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  1. I just cancelled my Dvor/Optics Planet correspondence because I went to order ammo and they won't sell to us.I wrote a couple of emails through customer service explaining that if they won't support us by selling us ammo we shouldn't support them by buying their othr items.I really feel we should start a list on the Forum of companies who won't sell us ammo.Maybe if they see enough drop off in sales from NJ they will rethink their position.
  2. I know Steve is super busy,I've been telling him to get a secretary hahahha. I have a really crazy work schedule and he's always made time to take care of all my smoke wagon needs.That is why I use him exclusively.
  3. Also a +++ for Steve at Monmouth Arms.If it is a new gun I will always see if Steve can get it before I go to Gun Joker.His prices are always fair.I would rather support my local dealer then save $15 going to Bud's.
  4. LeMat.I have a copy but haven't shot it yet.
  5. Time to clean out the holster bin.This is a Black Hills Leather,IWB holster for a 1911 with a 3" barrel.It will fit up to a 1 1/2" belt.The holster is in new condition,and has never been worn outside and still needs some break in.The holster retails for $100 as I upgraded to the smooth lining.And no the gun is not included . Asking $70 shipped.First "I'll take it" gets it.Thanks
  6. You only need 5 pieces?PM your address I'll send ya some.
  7. It retains well as I did do alot of running around with it and it never slipped.The draw does feel a little heavy because of the inside material.It doesn't feel quite as smooth as a regular non lined kydex holster.I guess you can say it feels more like a leather holster.That being said I don't feel that it slowed me down all that much.
  8. I like that you can put different belt attachments on them.The build is super solid,it is a heavy kydex.I just don't know if I like the soft interior.I ran this through a few classes and as you can see the soft material is pulling away from the holster from the holster from me hitting it with the muzzle.Good Luck!!
  9. WTS,RCBS Pro 2000 reloader,includes (5) shell holder plates #3,#6,#10#16,#20.(4)die holder plates.(2) priming systems,tube and APS (bag of primer strips included).Press and components in excellent condition.The exception is some surface rust on the bullet tray and APS back plate,which do not in any way affect the function of the parts.Press can be set up for manual or progressive indexing.Since this would be expensive to ship do to the weight of the package, I am willing to meet at any of the clubs,or other location in NJ. $400 for everything.The first to post "Ill take it"wins the sale.
  10. Are you still having trouble finding one?I was at the Tommygunwarehouse in PA last week and they had one in the case. ttps://tommygunwarehouse.wpcomstaging.com/firearms/
  11. I figure it was too good to be true.Just thought it would be nice to make it more compact for travel.I like to drive out west or down south for vacations and with everything going on I've been thinking of bringing more than just a pistol.Looks like plan "B" a takedown lever action.Although I think a few people make an AR quick realease barrel system out there might look into that.
  12. Well I believe they measure when the gun is in the firing position.If it can fire one round then I don't know how they would consider that.
  13. I stand corrected about the Keltec thank you.
  14. Wondering if these are ok to put on a NJ 'Other" firearm?You can't shoot the gun with it folded.I would think that it would be the same as the Keltec Sub2000 which is ok in NJ because it won't fire folded. https://www.lawtactical.com/ar_folding_stock_adapter_gen_3_m_p/99312.htm
  15. Was it the G1 or G2 ?I can't say I've had any problems so far and it seems pretty accurate as my loads were close to the load data.
  16. I just picked this one up and I am happy with it so far.It has an app that sends the data right to your phone.Then you can just send it as an xml. or csv file and print it out to save a hard copy.The tripod is a little cheap but it gets the job done.Easy to set up no wires. https://www.amazon.com/Caldwell-Ballistic-Precision-Chronograph-Rechargeable/dp/B01B7OYNJG
  17. Thats a beauty.On my list to add to the collection.Good luck.
  18. Well,yes the situation will dictate the response.I think it might be useful to create enough diversion to escape.The more choices the better.The unit I was looking at doesn't look like a gun.
  19. The hardest part about collecting commemoratives is wanting to shoot them.I have a Colt Cenntenial that is suppose to be one of the best shooters Colt made. S&W Performance Center didn't make too many of this barrel configuration of Schofield reissue in 2000.I bought it at auction and it appears to have been shot so I won't feel bad about shooting it.The way I see it is I might as well enjoy it,they were meant to go bang.The person who gets them after me can worry about how much they are worth.
  20. I was thinking of one of the pepperball launchers,to carry but most are clunky.Carrying one with you might be good if you encounter one of these peaceful protests.The launcher shoots 5 rounds so you may be able to use it to get you out of bad situation.The problem as I see it is there is a powdery cloud that is created so in the house the distance may be too close.I think the best place for them is probably crowd control.Stay safe!!
  21. To me though,this is like walking into a store and being refused service.Whats the difference,because it is shipped?I don't even think they are a bricks and mortar store, it is all or most all shipped.You may be able to pick up.I don't think this is right, it is legal to ship ammo to NJ.I'd love to here a lawyers opinion on this.Unless there are different sets of rules for online retailers that lets them discriminate who they sell to.
  22. Awhile back I posted about Grab A Gun not shipping ammo to NJ with no real explanation.Today,I tried to order from Bulkammo.com,which I have dealt with before.When I got to the shipping part it said they couldn't ship to my area at this time.I called customer service and they had no explanation except to email corperate.So I emailed and they said "do to everything that is going on in the country right now we have suspended shipping to some areas".What the heck is that suppose to mean.I'm just looking at the big picture here.Is this the sign of things to come?
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