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Other than the marketplace here, there's armlist and gunbroker.Also, you can try signing up for forums dedicated to your particular gun, e.g. if you're selling a Sig Sauer, sign up on the sigforum or sigtalk marketplaces. Keep in mind that if you sell your guns to a retail store, they need to make money on it too, so you're going take a big hit on price. 

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    • By TacticalTrainingCenter
      Join us every Friday for our 40-yard sharp shooting competition.
      40-Yard Friday’s Details:
      – Hit a playing card from 40 yards to qualify for the semi-finals at the end of March.
      – Iron sights, 8 shots, 9mm and above.
      – One Final sharp-shooter will win a Premium Membership valued at $495 and have Bragging Rights!
      Semi-finals will be held at the end of March.
      Stop by the TTC range and take your shot!
    • By TacticalTrainingCenter
      Sunday Feb 24th - 9am to 11am
      Join us for National Shooting Sports Foundation - NSSF - safety and basic firearms familiarization session oriented towards the person who has very little to no shooting experience. The First Shots Shooting Experience will consist of classroom and range sessions led by experienced instructors.
      The Tactical Training Center of NJ and the NSSF will provide all necessary firearms, ammunition and safety equipment.
      Sign up here
    • By TacticalTrainingCenter
      Must Watch Video 8 Seconds Faster
      8 seconds faster because “Smooth is Fast”. If you watch the video and keep track of the time, you’ll see that this shooter, C.S. (our shooter in the drill) is about 8 seconds faster than the majority of the other shooters. Listen to how long gunfire from other shooters continue after she completes her drill.
      Becoming a fast and accurate shooter, is a combination of acquiring skills and understanding efficient human movement. Speed and accuracy does not have to comprise safety, it should augment it. Learning to shoot fast and accurately is an acquired and appreciated skill. It takes time, instruction, practice and the development of skill to acquire it; and it will depreciate if it not maintained.
    • By Daniel Obermeier
      Hello to all, Its been a long time since I purchased a handgun (30 years or so) and I'm finding conflicting info so I would like to find out how everything works. When I went to my local PD they gave me a package of stuff and said I had to be fingerprinted first. I have had my FID since 1978 and was fingerprinted then. When I moved to the town I live in now (Raritan Boro in 1998) I changed my address with no problem but 2 years or so later my wallet was stolen and my FID was in my wallet. When I went back to the PD they gave me a little trouble and made me reapply and I ended up having to go to court but the judge granted my request on appeal I was fingerprinted again at this time. I made the appointment to get fingerprinted but got a call from the police dept saying I did not need to get finger printed so I cancelled my appointment. Now in searching on the internet to make sure everything was correct I thought I saw something that said you have to be fingerprinted every time you purchase a handgun in NJ , I need to know if this is true so I can make sure I have done everything I can to ensure a good decision with least possible wait. Another question is  there a one month wait on purchasing in NJ? If anyone can give me the up to date requirements I would be very grateful
    • By remixer
      In Stock At Monmouth Arms, LLC
      Sig Sauer P320 Compact 9mm with Night Sights $580.00 Sig Sauer p320 Full Size 9mm (Pinned Mags) Contrast Sights $535.00 Smith and Wesson Mp9 2.0 Black (Factory 15rds Magazines) $525.00 Smith and Wesson 617 4" 22lr $675.00 Smith and Wesson Mp9 Shield $390.00 These are all New in Box.  Prices are plus $15.00 Nics and NJ Tax.
      Handgun Buyer must have Valid DL and Valid P2P.
      Thanks for Looking,
      Steven - Monmouth Arms, LLC
      172 US 9 - Suite F
      Englishtown NJ 07726

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