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  1. When is this due to hit the Senate ? ..maybe a stuipid question but what would/could this REALLY mean for NJ ? Would a NH, Utah, of FL license mean you can carry in NJ? "If" it were to pass, is NJ going to 'accept' it? I mean we all know..Some states say marijuana is legal but the Feds don't...now we have all these sanctuary city's and states, and u can do certain things in Pennsylvania but not in the city of Philadelphia, etc...gets a little confusung. If the bill passed on a Wednesday I can guarantee you on the next morning of Thursday if you are walking around concealed carrying in NJ your not going to feel legal..
  2. I'm just gonna go ahead and get UT, FL, & NH.....then hope & pray something changes in the next year and I'll be 'ahead of the game'
  3. What is everyone putting for the question of 'Reason of application to carry pistol' ?
  4. Already is. My local shelves are packed and CCI is readily available online
  5. Damn, I'm going to start keeping a long gun with me at all times..
  6. $2 for me Just today I saw a 50's year old lady with a large Trump/Pence sticker on car, and a neighbor of a job I was on today told me she has worked at the (most recently closed AC casino) Trump Taj and said from day 1 she received a yearly raise every year when Trump owned it and nothing but good things about him. Can't go anywhere within 25 miles of my house without seeing an abundance of Trump signs, stickers, hats, you name it...but HilLIARy will slay him in NJ somehow. Rigged system. We need PA
  7. Thought with a Utah/Fl you can carry in PA except in the city of Philly?
  8. You should get a larger sign this time. Search WiFi camera on Amazon.. Why have I never heard of people stealing, running over, or damaging any H-> signs ?
  9. Sorry for the loss. Just had to put my girl down in June. 10 awesome years and hardest worst thing I've ever done. Brought me to tears for days. Such a part of the family that you take for granted everyday they are here but change your daily life being gone.
  10. Wow, very sad. Jake was great anytime I was there, him and the dog Kimber made it inviting always..Thank you Jake for your service to customers and your country. Anyone know how he passed? Condolences to his family & close friends and good luck with everything.
  11. Interesting.. Hahah, I am against the transgender BS I mostly agree..but determine who needs an FID card by weather you come alone or are a male or female doesn't make a lot of sense, why not just make everyone have an FID card so you know weather or not 1 of the 2 friends coming in who was caught beating up on some girl who was waiting on an overdue permit to come back ? Or maybe the single female coming in has a past of going bat shit crazy and smashing out ex boyfriends windshield? No. I also don't get upset with veterans discounts or senior citizens either incase you were going to ask. But this isn't buy one shot of tequila get 5 free, or 10% off at Home Depot...your handing loaded firearms to people who just played Call of Duty with a 12yr old in China.
  12. Progressive Few autos & a boat policy No one can beat it, I've tried a few times..
  13. Why are their rules for males vs females different ? And bring a friend and you don't need FID card ? Wtf... This place gonna be trans gender friendly next ?
  14. I can help...your in Cape May County ? I have 2 VERY reputable contractors I sub for.
  15. Very reputable and work on many high end cars. No appointments for tint, first come first served.
  16. I'm a fan of the tint.. Not failing inspection makes a difference for some people, It has been more 'acceptable' in the past 5-10 years...it also always depends where you are, what your driving, how your driving, etc... Some people it's always just been the first thing we do when or before you drive it off the lot...
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