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  1. glockdoc left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTS: 200 rds 9mm JHP Winchester Ranger SXT 147 gr
    Excellent buyer, great comms and an overall great dude. Met up for business, ended up having a wonderful convo. Highly recommend

    My1stGlock was Trading

  2. RUTGERS95 left Positive feedback   

    one of my favorite persons here. great person to deal with and talk to

    My1stGlock was The Seller

  3. 124gr9mm left Positive feedback   

    Fantastic forum member to buy/sell with. Great communication and and turnaround. Thanks!

    My1stGlock was The Seller

  4. Bklynracer left Positive feedback   

    Smooth transaction, enjoy the Blue

    My1stGlock was Trading

  5. Rob0115 left Positive feedback   

    Great to deal,with. Enjoy the gear.

    My1stGlock was Trading

  6. B4LLZNJ left Positive feedback   

    Flawless deal. Fast and easy

    My1stGlock was The Seller

  7. Bully left Positive feedback   

    Great comms and fast shipping. Thank you.

    My1stGlock was The Seller

  8. gabonk left Positive feedback   

    Good guy. Great communication. Sell with confidence.

    My1stGlock was Trading

  9. mustang69 left Positive feedback   

    Nice guy, easy to deal with. Thanks for guesting me into your club. Enjoy!

    My1stGlock was Trading

  10. bry@n left Positive feedback   

    Good to go. Would definitely deal with again.

    My1stGlock was The Seller

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