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  1. I would reach out to the FFL and let them know what you are ordering, and Make sure that they are willing, as well as are capable of making that particular gun NJ compliant.
  2. I only use steel in my Pap, SKS and Makarov pistols. Since they are all Russian based, they seem built for it and have no issues. I have heard it does cause more wear to chambers, extractors, ejectors. How much? And when it will cause problems? I dont know. I would never use steel case in an AR, I have seen two different times at the range where people shooting steel case out of an AR got spent cases jammed in their chamber that the range officers had to bang out with a cleaning rod! It wasnt a pleasant sight!
  3. This is correct! No .22 LR for small game, but you can use a .177, .20, or .22 air rifles. Some air rifles are really powerful, almost as much as a real gun!
  4. That would be a really nice close range deer gun for buckshot! Just have to plug the magazine tube so it doesn't hold more than 3 total rounds! Just a thought!
  5. You got some good advice from some of the above posters! I have been hunting with an 870 Express 12ga. since the early 90's. Under some wet conditions the finish will get surface rust that easily wipes off with a rag and some gun oil! The metal surfaces still look great and the gun has never failed me!I have a rifled slug barrel, as well as a 28" vent rib barrel. With those, you can do any Jersey hunting. Regardless of whether you get an 870 or Mossberg 500, get a 26" or 28" vent rib barrel, the 26" barrel would swing a little faster and be easier handling in the woods, but if you decide to hunt ducks/goose, the 28" may be an overall better choice. You would want a rifled slug barrel for bear/deer. I would recommend a cantilever scope mount over iron sights. With the cantilever scope mount, your scope is on the barrel and the barrel can be switched out and back with little to no change in zero. I didnt recommend iron sights because hunting hours in NJ for deer are 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sundown. You will see most deer during this time period at the beginning/end of legal hunting hours. A scope is easier to use during this lower light period! Also, if you do go the scope route, dont buy a cheap scope, a good $150-200 scope will hold up better, have better light gathering than a $40 scope will. Good luck, welcome to hunting!
  6. I like Goya products! Will buy a little extra on my next trip to the store to make up for whatever they might lose from misguided leftists!
  7. Or, better yet instead of an effective treatment, a vaccine, that since the Corona Virus is so dangerous, has to be mandatory, and maybe yearly like the flu shot that many get!
  8. I have been told that Chloroquine works, is generic, and cheap. Dr. Fauci has recently appeared to be pushing Remdesavir, which is expensive, and is also a big proponent of creating a vaccine. I think there is going to be lots of money made out of this pandemic, and it won't be made from treating with Chloroquin!
  9. Articles I read didn't identify what gun(s)the subject used, but it was thought that he did procure some of the guns from the Mountie that he killed.
  10. Welcome! And since it has to be asked of all the New members, is it Pork Roll or Taylor Ham?
  11. That is the problem! 1. This legislation is blatantly unconstitutional! 2. A politicians first responsibility is to the constitution. 3. The way a politician treats the constitution and specifically the 2nd Amendment should tell you all you need to know to not vote for that person. 4. Every politician supporting gun control will not stop, they want to completely strip your right to own a gun. Take NJ or example with magazine capacity, there once wasnt a magazine capacity limit, then it went to 15, then to 10, there has even been a 5 round magazine limit bill proposed that went nowhere. You can bet it will be back and passed if the current lawsuit against the 10 round limit is not successful. Do you see where this goes? 5. See number 4 above. Everywhere in history and throughout the world where governments turned on their people, it was preceded or in conjunction with civilian disarmament! 6. The above is all you need to know, vote accordingly!
  12. Mixed feelings! On one hand it is great that new people are buying guns, and yes, we all should be encouraging to help and support them. On the other hand, it may lead to more gun owners that "Support the Second Amendment" but don't believe you should be able to own AR15's, Plastic guns, Semi Automatics, High Capacity Magazines, Sniper Rifles, or whatever the latest anti gunner buzzword for what they want to ban is.....
  13. NJAG probably threatened to sue them like they did some other businesses... Cheaper to just not ship anything to NJ rather than fight it.
  14. I believe the Taylor's and Cimarron guns are all made by Uberti. I have a Cimarron Single Action Army copy and it is really finely finished! I would expect the lever actions to be of the same quality. That's about all I can tell you. Side loading .44 Mag lever action? Another option for you may be a Marlin 1894.
  15. Much of Somerset is Republican and wealthy, and I live there and wouldn't want to be stuck in What would remain of NJ if counties succeeded.
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