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  1. I smoked for 20 years, started when I was 14 and quit on August 7th 2012 at 21:15 during a commericial on T.V. I came into the house halfway through a butt on the porch, and decieded enough is enough. I threw the rest of the pack in the garbage and haven't looked back. It wasn't easy the first couple of days, but I manned up and stuck through it, and am now smoke free and a better man for it. DO NOT mistake quitting smoking and ecigs for being one in the same. You can't quit if you don't give it all up. Quitting smoking is an all or nothing endevor, and it takes a commitment. I am not knocking anyone for using e-cigs as an alternative for smoking, but to anyone that is smoking and wants to quit, it is not an altenative. It is only a crutch to continue the habit. I never thought I would quit, and I loved smoking but life is funny. If anyone wants to know my strategy and motivation for quitting pm me, I will be glad to share it.
  2. I just contacted the owner regarding when they will be opening, and he said he is planning for September. I am on his email list so as I hear I will update when it will be. Awesome that we will have yet another store here in nw nj to buy and order from.
  3. How many times does this subject need to be rehashed? The other threads should already be a good guage that this conspiricy crap goes nowhere here. Move along......
  4. #7 Don't muzzle sweep the guy behind the counter. No one like having guns pointed at them.
  5. I signed it, but kind of got the feeling that this has been out there for a while. The copyright dating was 2011.
  6. I have a regular 28" bps with well over a couple of thousand rounds through it and have never had any problems what so ever with it. The gun is solid we a rock. I am not familiar with the particular model that you speak of, but a Browning bps cannot be beat from a reliability standpoint.
  7. We have to get a CR meetup going sometime soon. Those were good times...meet at 8:00 and shoot till 5:00. Fun times.
  8. 34, started shooting when I was 7 or 8 with my brothers bb gun.
  9. How in the world does this opinion answer the op's question?
  10. This is the same boat that I have been in.....gotta get to the range. We should plan a CR meet if for nothing else posteritys sake!
  11. I've never bought a gun from him, but have bought some ammo and other supplies and he was always helpful. Whenever I go in there I need to always make sure that I have enough time because he is the type that likes to talk in my experience. I guess that I am just used to dealing with guys like him so he doesen't bother me. Maybe you caught him on a bad day? Not that that is a excuse for bad customer service.
  12. I had a 07 A4 and went through the same thing with vibrations after l had a tire blow out the first day I owned it. After going to a couple shops and having the tires rebalanced a couple of times I finally went back to the dealer. They did a road force balance and never had another problem with the wheels for as long as I owned the car. It does cost more but is worth the money.
  13. I am now just a little over 6000.00. The kicker is we have lost a lot of town services, no garbage pickup, no sewers, the town does not maintain our roads or plow them, so we really aren't sure what our money goes towards other that schools and the rest of the town road needs.
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