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  1. The commander of US forces in Afghanistan rocks a 1911 as his issued sidearm https://www.militarytimes.com/off-duty/gearscout/irons/2019/06/06/the-commander-of-us-forces-in-afghanistan-rocks-a-1911-as-his-personal-sidearm/ This guy has an impressive resume. 82nd AB, Ranger, etc. Went to Delta as a Captain. He held multiple positions in Delta becoming the Commander. He carries a 1911.
  2. That was a minor issue IMO. As soon as I get off my lazy ass and call Ruger they'll fix it.
  3. A bit OT but there were other innovations going on at that time. Jim Hall was running the Chapparal (sports/racing) which was the first racing car that had...an adjustable wing. That wasn't the only innovation. The Chapparal also had an automatic transmission. Jim Hall never said what he did to them but all the parts came from stock Chevy Powerglide parts available to any one over the counter. The Powerglide was Chevy's 2 speed automatic also known as a 1,2 slushbox. Adjustable wings, parts from a crappy automatic transmission? Other racers thought Hall was crazy...until the Chapparal started winning races.
  4. She would, most likely, be arrested. Not sure of what the penalties were in 1990.
  5. Maybe. But the GT40 dominated Le Mans through 1969. Ford proved the GT category wasn't owed by Ferrari. Keep in mind at the same time Carroll Shelby and his Cobra dominated the production sports car class.
  6. The GT40 had teething problems but it showed what American ingenuity can do. Dan Gurney (most versatile driver ever) had Formula One covered at the same time. He won the 1967 Belgian Grand Prix in his All American Eagle. The last time before this an American driver in an American car won a Grand Prix was Jimmy Murphy (?) in a Dusenberg in 1921.
  7. I lived through this. Ford wanted to buy Ferrari. Enzo was willing to sell but was going to put the stipulation on the sale no Ferrari engine was to be used in an Indy car. Henry Ford (III?) said screw you Enzo I'll beat you at your game. Ford developed the GT40 (40 because the car was 40 inches tall) and after a little rocky start wound up winning the 1966 Le Mans in a first, second, and third sweep You also have to realize the brutality of this race. Two drivers per car for 24 hours of racing. Not 24 hours of driving on the interstate but racing.
  8. Renting one is the cheapest alternative but the longer you have it the more it costs. While not the best quality I've found Harbor Freight stuff good for things you might do again at a later date. Not for the guy who has to do it everyday but good enough.
  9. I'm sure he does. It's like riding a bike. He's busy managing budget nowadays.
  10. GRIZ


    You can legally ship a firearm to a manufacturer or gunsmith for repair or modification. FEDEX or UPS and both will require a more expensive expedited delivery. Best if manufacturer sends you a shipping label. You are required to declare it's a firearm. I've never had an issue with it. Long guns can be shipped USPS.
  11. If you want to get rid of it fast sell it to a dealer. You will get about half the value but at least you get something.
  12. I also saw Harry Anderson juggle double bit axes. Might have been fire axes.
  13. @Zeke no one with common sense juggles chain saws, bowling balls,....or bowling pins!!!
  14. I did see Harry Anderson juggle bowling balls and chain saws.
  15. The mass slaughter of bowling pins!!! Oh, the humanity!!!!
  16. More like kyudo. The important thing is the form and technique you use to bring the arrow to the bow and draw and release the bow. The fact that a good kyudoka can put the arrow in an eye socket at range is merely a result of their form and technique.
  17. @Zeke it's a matter Louis Sullivan settled when he said "form follows function".
  18. Using stones to remove material not files is usually more appropriate. Much slower yes but more appropriate.
  19. I've separated brass by headstamp for years. I've read tests by reliable sources that indicate it doesn't make a difference for most uses. I still do it anyway for appearance sake if nothing else.
  20. Does this have the triangle or round hammer?
  21. I've even seen guns that worked fine with a broken ejector (S&W gen 3).
  22. I've never found limp wristing to be an issue with metal frame handguns. Have you looked at the ejector? I've seen many guns that would run most of the time with a broken ejector. Pull up a photo of your ejector and compare it with yours.
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