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    The Expanse - Final Season Starts Dec 10
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    I live there and only get cautious stares from neighbors when I leave home with a range bag or rifle/shotgun case. Only real good "gun talk time" I get is when my next door neighbor is here and not in his SC home.
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    I believe you are right. My face palm was for Officer Brandt. I guess these emojis are sometimes ambiguous. Sorry.
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    192 rounds greek ammo in bandoliers in clips. Post I will take it, with ammo can for 300.00 in waretown nj. Pick up only. https://imgur.com/r2oIgD6
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    CMP service grade original SOLD
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    Scope bite can happen to any idiot using any scoped platform. Scope bite is preventable the same way unwanted pregnancy is preventable. It only affects morons.
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    MIM isn't inherently bad, its a problem when it's not done right. They use MIM tool steel for trigger components even for high end ones such as giessele, and you rarely if ever hear people complain about their quality. But MIM definitely leaves the door open to poor quality parts. I have no doubts thats a MIM part, and its horrendous it would break considering its a low impact and stressed part.
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    Thread-locker or not - I would not buy a $10 mount from Amazon for an optic on a shotgun unless you want to look like this:
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    Usually it's backups/server maintenance - not sure why it's always being done at like 6-8AM timeframe but sometimes it runs long.
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    Fox Patriot awards just gave an award to the top law enforcement hero. D.C. Metro Police Officer Taylor Brandt. She saved 9 lives in her first year on the job. In her acceptance speech, she dedicated her award to "All the D.C. Metro Police Officers who died on January 6th" Can someone more knowledgeable than myself please name these officers for me? The only death I remember hearing about on or due to January 6th was the death of US Air Force veteran Ashley Babbitt! Am I wrong? Did anyone else watch this and take note of her words?
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    PS if you have not read the Kelly Turnbull novels - you should - https://www.amazon.com/Kurt-Schlichter/e/B009DYP6NU%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share Read them in THIS order: Crisis The Split People Republic Indian Country Wildfire (kind of a silly book but have to read it) Collapse They are fast reading on kindle......but kind of scarily on point I just re-read 1984... LOL
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    Wouldn't load again this morning until just recently.
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    I worked for the builders oin those places. Lots of work fixing damaged siding when the owner offed themselves and rounds go thru walls. There are lots of firearms. I have seen carbines brought home from ww2. lots of stuff. None buried. They will give it away first. Or call PoPo to come and pick it up!
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    She certainly seems to be a worthy recipient for the award but I was shocked that Fox would allow her to dedicate her award to a fake news media lie that D.C. officers died on Jan. 6. She should have known better and I wonder if Fox even noticed it!
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    Amazon Prime has been pissing me off lately. 60% of my orders are either lost in shipping or seriously delayed. My wife’s orders…never late, and never lost. I think they have it in for me.
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    3:30 this morning outside my window, an intruder… Think I can call that a self defense shooting? Would the community association buy that?? Lol IMG_4175.MP4
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    TX22 by Taurus and get 10 round mag or modify the larger one. Good reviews and alot less $
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