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  1. Both are lightly used, fewer than 200 rounds each. 500 has a pistol grip and adjustable stock with shell holder. I’m willing to throw in a Blackhawk adjustable pistol grip stock for it which I never got around to installing. 590A1 has adjustable rear ghost ring, sight and speed feed stock. Asking $300 for the 500 and $400 for the 590A1. I’m in Wayne, willing to travel a bit to FFL of your choice. Also down in Seaside Park a lot, so Ocean County is OK as well. Feel free to pm me or post any questions. First to post “I’ll take it,” gets the sale.
  2. Thanks HE. I remembered that you said you like to repeat basic and intermediate level classes. I agree that's where the meat of the practical learning is. I've been in a few GFH classes with LE in attendance, including guys from NYPD who said they don't get much firearms training. To answer your questions: The class is listed at four hours, but finished about a half hour early, because we didn't have to run two lines of shooters due to the small class size. Round count was approximately 300 carbine, 50 handgun. List price for this class and similar ones is $235, with 5-10% discounts for members at various levels, and 50% off for repeat students, as I mentioned.
  3. Holy crap! Thanks for the heads up. Pretty sure we will be safe in Wayne, but our place in Seaside Park could take a beating.
  4. I attended this class again a couple of days ago. It is a solid intermediate to advanced offering, which I had attended many times previously. It is primarily designed for an AR-15/M4 type platform, but they encourage the use of any center-fire semi-auto rifle or carbine. In addition to an AR, I had run it in the past with an AK and a 9mm carbine. In this most recent class, I wanted to try it with my Mini 14. For those unfamiliar with it, the Mini 14 uses the same .223/5.56 ammo as an AR, but the controls are a little trickier to operate, at least for me. The mags need to be rocked into place, similar to an AK, and the empties don't drop out at the push of a button like an AR, but need to be grasped and pulled free. Right from the start, I had issues with the Mini 14 malfunctioning. It was frequently failing to eject, and getting shells stuck in the ejection port. I tried working through it, clearing the malfunctions as they occurred, but I felt like I was holding up the class. Luckily, I had brought an AR-15 as backup, so I switched over to that on the next break. In our next drill, we were supposed to load dummy rounds into our mags to induce malfunctions. I explained to our instructor Wayne, who was new to me, that I had never been in a class where we used the dummy rounds, so I had not thought to bring them. Plus, I had just had a bunch of malfunction practice with my Mini 14. I don't think he found that as amusing as I did, but my Stag Arms Model 2 ran flawlessly for the rest of the class, as it always has. I have explained to people that the reasons I have taken some of the intermediate to advanced level classes many time are these: 1. It gives me a chance to practice many things I've learned, which one generally can't do on a static range. 2. I pick up new tidbits of information and am reminded of some things I had forgotten. 3. I get the chance to test different weapons and gear under a bit of stress. To those I should add a fourth: Different instructors give the class a fresh look with things such as drills that I had not seen before. The last few times I took this course, the lead instructors were Tony and Bob, and they were great. I had seen Wayne as a backup instructor, but this was the first time I was in a class that he led. With only four of us in the class, there was no need for additional instructors. The other students were experienced, and everyone seemed to have a good grasp of safety fundamentals. With such a small group, Wayne was able to provide lots of individual guidance. Even though I was wishing I could find a place to hide early on when my Mini 14 was giving me fits, he was patient while I worked through it I should note that as a returning student, I am able to attend these GFH classes at half price. While they are worth the money at full retail, they are an incredible bargain at half off. I would recommend them highly to anyone in the area who is looking for solid intermediate to advanced training from well-qualified instructors with military and LE backgrounds.
  5. Same here. The "I" in NICS is supposed to stand for "instant." The next business day meant another 40 min. drive each way (so 1:20 total round trip) to my LGS to pick up my purchase. And as serfs in NJ, we are conditioned to think that one day is not too bad, when it sometimes takes a week or two.
  6. I read the article quickly, but I don't recall seeing it mention anywhere that a 5 pound trigger pull is standard on a Glock handgun.
  7. From the Bee: Thank God the Taliban didn't get any AR-15's! https://babylonbee.com/news/biden-assures-everyone-that-while-the-taliban-have-gotten-american-tanks-rocket-launchers-and-machine-guns-they-havent-gotten-any-ar-15s
  8. After nearly two years of no guns or ammo purchases, I recently picked up a Beretta 1301 Tactical shotgun (as noted in another thread). And last night I bought some 00 buckshot from SG Ammo at $170 for a 250 round case (plus tax, no shipping charge), which is a decent price compared to what I've seen in the recent past.
  9. Thanks HE. I was lusting after one for a long time, but they did not seem to be readily available. Shooters has a number of them in stock at a fair price, but it was still the most I have ever paid for a firearm by far.
  10. I just picked up a Beretta 1301 Tactical and am considering putting a red dot optic on it. I have a Romeo 5 on another semi-auto shotgun (a 930), and it seems to be OK, except perhaps for making over the top emergency reloads a little tricky. Just wondering if anyone has thoughts on something else they like?
  11. I recently started using bifocal shooting glasses. I need corrective eyewear to read, and I have found the bifocals helpful for shooting. The trick is that unlike reading glasses, the magnification needs to be on the top, not the bottom, so you can see it when you get into a shooting position. Also, I try to do some practice with and some without them, as you probably won't be able to access them in the case of a defensive shooting. I've been using these: https://sspeyewear.com/products/top-focal-assorted-interchangeable-kits I believe they advise you to use slightly less magnification than you use in your reading glasses.
  12. I used to believe that the push to ban "assault weapons,' and "to get weapons of war off our streets" were efforts to go after the low-hanging fruit, because they know they can get the masses to believe that "no one needs to own an assault weapon." Watching things now, I believe their motives are far more sinister, that they know they are going to need to get rid of all semi-automatic rifles before they can force their far left agenda down our throats.
  13. I've had a Stag Arms Model 2 for several years, and it has been ultra-reliable and fun to shoot. You might consider renting a few AR's somewhere before you buy one.
  14. Good for them! Let's hope that's a trend.
  15. Muzzle brakes are legal. They must be permanently affixed (i.e. welded). Flash hiders are illegal. Go figure!
  16. Best of luck to you! What part of Florida? We recently purchased a condo in Jupiter, and have spent some time there. Loved it! Really hoping to change residence to there sometime soon.
  17. Robski from AK Operators Union, who knows a thing or two about AK's, loves the Zastava ZPAP M70: I would urge you to watch a bunch of his videos before you purchase an AK.
  18. My son-in-law just informed me that he used his to buy his first gun (a Sig P320).
  19. I don't see how something like that could be even remotely close to being Constitutional, but then liberal legislators just go ahead and propose, and sometimes pass, whatever legislation they want, the Constitution be damned. Heaven help us the next time we have a liberal SCOTUS (or when they pack the court).
  20. I get the general drift of that graph, but one could get a headache trying to sort out the specifics. Is it just me, or are some of those colors really close to one another? Can't even remember the last time I bought ammo. It was well over a year ago. Glad I stocked up every time I saw good prices over the last few years. BTW, looks like 7.62 is recovering quicker than most other calibers, in terms of price and availability.
  21. Reminds me of the time a few years back when I was living by myself, and had a dozen or so cans of ammo, which didn't fit in my hidden storage spot, in the middle of the basement. I had a guy come by to service my oil burner, and he asked me why I had a bunch of empty ammo cans piled up. I started to say, "Empty ammo cans?" But I caught myself, and said, "Oh, yeah. I got those on sale and left them there until I can figure out what kind of stuff to store in them."
  22. Just a few off the top of my head: Active Self Protection Chris Baker at Luckygunner.com Hickok45 For 2A news and info: Braden at Langley Outdoors Academy Guns and gadgets
  23. I was dreaming about getting 50% off on a 1301 Tactical shotgun, but then I woke up.
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