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  1. Well . . . By all means, let’s just sit around and complain about it. Who else is up for running for office?
  2. Can you fill out another application for the additional weapons at the same time?
  3. EdF

    Been awhile...

    Welcome from a fellow Cherry Hill resident! PM me if you would like to talk, get together or try out anything that I have on hand. Nothing for sale but you are welcome to try some out.
  4. I'll take a brick of the .22 . . . Probably the Federal . . . I'm in Cherry Hill but I'll be at Howell Gun Works tomorrow afternoon that would save me a lot of time. PM me if you can meet up somewhere near.
  5. They don't drop at her feet so they don't either get damaged or affect her footing as she moves through the course . . . That's how it looks to me anyway.
  6. Negative to lasers . . . The target also sees them . . .
  7. She certainly seems to enjoy the work . . . I tried that shot where she straddled the table . . . Well, to be fair all I did was straddle the tables . . . Wait . . . No . . . I've shot while standing NEAR a table, that was it . . .
  8. Purchased . . . Thank you to everyone who read the ad and didn't respond . . . Moderator . . . This thread can be closed or deleted.
  9. Does anybody need any extra Christmas money? I'm looking to pick up an inexpensive, complete, AR-15 in the next week. We can meet at an agreeable FFL for transfer. I'm in Cherry Hill and have a few that I have worked with here but I'll meet you half or even come to your shop for the best price. Please provide fairly complete details and a picture or two. I'll edit this when I make a deal. Ed
  10. Well . . . Some people seem to love the auto train (like my parents) and others do not (most of the people here) . . . After a little more research, the auto train does NOT allow for checked baggage because you leave it in your car. Therefore, weapons are a no no. Of course, you can very likely get away with it. I don't know about other options for shipping your car and taking an Amtrak train that accepts checked baggage.
  11. Actually . . . Typing "amtrak and guns" into Google provided this in the first few entries on page one . . . https://www.amtrak.com/firearms-in-checked-baggage It appears that you can carry guns in checked baggage by following a few simple rules. If you are bringing handguns, you may be breaking the law by driving them to the train station but I suppose that you can claim that you are traveling from one home to another so you are actually driving home with them. Not sure how all of that will work out.
  12. I have a Beretta that needs some recall work. Living in NJ, Beretta told me that I need to take it too an FFL and have them ship it to them and that it will be returned to the FFL for me to pick up. They might be wrong but here is no legal way for me to drive a handgun to a UPS store or the post office.
  13. I believe that to LEGALLY ship firearms from NJ, you need to have an FFL ship. This may only apply to handguns though. You can check with Amtrak (directly or try to look it up on Google. They may have a policy including a way to lock the guns up on the train ride. You can likely get away with putting them in a locked case in your locked trunk. But, as noted, you may end up with a federal charge if caught. Part of your problem is that, in NJ, you can't drive to the train station OR to UPS with them.
  14. Take note . . . The two that were listed for sale appear to have sold for $12,000 and $12,500 . . .
  15. EdF

    S&W M&P Shield EZ

    It's been a few months . . . It's not a strength issue, back in April she dislocated her pinky, broke her ring finger and chipped a bone on the middle finger of her right hand. The pinky and the ring finger have healed crooked. We tried a number of guns at a shop and she had a really easy time with the S&W.
  16. EdF

    S&W M&P Shield EZ

    The Shield has a backstrap safety . . .
  17. We have a Peloton and love it . . . My girlfriend is on it seven days a week and does weight and yoga and other workouts on the app which she is at the office gym. I'm a former road racing cyclist and this is a great bike. The price didn't scare me because there are $10K racing bikes! The built is rock solid. I would like to have some for/aft adjustability on the handle bars because of my long upper body but it still fits well. The instructors are very good and include some current and former professional cyclists but YOU still control just how hard YOUR workout is. We financed ours at $60/mo for three years. The subscription is $40/mo.
  18. SCOTUS is the court of origin because that case is one state suing other states. It's right there in your Constitution . . . Read up.
  19. The problem with Trump's first two years was that the Russia lies weakened him in the eyes of many Republicans. This allowed people like John McCain, Mitt Romney and others to vote against our interests. Let's all run for state office . . .
  20. EdF

    S&W M&P Shield EZ

    I'm looking at these because my girlfriend has an f'd up finger and has trouble pulling the slide on our Glock 17. Questions: .380 or 9mm? Thumb safety or no? What's the difference with the "Performance Center models? Let the show begin . . .
  21. . . . You can carry whenever you want . . . It's just a matter of balancing what you are protecting with what you are risking . . .
  22. Mine took about four months in Mount Laurel somewhere around 2009. The detectives that I talked to there didn't give a shit about the must issue requirements. I kept calling once a week (after about two months) until they called and said it was ready to pick up. My first contact would be the officer or detective responsible, followed by the chief then the mayor. Get an actual status. It may just be sitting on a desk waiting for a signature.
  23. Here's how much I care at this point . . . Not at all . . . All of this bullshit started over a threaded barrel. Just screw on a thread protector or get it welded. The f'ing point that I was making could have been made just as easily WITHOUT MENTIONING AMMUNITION . . . Consider that I have done so and gone home . . .
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