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As a gun owner in New Jersey I understand the mess of laws in the state. Now that I own milsurps I'm curious is it lawful to own bayonets not carry just own (of course). If it's legal what about taking them to the range for a photoshoot. Lastly I have a question about carrying a knife mostly as a tool of course I have a Swiss knife and I used that is my tool normally and for my understanding it's under the lawful purpose clause or whatever. I was thinking about getting 3.25 in pocket knife foldable blade not assisted in any way I assume lawful I don't know if anyone's had trouble with carrying knives New Jersey other than the few court cases that's still left the wall kind of vague like New Jersey likes it. I'll probably keep carrying the Swiss pocket knife but I find that the blade may be weak for some things but I do like it's simplistic size mostly everything I would probably need for my basic lifestyle. I'm sure carrying a knife has been debated a lot in this forum before but I haven't seen anything so if you have any links or just want to give me the simple rundown I'm fine with that.

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    • By Frank Thomas
      What training is acceptable?  Instructions from Monroe Twp, NJ merely say "Written qualification must be within six (6) months of application and include Instructors Name"... I think this is really a bogus requirement.  I think NJ can reject applicants by saying the training is insufficient.  The qualifyin schools, such as www.shootingclasses.com ... seem to have a variety of courses.  In summary, how do we know exactly what school and cert would qualify for a CCW permit?  Thanks
    • By Frank Thomas
      Does anyone know if I can now apply for concealed carry in NJ?  Very confusing.  The form, "State of NJ - APPLICATION FOR PERMIT TO CARRY A HANDGUN..." appears to not have been updated.  As an illustrative example, there's no mention about weapons training.  And the form is dated "03/15."  So how do I apply to carry a weapon post-Supreme Court ruling?  And has anyone in NJ applied and been approved under the new Supreme Court ruling?  Thanks
    • By Shocker

      I think this knife is the ultimate “gentleman’s folder” but it just doesn’t spark joy for me any more
      titanium back scale with a steel insert at the lock bar contact point. G10 front scale so this knife is incredibly light. 
      I will include the retail box/manual and an aftermarket titanium deep carry clip with screws (clip came black but I stripped the paint so it matches the back scale). The clip is NOT reversible 
      condition is “very good” as I didn’t carry it often. There is a scuff in the factory clip but that might have happened in the drawer, I swapped that clip out pretty much right away

      the action on this knife is literally the smoothest in my collection - it flips great with a satisfying snap and when you release the lock the blade will swing closed by gravity
      sharpie for scale - this is a relatively slender knife 
      meet up central/north NJ or mail on your dime. I have PayPal and Zelle and my wife has Venmo 
    • By TFJD
      I have a membership at GSSC in Lakewood.  The guys there are awesome and I love shooting there.  But there are limits to an indoor range.  I'm planning on joining Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club this month.
      What's been your experience with the club and is it worth the $$?
    • By IkeBrof1ovski
      So I've got my FID and am looking to purchase a replica MP40 airgun for target practice. This is the gun in question I'm particularly looking at https://www.pyramydair.com/s/m/Umarex_Legends_MP40_CO2_BB_Submachine_Gun/4312
      The gun itself is capable of full auto firing at roughly 450fps. It also includes a 52rd pellet mag. I've read up on the airgun laws and know that airguns are considered firearms under NJ state law, so does that mean every firearm law applies to airguns also or are there exceptions to them where you can purchase any airgun as long as you have an FID?
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