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    Late night 2020 style ballot dumps is how they did it. Murphy went from losing by 2 points all night to winning by 3 points days later. They kept finding votes for Murphy until he was safely past the margin where Jack could have requested a recount.
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    The Chipmunk Song (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli) - YouTube
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    Low information voters and NYC transplants carried Murphy over the finish line
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    Thanks, that helped me find it. It's the connecting rod from my lee bench primer. Must have fallen out.
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    rabea and hanna, mary spender, and violet orlandi are a few. i think rabea and hanna tour with him.
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    regarding them hiding dislikes on this video.......i think that's an across the board thing. i've been binging frogleap videos, and watching violet orlandis cover of hotel california right now....not a single one of them shows how many dislikes.......
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    Thank you for doing your part to stand up to the audacity and egoism of this celebrity. Being able to literally shoot someone and then honestly blame it on the gun is on the level of psychopathy.
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    https://newjersey.news12.com/njdailypoll one way to express your frustration
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    With Democrats firmly in control of Trenton, I have no doubt that they will ram whatever anti-2A legislation they want down our throats (as we say in polite company). We can kick and scream, and tell them all how unfair it is, but the reality is that they will do what they want and we are powerless to stop them. I know people will argue that we need to stay here and fight, but the only viable solution I see is to flee this hellhole of a state.
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    So what’s the best thing for folks to do? Flood Sweeney’s inbox with comments not favoring this stuff?
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    Was just visiting Sons of Liberty Gun Works and on their homepage was a video of BCGs. Seems apropos given this thread.
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