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  1. Interested. Please call 856-397-3447 . Travis
  2. 110 volt tig will be just fine.. I use 110 for a lot of small projects at work....
  3. i have a goldwing also and with the givi 55 on the back of st it holds more than goldwing, st holds 7,7 gallons of fuel and is much quicker, if you are riding one up the st is better, two up i prefer the wing
  4. You can get some great deals on used st1300's, They are heavy but I found mine to be the most reliable thing I have ever ridden. My brother rides his 1200 bmw when it isnt at the dealer or waiting for a part to come in... I have put 70,000 miles on the honda and it has never broken.
  5. The idiots i see on the range actually point the gun towards their face to see how dirty the barrel is from shooting reloads, not everyone should get a carry permit
  6. You know nothing, work a range for a day and then tell me everyone should get a concealed permit,
  7. Willingboro gun buyback. Cop confiscated three guns from a guy when he tried to skirt the rules and sold three guns and went back to car and got three more . Cop told him unless he could prove ownership then and there he just lost them. Guy was pissed!
  8. i was there and the rules were three guns only. A guy got three more guns and got back in line and said his wife was turning in three guns and they confiscated them on the spot and said he had to come back monday with paperwork to prove he owned them to get them back t
  9. Seiko maybe. Hard to find a good watch under 100.00 I wear a lumi-nox 3000 and it works great except I replace the band every two or three yrs.
  10. Awesome service. FAST shipping!!

  11. Royal farms is pretty damn good .
  12. I have no travel exemptions. I am an illegal....
  13. If you have the time to take it apart just about any jewelry place would be able to do it for you I think.. I had two done before but the guy retired.
  14. Instructor certs? I assume a bunch of places over the yrs but Mine were at GFH.
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