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Question about pistol permits

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My SIL (a local LEO) just asked a good question I couldn't answer.

The new COE (sp-634 rev 7/18) has 3 check-off boxes for cases where NICS is not required:

1. Between LEOs, 2. Immediate family, 3. Licensed Curio/Relic dealer

The question deals with transfer of handguns. I have not seen a new Pistol Purchase Permit since the law went into effect mandating NICS for us peons, so I don't know if those same 3 possible exemptions also apply to handgun transfers from non-dealers.

Does anyone have a definitive answer??


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I thought handguns could be transferred via family members (children, step-relations, siblings, parents, grandchildren) and LEOs,  not sure about collectors,  without an additional background check except for the NICS.  It would seem that OGAM would be on the honor system (however, when you submit the copies to law enforcement and the State it could be checked) but that pistol permits (so that mandatory registration) could be done whether there is a checkbox or not.  It is interesting that if you sell a handgun now, you no longer get a copy of the pistol permit, as that is retained by the FFL that has to handle the transaction.  The good thing about it, though, is that your personal information doesn't have to go to the buyer/seller whom  you may not know.  

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If it's legal to wake up one day and proclaim my gender has changed, surely this should also be legal! I hereby proclaim that all members of this board are my brothers and sisters!  Therefore, you may all sell me your long arms with only a COE! Watcha got?:)

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