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  1. I sat through the whole thing as well. My lament impression is that it was a good argument in favor of 2A. And indeed the state council came off as a total #$@#$%&. I wish I could have heard the judge's discussion afterwards.
  2. FDA is allowing the use of hydroxychloroquine, but advise against prophylactic use at this time. Very promising in treating the illness. Doctors could always write off label use but with the FDA now behind its use we can supply and administer a lot more of it.
  3. When states make ridiculous laws like NJ, decent people find themselves in the gray areas. Sure, if you drove up to Ohio you could legally travel back with it to NJ, no permit needed. Since it has been shipped..... I have no idea. It is very strange that you would need a "permit to purchase" a handgun you already own, but again, ....Jersey.
  4. Welcome to the NJ Statutes... 2C:39 f.1 - Refers to traveling to or from any "club" organized under certain rules that maintains a copy of its members, as well as carrying a firearm about them while at that club. 2C:39 f. 3(a) - allows carrying a firearm while hunting. 2C:39 f. 3(b) - allows transporting a firearm to any target range (different from organized club) or another location where shooting is authorized.
  5. Started off the whole quarantine thing by being productive. Garage clean up, yard work, home projects, and end each day with a glass of scotch. Now my productivity is waning and I just go straight to the scotch!
  6. I'm afraid you are right. Hopefully not... but I don't see any progress on this without it moving through the courts.
  7. Most recent Aero build for this year. Aimed at being my 3 Gun AR.
  8. So NJ2AS doesn't have the right to attend a press conference! Heaven forbid Murphy might have to actually address valid questions about people's rights.
  9. Wife and I won't be getting a dime of this. I'm fine with that as there are definitely people who need it more. As others have said, I think there can be a huge disparity between your 2018 filling and your current situation. My wife and I both do well but her main business is now completely shut down and will be a big hit to her 2020 income. If we were getting it - probably send it right along to 2A groups.
  10. I'm sure Murphy doesn't care about this "advisory" document, however, the court's may weigh this heavily in the NJ2AS / ANJRPC lawsuits and could help an injunction.
  11. When we can finally get back out and shoot, let us know what you think. I've been considering the Timney for my next build. I have a few Rise Armament triggers that i'm happy with and a couple Geissele ones.
  12. I'm not knocking the higher end bore sighters at all but I do find the cheap laser cartridge type work just fine for me. They always have me on paper at 50 yards and I enjoy process of sighting in further from there.
  13. I think it's absolutely a contradiction and denial towards anyone with "justifiable need" as well as a complete barrier to anyone wishing to exercise their second amendment rights. I'm not sure how this would affect LEO's but imagine they couldn't make a new purchase at the moment either.
  14. I've seen so many videos of lathe work where they make it look so easy. My Uncle has an old lathe I tried my hand at years ago and it was a disaster.
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