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  1. Hello all, Purchased Colt King Cobra .357 Magnum 3 inch barrel. 6 rounds. paid $1070 including taxes and shipping. it is at Monmouth Arms with Steven, as i have not transferred it yet. Letting it go for $950 firm. I have purchased Kimber k6s, so letting Colt go. the first to post ill take it, wins. 732 8zero9 zero zero 95 thanks
  2. Hello all, I hope everyone is well! Just purchased above stated and looking for good muzzle break/ compensator. any suggestions? thanks In advance.
  3. Palmetto has a sale on Winchester 124gr, $8.99 per box. Free shipping. have fun guys.
  4. I rented a home in Albrightsville twice, ones two years ago, and also last September. Nice secluded area, people were nice too.
  5. Well, went to the range.. rented few firearms and decided to stick to 9mm. purchased CZ 75 P01 compact with rail alloy frame decocker , and CZ 75 compact steel frame with rail safety. completely derailed from original point of view.
  6. That is a nice collection you have!
  7. I think i will have to go to the range and try out HK 45, HK 45c, Springfield 1911. i will not be handloading, just don’t have the time for that.
  8. I already have glock 19 and ppq m2, want to diversify calibers.
  9. I do like 1911, its a classic. But i hate the fact its a low round count. anyone shot HK 45, or HK 45c?
  10. Happy Holidays everyone! im getting few permits, but will be buying just one pistol. I decided on .45 the only .45 i have shot was Glock 21. What is the most softest shooting .45 in your opinion?
  11. Who’s the manufacturer of the shot gun and what model?
  12. This is nice! What is it? I want one!
  13. That was a nice deal, when is the next sale?
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