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My GTO made it into print!!!



Well.....  I am quite excited. I guy emailed me last year that he was writing a book about muscle cars and was interested in photos of my GTO. So I emailed him quite a few photos, and then pretty much forgot about it, thinking it was either a joke, or I didnt make the cut.

He emailed me tonight, and said my car made the book. So I ran out to Barnes and Noble and bought it.....

I am pretty stoked...


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Congratulations Troy:

It is very rewarding to be able to share with so many others the results of your extensive repair and upkeep efforts for what has been a labor of love for you for so many years with your beautiful GTO.  
I bet I can guess what you may be getting as Christmas presents for some of your family members...Heh, heh.    All the best...


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Congrats, time and hard work always has a payoff..must be a great feeling seeing your work in print. 

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