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WTS Ruger Sp101 22lr revolver

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Hey guys,


So I purchased this little gun in order to be able to get more range time without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, things just didn't work out that way as I still just go the range about the same as before. I really have lost interest in shooting 22lr and I am looking to make some room in my safe for a new toy.

This little revolver is a 8-shot 22 lr with fiber optic sights, I have a wolfe springs kit for it as well that ill include (I put the stock springs back in however). Asking $450.00 and the gun is practically brand new as I've shot less then 1000 rounds through it.




* Edit * Just so that everyone knows, this gun has been shipped back to Ruger in the past because spots were appearing on the stainless that I concerned might have been rust. Ruger, (who has awesome customer service btw) had the gun back to me about a week later (6/5) completely refinished and all components replaced (Cylinder, Pawl, Trigger plunger, Firing pin Assy, Hammer strut Assy, & rear sight base).





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I'm waiting on OGAM. I just picked up a new 9mm last week. I think I would like to make you an offer on this. Can I PM you in a couple of weeks and if you haven't sold it off we can talk turkey?

sounds good to me.

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    • By Ballard
      For sale never used cylinder for a rough rider single shot revolver in 22 magnum. I got a gun with two swappable cylinders but never got mag ammo and don't have the gun anymore, so it's brand new. As I understand you can swap it into any 22lr rough rider to make it a magnum, but confirm this yourself. Heritage sells them for $29.99 (plus tax & shipping I assume). Willing to ship but you pay.

    • By Triumph675
      For sale is a Ruger Mini-14 model 05801 in almost new condition.
      About 500rds through it.
      Includes all original packaging, 2 x Ruger 5rd magazines, 2 x Ruger 10rd magazines, original scope rings, mounting rail, lock and owners manuals.
      Located close to Ramsey Outdoor and Yankee Armorer in Mahwah but willing to drive up to 50 miles to meet at your FFL.
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      First person to reply with "I'll take it" wins the sale.

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      Anyone knows of a reliable gun smith or armorer that can swap a barrel on a S&W 686+ revolver? If you used them even better. Any idea on the cost to do the work? Obviously someone local in NJ as the first choice. Thanks for any leads. 
    • By Porthole
      As pictured, slip on muzzle device. Flash suppressor? Muzzle brake? The vents do not go 360, no vent on the bottom.
      Not sure how to qualify it but with the full size opening I'd venture flash suppressor. 
      Slip on and then pinned with a roll pin and an allen screw on the bottom.
      I had an older model stainless mini (180 series I think), used it on that, don't know about fitment on current models.
      $50 shipped priority mail CONUS.
      Location Delaware
      The first to post "I'll take it" establishes the buyer, PM after that.

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      Looking to sell this new-like Hogue OM Series Soft Rubber OverMolded Rifle Stock for a standard Ruger 10-22.
      I'm willing to meet within 10-15 miles of Gloucester City, zipcode 08030.
      I'm asking $50.
      The 1st "I'll take it" will get the sale.

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