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  1. X2 Great instructional movie. I learned the most from Tackleberry.
  2. Merry Christmas-W2MC Remember .50 was developed for women and midgets.
  3. The sad part is if people keep "crying wolf" all the time, these lock downs will start to be meaningless. Kind of like the car alarm that always goes off at the mall that no one pays attention to.
  4. Ok understood. Also I am jealous of that S&B short dot, maybe one day I'll have one.
  5. With a std FSB and a T1 in a LT660 and a std FSB and a PRO. I have been using fixed rear sights. Why the folding rear buis on the T1 guys? (Just curious, not attacking)
  6. Good news indeed! I couldn't cut up a perfectly good sling for those clips.
  7. Damn HE, I got #3 wrong. I thought CS was company secretary.
  8. If you need another recommendation: Steven Brown Home Smart Inspections LLC Flemington, NJ 08822 908-581-8592
  9. Tell me about it. I didn't move over in my rental car (#40) and found out the hard way. I am still paying for this mess!
  10. I knew a good military team that used BARS and CARS, but not necessarily in that order.
  11. LOL, My line was from Dennis Leary's a**hole song. H-E got it on the first shot! My post after H-E's is how Dennis ends the song.
  12. Don't worry Vlad your winning! You got almost 57% of the vote! I am on the losing team...again. :wild:
  13. Just for some of the other folks reading this. Keep in mind that the delta ring assy as well as the hand guard cap may need to be removed as well for some of these 2-piece FSB cutout rails.
  14. I get where everyone is coming from. It is lot's of fun to build them for sure, almost as much fun as shooting em! However in this case I voted for the OP to buy the Sport for the reasons already stated by the other members.
  15. I drive really slow in the ultra-fast lane, while people behind me are going insane.
  16. Not true, He prefers the 100 zero but if you understand your zero he doesn't care. Don't take my word for it though, take one of his courses.
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