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  1. First off..hes not a cop. Hes a corrections officer. He can't arrest anyone. I think they should let him off but he knew better than most of us.
  2. This place has a sign outside stating they sell mission style furniture. Pass it by every day on the way to work. They list all their manufactures they deal with on their website. http://firesidefurniture.com/
  3. I bring in my employee handbook where it says I only get paid for 5 days maximum for jury duty. I always get excused. Worked in County and Federal Court in Newark.
  4. It wont be as simple as "copying" your magnetic strip. The chip technology can't be duplicated at the point of sale. It would have to be much more sophisticated than some hadji at a gas station skimming the cards. BTW most skimming at gas stations are done by the actual employees. Sad but true. Banks keep track of the merchants that always seem to have a card skimming problem. Its quite simple. If a bunch of people report their cards being compromised they just look for the common merchant and 9 times out of 10 thats how the employees are caught.
  5. Once the chip technology is fully implemented credit card fraud will be the thing of the past. Europe implemented this chip technology a few years back and credit card fraud dropped by 75% the first year!!
  6. I have a Winco brushless generator. If your worried about electronics getting fried get a brush-less one. A lot cleaner but I've had brush generators and ran sensitive stuff all the time with no problem. I think a lot of failures happen when turning high power stuff on and off while the sensitive stuff plugged in. The sensitive components can't handle all the surging.
  7. When I was an exterminator years ago there was a product called Avitrol that was used to control pigeon populations. You still need a license to get it in NJ and is legal if used properly. The problem is when you are in high populous areas people will start asking questions as to why pigeons are dropping out of the sky. Its a PR nightmare and that's why a lot of exterminators don't use it anymore on any of the city roof tops. Someone in the area probably had a coupe or was feeding them at one point but once they are established its difficult to get rid of them. You can play with trapping, exclusion, etc. but its a just a big headache.
  8. I had a friend who handled large sums of money on a sales route years ago apply and he was told that he should hire a security company or armored truck service to meet him to make a pick up.
  9. The only person I ever knew personally was a retired LEO. He showed me the card and I told him he had the holy grail for NJ gun owners. He laughed and said it was all BS anyway because he still had to retreat if at all possible. He said it was not like carrying when he was a police officer where he could stand his ground. Surprisingly he admitted that he hadn't carried in years even though he had the card. The only person that publicly acknowledged that he had one was Anthony from Guns for Hire but he went through years of BS to get it from what I understand.
  10. The problem is the cops recovered the guns. If they couldn't recover them and he played stupid he may have gotten away with it. I'm sure there was a search warrant.
  11. Sorry forgot to mention that its available in 48" and 55" also. The 48" was on sale a couple of weeks back for about $1000.00. Same great picture just a smaller panel.
  12. I know it may be out of your budget but I bought the Samsung JS8500 65" a couple of months ago and the picture is absolutely amazing. No TV on the market even comes close in my opinion. Even though 4K content is scarce right now its still looks amazing in regular HD content compared to even my other 65" Samsung I bought only 2 years ago. They are on sale right now at best buy.
  13. Its a total line of BS when a dealer tells you that its burning 1 quart every 1200 miles. Its a cover up from the manufacturer. VW had this same exact problem with a 2 liter that was put in their Golfs years ago. I had one and it burned 1 quart every 1000 miles. The dealer kept telling me it was normal every time. I eventually got rid of the car and never bought another VW ever again. After researching it further it turns out a bunch of the 2.0 liter's were assembled incorrectly at their factory in Mexico. The piston rings were defective and installed upside down but they still considered it normal to burn all that oil. I do feel bad for the original poster because they are going to blame everyone else besides themselves.
  14. No engine....no matter what kind of oil you use...can run dry for more than a few seconds. The surface of a crank bearing is as soft as lead.
  15. Just tell him to put exactly what you wrote here on the form and he should be good to go.
  16. No he bailed after he retired and is collecting his $6000/ month pension tax free. People use Jersey like a whore and then bail.
  17. Years ago I used to go to salvage yards when I didn't have much money to repair my vehicle but they are far and few in between any longer. At least here in NJ they are. If you find one you may still have to reflash it but not 100% sure on that.
  18. Outdoor range over an indoor range any day. If it rains, oh well I don't shoot that day. More nice days throughout the year than rainy days. If you live close to Cherry Ridge consider a lifetime membership. Its $1500.00 and your a member for life.
  19. I'm not sure who you spoke to but you are supposed to stop feeding feral cats. I have worked with a couple of health depts in the past because of flea problems in garden apartment complexes. They would knock on the doors of people feeding the cats and told them straight out if they don't stop feeding the cats then he would bring them to court. They eventually stopped and the cats dispersed. BTW, you can't "rehome" feral cats.
  20. Just out of curiosity..Why no legumes? I wanted to try the Paleo diet.
  21. Do NOT move to Montclair. The town tried to ban leaf blowers.
  22. No. That will never happen. If anything, prices are going to go up because of the "requirements" the stations will have to provide in order to get this legislation passed.
  23. Hate to tell you, but you have a leak. Hire someone to find the leak and then charge it. It'll save you in the long run.
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