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  1. Good thinking. Purchase are always better when it's a package deal.
  2. That about sums it up! The hour nap I just woke up from helped a lot. Now its time for pumpkin pie.
  3. That looks exactly like the boat I lost 14 rifles on. It was a sad day. I can relate to your loss.
  4. Hah! Now that's funny.... Welcome to the fold. We all said something like that, a couple dozen purchases ago. There is no end... get a big safe.
  5. Shepherd9

    Staccato C2

    Damn. Just seeing a picture and knowing someone else got one.... the envy sets in. Now I want a Staccato.
  6. No firing pin block on the CZ's that I'm familiar with. At least not on the Shadow/Shadow 2.
  7. I have the Shadow 2, DA/SA and no de-cocker. It is by far the best shooting handgun I own. As many have already mentioned, it is designed to be holstered cocked and locked. There is also a half cocked position in which the safety can be selected on. Under USPSA production rules, apparently this gun has to have the hammer down when holstered. When the hammer is down, the safety cannot be selected on and the hammer is resting on the firing pin. I have no idea why their rules are such for this model and I don't shoot USPSA so perhaps others could shed some light on this. In the 3 Gun matches I have participated in I carry with the hammer cocked and safety on. It is an amazing gun, and as safe as any other when used correctly. And as with any firearm, its solid, safe handling practices when drawing and holstering that matter. This incident is just terribly tragic. I cannot imagine the pain this family and individual are going through.
  8. Hah! That doesn't count.... Jerry isn't even human so the rest of us should stick with magazines :-)
  9. Terrible accident and thoughts and prayers to the family. Another reminder that attention and diligent adherence to every move you make is necessary. This isn't a CZ fault, it's a fantastic gun.
  10. You can bet they are all foaming at the mouth ready to move on more aggressive gun control measures. I think HOW they go about it depends on what happens with the balance of power in the Senate and whether or not the current makeup of the SCOTUS is likely to remain. If the SCOTUS stays protected at 9, then I think we see less legislative measures like gun control "bills" and instead the aggressive use of agencies like the ATF overstep their position (no surprise) and just start declaring current items off limits. If they can mess with the SCOTUS and the Senate falls to the Ds then there will be major legislative bills rammed through the House. I definitely think it's going to get ugly before it gets any better.
  11. +1 Unfortunately in this sad excuse for a state, that .177 cal pellet gun is a "firearm". Do what you like and take measures for safety but I certainly wouldn't advertise it.
  12. I'll third the CZ recommendation. My Shadow 2 is one of the best decisions i ever made.
  13. Tactical reloads just don't look as cool with a revolver! :-) I honestly do love my Italian import replica Colt 45 single action, though. Its a ton of fun at the range.
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