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SOLD Zero Tolerance ZT 0450G10 S35VN flipper

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I think this knife is the ultimate “gentleman’s folder” but it just doesn’t spark joy for me any more


titanium back scale with a steel insert at the lock bar contact point. G10 front scale so this knife is incredibly light. 

I will include the retail box/manual and an aftermarket titanium deep carry clip with screws (clip came black but I stripped the paint so it matches the back scale). The clip is NOT reversible 

condition is “very good” as I didn’t carry it often. There is a scuff in the factory clip but that might have happened in the drawer, I swapped that clip out pretty much right away

the action on this knife is literally the smoothest in my collection - it flips great with a satisfying snap and when you release the lock the blade will swing closed by gravity


sharpie for scale - this is a relatively slender knife 


meet up central/north NJ or mail on your dime. I have PayPal and Zelle and my wife has Venmo 






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