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Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite....any NJ compliance work needed to own?

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Hi Everyone,

From a different post of mine, I have decided to go after a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite.    From what I can tell the threaded barrel is the only "bad" item.   With that, 1) I am assuming this is a legal firearm to own in NJ and 2) there is no compliance work needed.

If I am mistaken on the above, please let me know.    I realize I need to go through a FFL and they will keep me straight.   But there is a Mark IV option without the threaded barrel that I could chase after as well.   I am not interested in using any sort of suppressor device.   I just think the Lite looks really cool over the regular Mark IVs :)

Thank you, George

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Thank you Mr.Stu.    That is how I interpreted it as well

Now I just have to wait on my permits

That said....a suppressor would be a no-no, correct??    Just curious on it.  I have no intention of adding one.    If it was available with a bull barrel I'd go that route...


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13 minutes ago, JohnnyB said:

BIG no to ANY suppressor on ANY gun in the PRNJ.

You don't even need a gun. Possession of just a suppressor is a felony in NJ.

That doesn't have anything to do with the OP's question, however.

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1 hour ago, LiveWire said:

You are good with the threaded barrel for now,  Dictator Murphy is trying to take that away too.

It's unfortunate the Dems are so opposed to threads while being so focussed on seeing us screwed.

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