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  1. Upper and handguard finally showed up! Have to travel for a few days but will start building this when I get back.
  2. No, NICS is separate from your permit. A NICS check must be run at point of sale for each purchase.
  3. NJ NICS system at its finest. Still have to run a NICS for each purchase even with a P2P. I put one in on Saturday AM, didn't come back until this morning. And now i've added a PPQ to the collection.
  4. Not yet, still waiting on the upper/handguard from Radian. It was supposed to be a 4 week lead time but was advised covid increased that. Going on 7 weeks now. Hopefully soon, everything else is pretty much here.
  5. I'd definitely put a few more rounds through it before making a decision. Walther makes a great gun but it's really up to your preference especially when it's your money and your permits. The Shadow 2 has been an amazing gun but I prefer a striker fired gun for home defense. My Shadow has been running strong for the last year and a half with many rounds fired. It has a couple FTE when the extractor gets a little too dirty.
  6. Shepherd9

    Shooters Lube?

    I've tried it. Works okay but IMO not as good as some others. It's still hard to beat Balistol as long as the smell doesn't bother you.
  7. Perfect! I think we all could use the chance to brush the rust off.
  8. Any matches planned for the summer? Wondering if this will be brought back this year but haven't seen any updates on their FB page or website.
  9. Another step back in VA. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/alexandria-bans-guns-on-city-property/2020/06/21/92288a62-b3e5-11ea-9a1d-d3db1cbe07ce_story.html
  10. So what they are up to now? An enforcement agency writing more laws when they have no legislative power? https://www.guns.com/news/2020/06/18/lawmakers-to-atf-pump-the-brakes-on-banning-braces
  11. Wrote to the DOJ twice and called their hotline to report murphy (lowercase intended) a few times as well. My wife did the same and even mailed a letter to them. Some complaints in relation to the state's covid response fining protest organizers as well as 2A issues when stores were closed down. Hopefully they get flooded.
  12. As a dog person (obviously, see avatar) this is very sad to hear. But as some have touched on already... pitbulls are not a "killer" breed of dog. Despite what they have been forced to do by people, they are an amazing breed and one of the best pets society could have. Shit people create shit dogs and that usually leads to tragic endings. The folks here salivating at the thought of gouging out there eyes and killing the dog are disappointing beyond words. I don't care what breed you have or what your preconceived beliefs of breed behavior are, there is far more science and education out there proving it is our (human) interaction that creates the issues, not the breed. I feel terrible for the child... and now also for the subjective view of the breed as a result.
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