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    IANAL...but I believe your "home" is where you hang your hat...owned or rented makes no difference. I think you are over thinking/worrying this. Bring your NJ legal ammo into NJ. Drive like an adult on your trip here. Unload ammo into your apartment. Dunzo.
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    It might alleviate the reception problem for me, but create another more serious one!
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    Problem being, the possible variation in NATO 7.62 from various countries. Do I really want to try 308 on my 4K Texas Devine M14, or my 5 liner M14? NO. Or my 2500 M1 Garand with 7.62 barrel? NO.
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    I found an article on SOFREP that stated that the 7.62 NATO measurement is in CUP and that the difference in pressure between 7.62 and .308 is 58000 PSI vs. 63000 PSI, not a significant difference. "This is where things get a touch confusing. The maximum pressure numbers for these two calibers are typically shown to be around 63,000 PSI for the .308 Win and just 50,000 PSI for the 7.62. That may seem like a significant difference and grounds for people to think it an ill-advised move to fire a higher pressure .308 cartridge in a rifle that’s fitted for the 7.62 NATO. But hold your horses there, fella. It really isn’t that simple. The truth is that that so-called 50,000 PSI is not accurate, at least not in terms of pounds per square inch. 50,000 is more accurate if you’re talkin’ copper units of pressure or CUP which is a whole other animal. CUP is an inferior method of measuring pressure which depends on looking at how tiny an amount of copper disks compress when you fire your weapon. The approximate difference between CUP and PSI works out to about 8,000 which I think we can agree is a giant leap in terms of rendering a precise figure. To put it another way, the max pressure for the 7.62 NATO is somewhere closer to 58,000, placing it closer to the PSI of the .308 Win than one might be led to believe. The 4,000 difference is hardly a difference at all, at least not one that would disrupt the trajectory of a shot aimed at a sluggish boar."
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    You can never own too many rifles.
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    You are missing the point.... do what you want Give advice you want to give...I don't really care. And you said it 11 hours ago... However, for the general uneducated user ( not pointed at the OP )...yes my comment stands. Until such time as they educate themselves...in depth, too little knowledge, following unsound advice, will get them hurt
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    Ask if he's a democrat first, let him feel a little pain
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    I haven’t been following this thread at all. But from what I understand. Just invest in whatever pelosi does
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    It is not at all misleading - at all - is the rifle is stamped 7.62 NATO fire 7.62 NATO - you also forget 7.62 CETME - Put a 308 in that - watch the fun !! And you left out the balance of my statement - "unless it is proofed for both" How many people put .308 in old RFI 2a or 2A1's and stretched the receiver - sure the round will chamber but that gun is lucky it can handle the 7.62 let alone .308 The problem is that most folks do not bother to know or care (not suggesting the OP) what goes on behind the scenes in the round. Yes dimensionally they are the same - BUT, you did not mention that the MILITARY brass is much thicker than commercial brass as well - hence a loading in a commercial case has more room than a military case. The absolute easiest rule of thumb - fire what the rifle is proofed/stamped to shoot. Hence, if the rifle is proofed/stamped for 7.62 use 7.62 - if the rifle is proofed/stamped for .308 - fire 308 - KISS. Now my M1A is proofed to 308 - but I fire factory 7.62 and handloaded 7.62 168Gr SMK TO THE OP - they are NOT *easily* interchangeable.......and should not be considered to be so - IMO YMMV
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    That's a bit misleading. Cartridge dimensions are identical. .308 is higher pressure than 7.62x51. Basically, a firearm designed for .308 can handle either .308 or 7.62x51 (AKA 7.62 NATO). A firearm designed for 7.62x51 should only fire 7.62x51. More details: https://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2018/8/19/308-win-vs-762-nato-whats-the-difference/
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    They are not interchangeable...at all... Unless the rifle has been proofed for both
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    This is totally out of control. Regardless of what u choose to have or invest in. Who in their right mind would vote or approve that should be voted out of office.
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    They're still out there - walked past one on the Atlantic City boardwalk a couple of months ago. I am tempted to call in a report of "public brandishing of an automatic assault weapon" when I see them.
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    I remember the full auto BB guns at the boardwalk. Much better than a hammer & rubber frog.

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