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Glock 17, 10 round magazine hard to load?

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Hey everyone.  I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this or if I'm turning into somewhat of a wuss as I age?  For my Glock 17 Gen 4, the three 10 round magazines that it came with are near impossible to get more than 4-5 rounds loaded into them by hand.  Using the magazine loading gadget, i can fill it up but it gets tough after 8 rounds.  I've probably put around 300 rounds through a couple of the mags.  


Anyone else encounter this?  Are the standard capacity mags any different?  I'm trying to find out if this is normal or if the mags came with too heavy of a spring in them or something like that.  Is it worthwhile to contact Glock about this?  Any thoughts or advise is appreciated.  


Also, anyone know of a reliable source for 15 round pinned magazines for this gun?  I saw 2 of them hanging on the wall at RTSP about a month ago but when I got out of the range, they were gone.  



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If RTSP does not have any in stock you can order magazines larger than 15 rounds from many places online and have them shipped directly to RTSP where for not much money they will have them pinned before you take legal possession of them.


Not sure why you are having so much trouble.  Some mags are very hard to get the last round inserted, but to start having problems when they are only half full seems very odd.  Have you tried leavings them loaded for a few days?  If not load them up with as many as you can insert and let them sit to compress the spring, then try to insert more.

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I have 15 10 round Glock mags and not one of them was hard to load. I say take it apart and check it even though people seem to have this problem, I haven't. I didn't use the Uplula when I started shooting, I do now it just makes it that much easier. I can get all 10 rounds in my mags by hand with not much pressure, even when they were knew.

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Im a Glock shooter as well, I always use the UpLula mag loader. The factory mag loaders Glock gives you with the gun are junk in comparison. I have a rough time hand loading my mags also but I can if I have to, maybe its because I have little kid hands still at 36 years old? Buy an UpLula your problems will be solved.

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