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    That's a bit misleading. Cartridge dimensions are identical. .308 is higher pressure than 7.62x51. Basically, a firearm designed for .308 can handle either .308 or 7.62x51 (AKA 7.62 NATO). A firearm designed for 7.62x51 should only fire 7.62x51. More details: https://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2018/8/19/308-win-vs-762-nato-whats-the-difference/
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    I remember the full auto BB guns at the boardwalk. Much better than a hammer & rubber frog.
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    thank you. so essentially, if the rifle's stamped for 7.62 onlyrun that, and vice versa..... thank you man. appreciate the quick answer.
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    Im still holding 4000 shares of MVIS I bought at $.29. I sold the other 4000 shares when it hit $16. No matter what happens with them now, I made my $. Bombarder is doing well for me. Bought at $.49, it was $1.60 last I checked. SHIP as well. Bought at $.50, it was $1.50 the other day when I checked.
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    Typically, as in when people aren't panic buying and driving prices up. This has been a supply chain issue from the very beginning. There will be no improvements anytime soon. I also don't see how cheap Russian ammo plays into this, or components. Russian components made up an extremely small presence in American markets. Even more common complete cartridges make up something like less than 5% after considering all other imports and domestic production. Cheap Russian ammo going byebye is gonna really only hurt those who buy specific calibers. Most companies like Wolf, had already been moving production out of Russia anyway. With the current clusterfuck around the world, inflation etc prices are gonna suck for a while. However, demand is not weaning and thus shelves being stocked is not necessarily a good sign of improvement. Powder and primers trickle out every week, anywhere reasonably priced sells out in minutes or hours.
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    Most likely 30 years in nj. But in newark, out the back door!
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    I can’t find the thread but this came up when Crosman released their full auto, Mk-18 looking thing. Since NJ considers BB guns the same as real guns they’d have to charge you as possessing a machine gun AND an SBR! I assume over 10-round magazines too? Why not! The prosecutor would be the laughingstock of the rest of the country but I doubt they’d care
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    If stuff is on the shelf more than a few days it's because of high pricing. Those bottles are typically 27 bucks and those primers are 35...
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    is a safe citizenery. at least according to us, and now to the fbi. also, not sure if this shoulda gone somewhere else, so i dropped it here. https://www.mrctv.org/blog/new-stats-show-armed-civilians-bring-down-more-criminals-cops?fbclid=IwAR38E0dBGUN8aGkUCIgTIccwywPcQD_D09y5qLtCg9L46NefGitemlFNLuI
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    @Mrs. Peel Buona fortuna! He was the 15th century equivalent of an astronaut. And his statues should remain.
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    but goddam this is cool. This Wild Quadruple V8 1981 Buick Wagonmaster Is Up for Grabs (msn.com)
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    Being nervous about your first cleaning is absolutely normal, and maybe not a bad thing. I must have watched different YouTube videos a zillion times (ok, maybe a million) before my first time. Just go slow with a basic field strip and you'll be fine. If you get stuck don't panic, just let us know. Helped my son with his S&W 2.0 and it was a piece of cake, relax you'll do fine.
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    I am hoping that MVIS and POWW can make some post-September recoveries.
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    It is . . . But, the ATF isn't really interested in PA, NJ, NY or CT laws and the states can get away with more than the federal government can. But, this is really a show piece. They aren't going to accomplish anything except getting some press.
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    Covering this so they don't have to cover Afghanistan, the border, inflation, the continuance of covid, bowing down to China, Russia, taliban, no longer energy independent, etc., etc.
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    Welcome The goal of this community is to bring people together for the purpose of sharing ideas and organizing the movement for more firearms rights in the State of New Jersey. Please treat others the same way as you would want to be treated. No profanity, we are civil. If it is not something you would want to see posted on the cover of your daily newspaper, with your name and picture next to it... then do not post it. In that case, if you want to share something, send it via email or private message. Personal attacks on members or vendors is not allowed. To the same token, no posting of any xxx rated material, nothing too gorey, or violent. Would you want your 15 year old to come upon this here and see their parent or sibling post it. Other than that, no question is too stupid to be asked. Have fun and enjoy.

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