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  1. I have a plate carrier with Level 3 armor, which will stop rifle rounds, but not armor piercing military grade rounds. I am not LE, and I really can't imagine when I would ever use it other than training classes and SHTF. I didn't want to spend the extra bucks for 3+, so I figure if I get nailed with an armor piercing round, I'm just really unlucky.
  2. Same here. I was drinking Black Rifle for a few years, but I've switched over to Blackout in the last year or so. Good stuff!
  3. Welcome aboard! You'll find lots of good information and good people here.
  4. I've raised this point before, but it appears that leftist legislators are free to pass whatever oppressive laws they desire, and if those are eventually stricken down by the courts, those legislators suffer no consequences. They can just shrug their shoulders, and say, "Oh well, we tried." Am I wrong in thinking this?
  5. This thread reminds me that for years, Zeke was everywhere. And then one day he wasn't around here anymore. He was like the Forest Gump of NJ Gun Forums.
  6. I was in a gun store in Florida a couple of days ago, and the customers were a bit miffed that their NICS checks were backed up. It was taking up to 45 minutes.
  7. Welcome to our gang. You will find plenty of great info and camaraderie here.
  8. Wasn't Russian ammo banned here over six months ago?
  9. While I only own one revolver, there is something esthetically pleasing about them, and that one is a beauty. Good luck with it! What is "pre-lock"?
  10. I have used heavier paper targets from Action Targets at GFH with 00 buckshot, and they seem to hold up pretty well. Also, as long as you shoot at GFH, consider taking one of their Urban Shotgun classes, where you will get plenty of running and gunning.
  11. It was 33 cents almost everywhere (in NY), and it remained there for years. It did not bounce up and down like it does now. (Yes, I know I'm old. See my screen name.)
  12. I've had one for several years, and I love it. It's accurate, reliable, and fun to shoot. But as has been noted, you will probably need some mods. I found it extremely difficult to get my head low enough to use the iron sights, so I had to add an RDS, which helps a lot. But then you need a mount that will still allow you to fold the gun. I would be happy to provide more specifics, if you like.
  13. It's disgusting to see what we have let our "instant" check system descend to in the state of New Jersey. We rejoice when it's only a day or two (after we have waited weeks to months to receive our permission slips from the government). I related in another thread how I walked into a gun store in Florida to do a transfer on something I had purchased, and I was in and out of the store in 15 minutes. Most of that time was filling out the 4473 and chatting with the owner and some customers. The actual check took only about five minutes, and when the store owner said, "You're all set," I nearly fell over.
  14. Ha, ha! It always starts out that way. That was my plan as well, but fair warning: It rarely stops there.
  15. Possibly interested in a case or two if you can get it at that price, depending on geography.
  16. I support Active Self Protection. Great channel!
  17. Good tip. Subsequent to my post, I acquired a residence in Florida and have had some pm"s shipped there tax free.
  18. Yes, you were required to use a bolt action .22, which they provided as part of the entry fee for those who did not have their own. Most of the more experienced competitors had their own rifles.
  19. I did the one at Cherry Ridge a few times several years ago. It was fun, but I haven't seen any new events in quite awhile. I sucked at the shooting part, so I have fond memories of going round and round in the penalty loop, strings of five shots, with one loop required for every miss.
  20. I had never really given it much thought in my many years until I started on these boards 11 years ago. Coincidentally, the TV show The Best Defense did a season on prepping around that same time, and I stumbled onto the books and blogs of David Morris about the whys and hows of being prepared.
  21. Sure hope that's true. As I've posted in other discussions, Shooters has a great selection, reasonable prices, and a friendly staff. I have purchased a few firearms there.
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