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    My home is a securely locked container. And I use trans-separate ammo-even though it appears to be loaded, the ammo identifies as being in a separate container.
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    A to Z 26 count 'em I think The best ones are the Hypocrital, Leo DiCaprio memes.
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    It's simple......The guns in my house are always in use! I am using them at all times to defend myself and my family from a potential intrusion that could occur at any time!
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    They can write all the in home laws they want.... They cannot enforce them... That being said, it should be fought tooth and nail.
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    Get well, hope all is going well.
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    I heard that. Thanks bro. This we should all tune into.
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    "The CEO of Vista Outdoor says millennials and women are leading the charge. "Vista Outdoor added 8 million new people to its hunting and shooting categories in 2021 - most of which have been younger generations, as well as women and people of color". Translation- BLM/Antifa, marxists and crazy white bitches are stocking up.
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    This is NJ. What's carry?
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    How about a law that requires legislators to sleep with a 15 mil plastic bag covering their head and secured around the neck with duct tape? Sounds reasonable to me. Just as reasonable as the proposed gun storage bill, which I believe is unconstitutional on its face as it runs counter to the SCOTUS ruling in Heller.
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    He doesn't talk the game that Singh does but I wouldn't put much stock in that. 2A isn't going to get you a lot of votes in NJ and will turn many away. This is another reason that I think that a Singh win in the primary is a bad thing. Ciattereli can win in November. If we give him enough support in the assembly and senate we can get some 2A movement. Singh isn't going to get the votes to win in November and isn't likely to have the coattails to bring the legislature with him if he does. Beware of cutting off your nose to spite your face. Politics is the art of the possible, not the perfect.
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    Bullshit . . . All three of the Republican primary candidates are all over Murphy on Facebook and Ciatarrelli is running TV ads. Few of the Republicans running for senate and assembly have primary opponents so things are quieter there but you can see what I have been saying about Murphy and the Democrat legislature here . . . I'm working on a page for my running mates and myself to post as a team. www.facebook.com/EdFarmerLD6
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    And that's why Liz is out.
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    Republican's are not divided. 92% nationally fully support Trump. The establishment Republican RINO's don't like it but the party has passed them.

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