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  1. 250 rounds this afternoon. Zero issues. Very happy with this purchase.
  2. Just became the proud owner of a Shadow 2 (blue grips). Stopped on the way home from work to pick it up today and NICS cooperated - so now I can get to the range tomorrow morning and have some fun.
  3. "Danger Zone" - Kenny Loggins Middle initial on my permits as well.
  4. I believe I was the first to use the online system in Wanaque. Completed the online application on 3/29. References received their emails the same day and returned that week. Fingerprinted on 4/4. Stopped by the PD on 4/5 to sign the Mental Health form. Received email on 4/14 that criminal history check was complete. On 4/22 received email that permits were approved. The PD called later that day to advise ready for pick up. Not bad for NJ. Everyone at my station was very pleasant to deal with. I lived out of state within the last 10 years so that address was on the mental health check and i'm sure they had to wait for NY to respond.
  5. Maybe... Para Ordinance made a nice da/sa 1911 that I always liked.
  6. Sounds like fun. East Bangor is about an hour from me so I'll have to check that out.
  7. Walther PPQ M2 - probably 5" for a target 9mm. And something in a 45 - still deciding but leaning towards SA XDS. On the long side - definitely an O/U for shooting clay and I'm assembling parts for a sporting rifle build.
  8. Just a quick introduction from a new guy. I've been a lurker here for awhile, it's a great forum. Originally from NY, used to shoot more often back then, and moved here 8 years ago. Finally getting my FPID and a few P2P's here and looking forward to getting back to it. I just joined ANJRPC and will probably be checking out Reloaderz and G4H shortly.
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