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  1. I went last Sunday (9/8) and Canistear was open. I dont know if that changed. Try the ANJRPC web page.
  2. If you are an NRA Member, the City of San Francisco has formally labelled you a Domestic Terrorist....Yes, a governing body actually used their power to malign an organization (and its members) that fights for constitutional rights! This is the left for you, accuse others of things to hide your failures and hatred. I wonder when they will start "red flagging" their residents that fall under this classification? I wonder if NRA Members/ the NRA itself can sue? I think they should as this sets a very dangerous precedent. Not surprisingly, SF is encouraging other cities/states/federal to do the same, so you can expect more. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/officials-in-san-francisco-label-nra-a-domestic-terrorist-organization
  3. Here some options as to what really happened: 1. We are ruled over by a group of psychopaths and pedophiles and this is a cover story to put Epstein into witness protection so that he could cooperate and take them down. 2. We are ruled over by a group of psychopaths and pedophiles and they either murdered Epstein or assisted in him being able to commit suicide in order to protect much bigger names. 3. We are ruled over by a group of psychopaths and pedophiles and this is a cover story to let Epstein free and never be heard from again in order to protect bigger names. All three are concerning. I hope there is a thorough investigation of this whole case.
  4. I am a life member. I agree, it's time for Wayne to go! We need the board to stand up and force him out.
  5. Maybe a problem with your operating rod spring, you may want to replace that. It could also be that your gas cylinder or operating rod end is out of spec (worn) and that will cause issues with ftf/fte. Other causes could include a bent operating rod, or a receiver that is not straight (common with reweld receivers).
  6. Last time I was in Germany a few years ago I had rented a "small" Opel Sedan. My flight was delayed, so the rental car place gave my car away. When I showed up, they only had a Volvo 60 with a turbo diesel that they upgraded me to. Near Berlin and Dresden, lots of speed limits ( 80-130kph/ 50-80mph) due to roadwork and traffic, but south of Dresden heading into Bavaria nice stretches of straight open roads with no limit. I had the car up to 225kph (140mph) more than a few times!
  7. Those go for crazy money these days. That looks like a nice one, I would think it's worth at least $800--1,000 even being not all matching. I have seen matching ones sell in the $1500-2000 range!
  8. L&B Spumoni Garden in Brooklyn.
  9. Sal's is great pizza! He's a NY/NJ guy, tell him you're from either and he will be talking for a while!
  10. I would think a full size 9mm semi auto or a .357 magnum revolver is a good choice for a first handgun. In full size 9mm, there are S&W, Beretta, HK, Sig, Glock, CZ, Walther, and others in polymer, aluminum, and steel frames, and various trigger types. In a .357 Magnum revolver, you have S&W, Ruger, a few Colts and some others. In a .357 Magnum, .38 Special ammunition can be shot for lighter recoil. Visit some stores, hold some guns, see what feels good.
  11. You may see old production, probably pre 1950's 41 Swiss Rimfire at a gun show here or there, it's not common or cheap. Some Swiss Vetterli Rifles have been modified to center fire, probably for that 41 Remington or another similar round. I personally wouldn't have any gun shipped directly to my house in NJ. See what others have to say.
  12. I agree with you. In no way is Memorial Day a happy Day! It is a day of remembrance, and should be treated as such. Problem these days is that it's probably not taught in school, you know the whole honoring those that died while fighting for our freedoms doesn't fit in with the indoctrinating.
  13. I will throw another one in the mix. I would love to see Ruger make one in .30 Carbine, adapted to use M1 Carbine magazines. That would be a fun plinker, and a great closer range deer gun!
  14. I didn't see anyone else mention it, but most government buildings bar non law enforcement from bringing any weapons in. Not sure if it (taser) would be permitted in your wife's building or not, or she may be able to lock it up with security at the front door upon entering in the morning and picking it up upon departure. Something to think about.
  15. How ironic that a beer named after a figure that played a big role in the adoption of the US Constitution is choosing to name a beer after one of the biggest Anti Constitution judicial activists! I will make sure to remember that in choosing my beer purchases.
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