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Ruger PC Carbine #19126 Compliant "Out Of Box"?

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I was wondering if this specific model Ruger PC Carbine #19126 is NJ compliant "out of the box"


I am interested in one, but I have some local places telling me that they cannot come close to the price of $650 that I got because they have to make it NJ compliant by pinning the stock.  Does this not come with a fixed stock that would not need to be pinned? Apparently it does not have a threaded barrel either, so we should be good.

Hoping for an expert opinion...


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I get it.. That's what I am trying to determine. If the 19126 is NJ compliant out of the box. 


I was not showing local gun stores this picture, they told me they would need to order one and then make it NJ compliant. But if the stock is fixed then would it not already be? 

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