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Ukrainian Sniper Sets New World Record...

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I always find each new sniper record to be just... well... amazeballs! I mean, can you imagine hitting a target at 2.36 miles?? And not in a competition, mind you, but in BATTLE... when other people are also trying to shoot YOU? Holy kamoley! That's really an incredible feat IMO... both of engineering design and shooting skill.  I seem to recall the Canadians have been pretty dominant holding these long-distance sniper shot records... but the World Record has now moved to a Ukranian.

Anyway, here's the article describing the shot and the new rifle & ammo that was used. Look at the size of this rifle, too... the barrel alone is 41+ inches! Holy crap. (I'll never again whine about not being able to fit my mid-range rifle in my car trunk, lol.)

Ukrainian sniper sets new World Record (msn.com)

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