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    My permit has "No restrictions" and "See court order" both checked. I was pulled over a couple of weeks ago. The State Trooper did the usual roadside interview questions - where are you coming from, where are you headed, etc. It came out that I had come from the Phillipsburg Pistol Club members meeting and was heading home (1/4 mile away). He eventually got around to asking if there were any guns in the car. Trooper: Do you shoot a lot? Me: I run a match every month and I'm an instructor Trooper: So do you have a lot of guns? Me: What's "a lot"? Trooper: So any guns in the car? Me: Yes Trooper: In the trunk? Me: No, on my hip Trooper: You have a permit? Me: Yes, here (hands over permit) Trooper: OK There was no attempt to inspect the gun, did not ask for a copy of the court order, no twitchiness at all. He let me go with a warning for the driving infraction. He did comment that I was his first encounter with a permit holder and I complimented him on being so chill with it. We shook hands and said goodnight. ETA: My court order says I have to carry my permit. It does not say I have to carry the court order.
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    Dial-in instructions for tomorrow's hearing in front of Judge Bumb are posted on the homepage of my 2A news site: https://www.news2a.com Great that we can listen in!
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    January 31, when it was published in the federal register. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2023/01/31/2023-01001/factoring-criteria-for-firearms-with-attached-stabilizing-braces
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    It's a statement of fact that you did in fact qualify with one or more handguns. End of statement.
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    I have a Custom FN 509 LS EDGE with a Apex Threaded Barrel and a Volker Compensator. This pistol also includes the Apex After Market Trigger(around 4 pounds or less) and Heavy Duty Apex Striker. It will come with the OEM FN barrel and OEM trigger if you would like to replace back to OEM. I am including 5 FN MAGS, all original OEM parts and the OEM FN Bag. The pistol has a Custom Cerrakote job that i can describe as Burnt Bronze over Sniper grey. The pistol shoots FLAWLESS and recoil is non existant with the Volker Comp. The threaded Apex barrel has less then 600 rounds at best, this thing shoots like a dream. Only reason im selling it is to get into the 2011 gang. I am in Northern NJ, I can meet within reasonable distance to a local FFL for transfer. If not it can be mailed but at your cost via FFL. $1575.00 NJ local pricing > Firm. first post "I'll take it"
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    Hi Folks, NY resident here. I applied on line to Pike County on 3/1. They asked me to call for an appointment, which turned out to be today, 3/15. I went there today and picked it up. In and out in 5 minutes with a very nicely laminated permit. They were very pleasant, even friendly.
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    This is correct. Doesn't successfully hitting a perp in a justifiable shooting demonstrate your qualification for carrying that handgun? If you missed the perp and accidentally shot someone else, I could understand. But you're right about prosecutions. This is New Jersey. And like the 'everything is banned from the get-go' statute principles, it's also their 'you should never have defended yourself and let the criminal get on with it' attitude that we have to anticipate.
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    I stay in hotels a LOT….traveling probably 60+% of the time. EVERY single time I have asked for a new key, the desk clerk asked for an ID. Of course, women should always be careful traveling, and use the door stopper on the room door. Hell, I do! Somewhat funny story…I was in DC, (where all the weird shit happens to me), and I checked into my hotel after a very long day. Hilton hotel. When I walked into the room, there was a naked woman fresh out of the shower standing there. She screamed. I was shocked. I quickly backed out and was very apologetic. I went back to the front desk and told them what happened..apparently they accidentally gave the the same room as a flight attendant on layover. She wasn’t happy, and neither was I. Wound up getting comped a suite, so it wasn’t a total loss. Although it was awkward when I saw her at breakfast the next morning…
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    Sotomayor didn't decline to hear the case, she chose to bring it to all 9 justices who then declined to intervene because the second circuit hadn't, and still hasn't, issued an opinion on the matter. The 3rd circuit would first have to issue an opinion with a stay before Alito and the court would intervene.
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    I mainly carry Critical Defense but I have 1 handgun that does not feed them reliably so ball for that one. Be sure to test the ammo actually works 100% in your particular handgun.
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    "it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is"? To be safe if I carried, which I'm not (yet), I would probably stick with one of the three listed above in the email or the ones being recommended by NJSP or perhaps an attorney.
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    Plain old 45 ACP 230 Grain FMJ
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    Had a similar incident in Atlantic City. I was in 863. Pushed the wrong button and would up getting off on the 6th floor. Went to 663. Went in and there was a woman in bed. She got up, surprised of course, I said wrong room and left. No more to the story.

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