amount of ARs already... I build them seasonally.... Won't disclose for prying ATF eyes.. most were lost in a terrible accident, blah blah blah.... I want a damn M1 now! The interest was peaked with a cover vs concealment meme and now I absolutely NEED one.
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