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  1. It SHOULD turn you against Singh . . . Or, you should at least expect him to do something about his campaign manager. There's a difference between "tough talk" and being an asshole AND there's a difference between addressing the candidate and addressing their family. The attack on Caittarelli's WIFE made Singh's campaign look weak.
  2. Some people just don't want anything to get better . . . Some are "all or nothing," if we don't get Constitutional Carry the day after he takes office it's not worth anything and others just like to be able to complain about whatever goes on. You don't think Ciattarelli is worth the effort? What are you going to get AFTER Murphy? The state is just going to fucking slide right down the hill. The Liberal win because they know what to many others refuse to see. They didn't get what they want in one fell swoop and you're not going to roll them back as far as you want in one fell swoop either. People are all high and mighty about how the love the country and about our democratic and republican traditions but when the time comes to do something about it they don't want to put in the time or the effort. That's just a load of crap.
  3. It SHOULD turn you against Singh . . . Or, you should at least expect him to do something about his campaign manager. There's a difference between "tough talk" and being an asshole AND there's a difference between addressing the candidate and addressing their family. The attack on Caittarelli's WIFE made Singh's campaign look weak.
  4. I would explain to him that laws don't mean what you think they mean just because you think it. Laws mean what they ACTUALLY mean.
  5. I don't give a crap about Trump's language or pretty much anybody else's . . . Maybe you have me mixed up with someone else. What I have said about Trump and this year's NJ elections is that Trump LOST the state by 15 points twice. The last time was just about 8 months ago. I don't believe that latching on to Trump's coattails is the way to win in November. Nothing about him being mean.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Guadagno She was Monmouth County Sheriff, Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State. She was the sitting Lieutenant Governor when she ran for Governor. She was the first ELECTED Lieutenant Governor in the state's history. The two other candidate WANTED to be the GOP candidate. That's why they were running. They reached out to no one. Believe whatever the fuck you want. I answer your endless questions and you just seem to have a desire to be contrary. Vote for who you want. Whoever YOU think will make a difference. If that means that you write in Hirsh Singh, have at it. Nobody in this race is going to get everybody's vote.
  7. People who work at the station.
  8. Voted for him four times . . . Both Primaries and both general elections. If he runs in 2024, I'll vote for him again. What the hell does that have to do with anything? I'm talking about winning in NJ where Trump didn't get close. I would vote for the 37,357th name in the phone book before I let Murphy win. I imagine that Penna or camera man has it . . . So what? I know people who were there.
  9. As I have noted . . . The video was edited to remove King Penna's initial, vulgarity filled attack. Penna isn't some Singh "staffer". He's the campaign manager. The two candidates had separate "green room" type facilities at the studio and Penna shouldn't have been in the same room.
  10. Ciattarelli has won seven races and lost one. Singh is now what? 0-5? Ciattarelli's lone loss was to the sitting Lieutenant Governor. Singh financed his way into the debate by loaning his campaign $418,000 of the $490,000 that was needed. Rizzo claims to have raised the money but filed insufficient paperwork for the debate and filed it two days late. Ciattarelli has already been working with candidates in all 40 legislative districts. We never heard a word from Singh or Rizzo. For all of vocal support they received, Singh and Rizzo together got fewer votes than Ciattarelli. Go meet the man. He's not hard to find.
  11. Penna didn't post the beginning of the video which included a profanity laced attack on the Ciattarelli family. Yes, Singh has been ripped for living at home. He's the candidate. The adult Ciattarelli children "living at home" are an active duty member of the Army getting ready to deploy and college student living at college, both of whom, as is common, have kept their voter registration at their parents home. Melinda Ciattarelli didn't attack the Singh family. She didn't attack Singh's parents. She attack Singh and, moreso, his campaign manager.
  12. My grandfather, who I was named after, was born in Paris, Arkansas. I’m honestly not sure what year. I never paid much attention to that sort of thing. It was somewhere around 1920. He moved to St. Louis and met my grandmother, a second-generation Italian. They conceived my father in 1941 and my grandfather shipped off in the Army before he was born. Although his military records were lost in a fire, we know a little bit. He was a radio operator in the infantry. He was in North Africa, Sicily and Italy which means that he may have served under General Patton. We don’t know. When the war in Europe ended, he was marching through northern Italy toward Berlin with the intention of finishing the job. After Hitler committed suicide in his bunker, my grandfather turned toward the French coast with orders to get on a ship and head to the South Pacific to help finish off the Japanese. Before he boarded the ship, Truman authorized the dropping of two atomic bombs on major Japanese cities and the Japanese surrendered soon thereafter. My grandfather still climbed on board the ship but this time it was to bring him to the United States. Ships and trains brought him back to his wife and child in St. Louis. My father was now three years old and remembers meeting his father for the first time. Seeing him walk down an alley, still in uniform, carrying his duffle bag. Sixty plus years later, my son (also named after my grandfather) and I stood at the same spot, in the same alley in St. Louis talking to my father on the phone. The third and the fourth talking to Junior where he first met Senior. After the war, my grandfather worked for RCA in St. Louis. He used to talk about having built a projection TV in the late 1940’s. They used to test it at night by projecting images on the GE building across the street. He also said that it probably produced so many X-Rays that it wasn’t safe to be in the room with it. RCA took him and his family from St. Louis, to Jackson, Mississippi, to Albuquerque, New Mexico installing radio towers. They had two more kids a long the way. My Aunt Betty and my Uncle Fred. Their last move took them to Somerdale, New Jersey in 1954. He worked at RCA’s broadcast division in Camden until he retired in the mid-1980’s. Their fourth child, my Uncle Dave was born in 1960. Just 10 months before I was born myself. My grandfather went to work every day. Took his family on long vacations around the country and filled the family room in his house with books about World War II. He also had a penchant for Southern Comfort and obscene limericks at family gatherings. Usually after the young ones went to sleep. He never talked about the war with anybody in the family. Maybe with some of his contemporaries but we don’t know. One of my great regrets is that I never sat down and made him tell me about the war. What he saw there and what he did there. He passed away in 1994. I was 33 years old and should have known better. I’m sure that some in my family could correct things in this story but this is the way that I remember it so this is the way that I tell it. I always cry when I tell this story and this time isn’t any different. We all have great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends and other family members who have served. We all have our stories and our memories. I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and, most of all, thoughtful, Memorial Day weekend. Remember it isn’t all burgers, dogs and parades. It’s much more.
  13. For Christ's sake! He didn't say "whatever the legislature allows" . . . He didn't say, "Everything is on the table if the legislature pushes it on me . . . " He talked about what is fucking possible. Without the legislature, he probably can't do shit. Why should he say otherwise? Do you want him to pound the table in favor of the Second Amendment and then not be able to do anything because of opposition in the legislature? Listen to him . . . He's tell you that, even as governor, he will be virtually powerless on the issue with gains in the legislature. The same is true about Singh and Rizzo but they won't tell you that until AFTER they are elected. THAT is what politicians do. They make promises that they know they can't keep and they hope that you don't notice that they will not be able to keep them.
  14. EdF

    primary ?

    Trump didn't promise to back another winner in 2016 either . . . Jack built TWO successful publishing companies before getting involved in politics. That doesn't sound like a "career politician". It's the CANDIDATES responsibility to raise funds. Yes, some comes from the party but most is raised by the candidate. Remember the thousand emails and texts you received from Trump before the 2016 and 2020 elections? Sure, he received some funding from the GOP but the party is primarily about organization, not funding. Personally . . . I'll vote for Singh or Rizzo or Micky Mouse if he wins as a write-in. But, it will be with the expectation of a loss.
  15. Yep . . . But, they back people who can win and make progress. The only way to stop them is to WIN. There are no moral victories. You thing Singh or Rizzo is the guy to restore your rights? They have to win in order to do it. Keep supporting losers and you will keep getting deeper in the whole. Notice how all of the Leftists think they like Socialism? See how they don't select the Socialist, Bernie Sanders, to be their flag bearer? They know that he can't win so they put up a candidate who can.
  16. No wonder rights are chipped away in the state . . . Half of the people who are concerned about won't vote for anybody who will work to restore rights because they can only do it piece by piece (the way that they are taken away) and the other half will continue to cut off their noses to spite their face. Politics is the art of the possible not the perfect. Those who want to take your rights away are willing to chip away them just a little bit at a time while you will not stand behind somebody who will start the restoration process. Singh? Rizzo? You're wasting your time. That's your choice but don't come complaining if you get what you want. Neither is likely to beat Murphy and, if they do, they will have zero coattails in the legislature which means that they will not implement shit to restore the rights that you know are yours.
  17. No . . . It's a matter of recognizing possibilities. It's admitting that without the legislature, what he wants is irrelevant. "Everything is on the table" is he gets the legislature. But, hear what you want . . . Vote for Singh . . . He'll run a shitty campaign while he makes you promises that he can't keep and he'll either lose to Murphy or he'll win without gaining a single seat in the legislature and you won't get shit out it.
  18. “Conveniently clipped from the post circulated online by Singh supporters this morning was his campaign operative’s initial obscenity-ridden tirade against not only Mrs. Ciattarelli’s husband, but also her family and her children – including a son on active duty in the military.” Singh has NOTHING going for him. He can't raise money. He reached the fundraising requirement to get into the debate by loaning his campaign over $400,000 of the $490,000 needed and most of the rest came in as large donations from his family. Now, we find out that he has staffed his campaign with jackasses who attack his opponent's family including an active duty military member and a college student. https://newjerseyglobe.com/governor/singh-advisor-ambushes-ciattarelli-wife-at-debate-launches-attack-at-candidates-family/?fbclid=IwAR06-lWwPWxDO6wx_BEYpI0I7jM0jt255OubQAPlN6MP9F85VJXFkyewvDA Is this REALLY who you want as our next governor?
  19. Actually . . . What Jack has said repeatedly is that if the legislature is held by Democrats he would push for incremental changes but if Republicans are given control EVERYTHING IS ON THE TABLE . . .
  20. Damn! Let me know if it falls through . . .
  21. EdF


    When I was in high school and college, 1210 used to play them one night a week (yes. . . I'm old . . . ) I loved listening! Because of this, I think that I'm one of the very few people who likes the Alec Baldwin film version . . .
  22. EdF

    primary ?

    Pretty much what I said . . . We need seats in the legislature and I've been encouraging people here and elsewhere to check the candidates in the their district. Turnout is going to be hugely important in November. I've also talked about the fact that SCOTUS is the only "quick" avenue of change on carry. Legislatively it's not going to happen in one fell swoop. https://www.ammoland.com/2021/05/jack-ciattarelli-running-for-nj-governor-sides-with-civil-rights/?fbclid=IwAR0M2jekg6afpbKA6ehOhGw365OUwA1CjUOkjZNz8M0BipMdAF1vYlhzGlM#axzz6voHRmjHa Note: Jack is clear . . . With a Democrat controlled legislature, he is all for pushing incremental changes. If he gets a Republican legislature EVERYTHING is on the table.
  23. EdF

    primary ?

    It's an invitation to see-saw law making like we have seen at the federal level. Republicans get power and open up carry laws, then Democrats return to power and reel everything in. Right or wrong, the people of New Jersey have been putting these people in power to enact these laws. Their minds need to be changed and we aren't going to get a few million people to change their minds at once..
  24. EdF

    primary ?

    There's nothing equivocal about recognizing reality. The problem would be a candidate making promises he knows it's not in his power to keep. The governor can't do it all himself. He needs down ticket support in the legislature in order to pass ANY legislation. We need a gubernatorial candidate who can win and who can have coattails to gain significant numbers in the legislature. I understand that people will support the winner of the primary but if that winner isn't somebody who can win in November, it doesn't matter.
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