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  1. Agree with the above on renting first. Especially with the current market. We sold a few months ago and had our rental ready since the beginning of the year. Love the rental house and its on a nice 1/2 acre so we can spend a year or two comfortably deciding on where exactly to buy and wait out the imminent market correction.
  2. This. I love the snow when I'm home and don't have to drive. Figure I'll at least have a lot less in TN. Though I think Nashville shuts down with a thin coating of ice. Still happy to have four seasons there.
  3. Still having a trace of snow and an actual winter was one of the reasons we love it there. Much less snow than NJ which is an improvement but I didn't want to give it up completely.
  4. Tennessee here. We spent the last year looking at TX, FL and TN. Had actually planned to head to PA for a year while we sorted between those three however we decided to stay put through the winter and finalize it. The last few trips to TN sealed it for us and we just leased a nice single family home on .6 acres in Murfreesboro for a year. We'll spend that time deciding where exactly to buy as we'd like a bit more land for the long term. Our house in NJ goes on the market this week and we have very low inventory in the area so hoping for a somewhat quick sale. Should be settled in the new home by May. Maybe a little sooner.
  5. Have several VG6's and a few Surefires. The Surefire is probably my all around favorite. Both are rarely concussive since they are, well, muzzle brakes. Neither is great at an indoor range but there is the Warden for the Surefire which works very well. There is also the cage you can buy for the VG6 which somewhat helps.
  6. Title slightly misleading. The auspicious 9th put a stay on the ruling pending outcome of another case, one which itself is held pending the outcome of Duncan v Beccera (mag ban) that has oral arguments today. So now the AWB case is stacked in waiting on two other cases to be determined before being taken up by the 9th. The stay will likely be appealed by plaintiffs but I'd imagine that would be unsuccessful.
  7. Far from hogwash. FL will be just fine for quite some time considering that the damned good governor they have, along with the backing of the legislature, has actually taken steps to protect that position well into the future. The voting base and the makeup of the state assembly would need to be compromised long before the state falls to our level. So once again, yes, they are ahead of the curve compared to NJ. As is TX and TN. None are safe. They are most definitely in a better position to fight back then we are here. The downfall of either of those states would be the result of complacency... good people doing nothing.
  8. It's not that anyone is "safe" from these problems elsewhere. It is, quite factually, that you are in a much better position to fend off these cancers in other states with a substantially greater number of like minded individuals. You're going to have to fight for your values anywhere. Your chances of success, however, are significantly better outside NJ.
  9. Enjoy FL! And congrats on escaping. We're about 6 months behind you, God willing. The Nov election should be our last act in Jersey.
  10. In prior years, yes, perhaps. However after almost 18 months of blatant Civil liberty violations by Murphy and a Dem legislature standing idle allowing all of it.... the conservatives have been louder than ever and you would expect a better turn out. If we couldn't garner a higher turnout after recent events I wouldn't be optimistic about a sufficient turn out in Nov. Too many sitting home thinking none of it matters and (besides ranting on social media) decide to just sit out the process.
  11. Ok, just checked current numbers and 319k turned out. We have about 1.5 million registered republicans. While historically turnout is low for primaries, after the sh*tsh0w the last couple years have been here, and the amount of "outrage" from the right, we should have done better than 319k.
  12. One of the biggest disappointments I see in yesterday's primary is the abysmally low turnout. Numbers still coming in and maybe i'm missing something but in a statewide primary we apparently only had about 250k turn out to vote! WTF! After all the complaining from NJ conservatives all year that is the best we can do? We are screwed in Nov if we can't even get our act together and get to the polls for a primary.
  13. I have no idea what they are "trying" to do but this is not to kill the "other" market since those must be 26 inches or longer anyway and not covered by this. Basically they are turning anyone who has a legal AR pistol into a felon overnight by making it nearly impossible to avoid classifying those as nfa items now.
  14. Suddenly the argument over whether to buy or build your "other" just sharply turned in a particular direction!
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