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  1. pasu0115

    Where are the Colt SAA’s?

    Make an account on Proxibid. It has online auctions throughout the US, and I have seen plenty of Colt SAA revolvers for sale. You can bid online, just remember there is a 10-23% buyers premium depending upon auction house that is added to your bid price. Many times things go pretty high, but there can be deals found.
  2. pasu0115

    WTB P08 Luger

    If you want a Luger, go online and Google Simpson Limited. They are located in Illinois. Their prices are what they are, (not low), but they will have or be able to find just about any Luger variant you would want.
  3. pasu0115

    Magazine Ban Upheld

    I believe they have attorney's that are putting forth good arguments. It's that the judge simply wipes his ass with the Constitution. I hope this judges decision gets slapped down by a higher court!
  4. Save your $50 (per magazine) and have a friend or relative that lives out of state store your 15 round magazines.You register your 15 round magazines, guaranteed that in a few years they will be deemed so incredibly dangerous that they must be confiscated. The only hope is that this whole thing gets thrown out in court.
  5. pasu0115

    Best 308 AR Ammo?

    Try some Federal Gold Medal Match!
  6. pasu0115

    Mitchell's Mausers

    CS BERNO appears to be the wrong spelling for Czech, I have always seen it Spelled BRNO. Also not German, they spell it Brunn. Not Yugoslavian as they usually use Cyrillic. Maybe some other Eastern European or Turkish? Unusual marking. Post it in the K98 forum on gunboards. Some serious knowledge there!
  7. pasu0115


    That looks like a collapsible stock assault umbrella! Is that Jersey legal?
  8. pasu0115

    Mitchell's Mausers

    Screwball and others are correct. Yugoslavian M48's are all postwar made, from 1948 until sometime in the early 50's. Yugoslavian 24/47 model rifles are pre world war 2 rifles that were in existence during world war 2 and were refurbished starting in 1947. If the price is good and you want a great shooting rifle, buy it. I have an M48 and a 24/47 that are both really accurate.
  9. I always wanted a Tommy gun! It would be great to get a real full auto or even a semi auto SBR one. I also really like the FN-FAL. Both will have to wait until I move out of NJ, or if we win some serious 2nd amendment court cases.
  10. pasu0115

    Anyone shoot Wolf ammo?

    I shoot wolf steel case in my Makarov (9×18) and SKS (7.62x39). No problems, it works fine. I would definitely not shoot steel case .223/5.56 out of an AR type rifle. I have personally seen two instances of cases stuck in chambers that had to be banged out with cleaning rods. Not worth the savings for me!
  11. Yes, that's all part of their agenda. Lawful firearms owners are independent minded free thinkers. People stoned out of their minds on weed aren't. As a politician trying to enslave the population which group would be a greater threat to your plan?
  12. For $750 shipped to your ffl, you can get a "Service Grade" M1 from the CMP. "Service Grade" range in condition from pretty nice to arsenal refinished. They are usually a great buy.
  13. pasu0115

    Tacticool Henry's

    They need bayonet lugs. A US 1905 bayonet would look really cool mounted on any of those rifles!
  14. pasu0115

    Federal database for court cases

    Yes, there is. It is called PACER (Public Access for Court Electronic Records) and you have to have an account. Not sure what that entails or the limitations. Attorneys commonly have access. Google PACER and you can find the web page.
  15. I do agree with you that the NRA should do more to improve their appearance without compromising. But how? The biased media would never play an NRA commercial even if they were paid top dollar! Likewise, when the NRA does participate in interviews or discussions the liberal media edits their arguments, or cuts out the positive talking points put forward. How do you win against that?

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