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  • 53 How important is it for you to have your next pistol be "Optics Ready?"

    1. 1. How important is it for you to have your next pistol be "Optics Ready?"

      • Very, (Do not want to pay for slide cutting, Looks cool, etc.)
      • Neutral (don't have a preference either way)
      • Not at all (not a feature I am looking for).
    2. 2. How much are you willing to pay for "Optics ready"? (i.e. gun is cut for an optic)

      • Up to $50
      • $50 to $100
      • $100 to $200
      • $250 or more
      • None. If it is not standard part of the gun, not willing to pay more for a model with it.
    3. 3. Why are you looking for Optics Ready?

      • Planning on adding optic.
      • Want to have the option just in case
      • n/a
    4. 4. Why do you want to add an optic?

      • Looks cool/tactical or someone told me I should
      • Need it for deteriorating eyesight.
      • To compete in certain gun games (USPSA Carry Optics)
      • Other Reasons


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    • Not sure if this was mentioned, but it is now impossible to have a reference that does not use email. The form cannot be completed without an email address. Not sure what they do if the email is invalid or they don't answer back. Will they call? Mail? In either case, seems if the email gets lost in the spam you are going to have major delays in getting a permit. They also call your workplace. Talk about breach of privacy! Better hope your boss isn't a vengeful liberal that retaliates against you for owning a gun. Basically, I think the system is technically faster now, but only if you're on top of your references. Get them to check their email same day/next day and answer the questions ASAP. Also means no: non-English speaking references, old folks who don't use email, etc...
    • So when are they going to pass and enforce felony anti-bully laws that make it a felony to bully someone? Bullying, you know, that thing that actually caused some of these shootings, rather than allowed them to happen?
    • Here's the ANJRPC alert, they don't know which ones will actual take a vote: https://www.anjrpc.org/page/ThursFullLegToVoteOnGunOwnerAttacks ....."Thursday’s bill list will be in flux until the very last minute, and one or more of the other bills heard in Assembly committee last week could still be scheduled for a vote in both houses on Thursday.   Accordingly, please immediately contact all member of the Legislature by clicking here. Tell them: (1) Vote NO on “smart guns” (A1016 / S101) – the attempt to swap one mandate for another will doom the technology to failure by pushing gun owners away instead of allowing interest in the technology to develop normally; and (2) Vote NO or to amend on the following bills (if they are scheduled), which either affect only law-abiding citizens (who do not perpetrate crimes and represent a threat to no one), or fail to protect honest citizens from wrongful prosecution under careless wording: A3696 / S2240; A5452 / S3876; A5453 / S3879; A5454 / S3897; and A5455 / S3898.  
    • Funny how the State Legislature's site is down the night before these 12 bills (6 pairs of identical anti 2A bills) come up for a vote??
    • They're fighting tooth and nail to make NJ unattractive to anyone except violent criminals, hood rats, welfare queens, and other democrat supporters. Technically a good long-term strategy to ensure you keep winning: get rid of opposition supporters.
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