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  1. join the Marines. Maybe then you will get the message that gun nuts are dangerous to everyone’s health, no matter what side you are on. So is he calling Marines gun nuts?
  2. Danno

    Psa Dagr9

    Does it take Glock mags?
  3. Submitted conformation on 1/10. Approval email on 1/25. This is in Brielle. I'll let you know when I get contacted.
  4. Yeah Maks, great job with this. Thanks for your help. Keep the deals like this coming!!
  5. Just got mine too. Everything was in the box or in the bino case to be correct. Too dark to and rainy to go outside with them. They feel nice and heavy, well made, and very functional. I'll throw them in my truck and give them a shot this week.
  6. Ordered Saturday night. Got the cash back yesterday. Binos coming today. Awesome job!!
  7. Will this only work with a Paypal account?
  8. I'm off all next week if anyone wants to go check it out.
  9. I see it has room for my pith helmet. A definite plus!!
  10. So, you don't know the ordnance, don't know the people, and don't know the situation surrounding the events. That makes them guilty of cronyism in you eyes? You should testify for Adam Schriff.
  11. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but like i said really don't have the desire to get into that right now. Maybe next season. Just need a butcher for now.
  12. I'm looking to get sausage and kielbasa type products made from some of it. I don't have the equipment or space for that kind of operation.
  13. Anyone know of a butcher in the Manasquan area that processes deer?
  14. Does anyone know of a place to get a deer processed in the Manasquan area??
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