41 AE on 650xl

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This is cool, I ordered the needed parts from dillion to use my LEE die set, I have always reloaded 41AE on single stage press. Awesome to be able to use the 650 with the powder measure and primer seating over running single stage press.

I could not use case feeder as the base is smaller than bore, the cases fall inside each other and will not release so i dropped them in by hand one at a time.

Also had to put locking nut on bottom of tool head as the dies were to short to leave on top needed that extra bit to set dies.

9mm shell plate

#3 buttons

41 magnum powder die.

#5 station locator

medium case feed body bushing.

yellow case feed adapter

powder check.

left the last stage open that would crimp with 3 die set. the lee set i have is two die sets depth and crimp in same function.







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2 hours ago, George Yetka said:

If you want to trade down to a 550 I'm your man

HAHAHA.. THE 41AE has 9mm base smaller than the case so the shells slip into each other locking them up if you try using the shell loader, so you have to drop them in one at a time.. cool part is no more single stage loading..been doing that since 1991...

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