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  1. Spinning reels don't spinn when they are letting out line. There is no way you could use that with a casting reel.
  2. Amazing that in this state he would have been better off with an illegal firearm.
  3. http://njparcels.com/property/1221/1/14.02
  4. A little more info about this please.
  5. And prepare yourself for the onslaught of solicitors and salesman!!
  6. Check here: http://www.barrelexchange.com/index.cfm?PageNum_bl=7
  7. Check with the place you are hunting. If it's public land you can do what you want. If it's a preserve they may limit the size of the shot they allow.
  8. Here's one https://www.cabelas.com/product/shooting/firearms/shotguns/semiautomatic-shotguns/pc/104792580/c/553829580/sc/105537780/i/105538680/hatfield-usa-semi-auto-shotgun/2629885.uts?slotId=0 No sales tax in Delaware. Right next to the Christiana Mall. Make a day of it.
  9. Wouldn't the gun on his hip scream,"I have a gun!"?
  10. Put me down for $200. also.
  11. So like the Punisher only with more guns and blood?
  12. No not the food joint. Does anyone have any experience with this place? I am thinking of joining. I emailed the membership lead and got a response but would like any "unofficial" info I could get.
  13. Ammo and loaded mags in the bed, firearms in the back seat of the cab, off I go. Oh yeah, I take the giant "I'M CARRYING GUNS AND AMMO IN MY TRUCK!!" sign off the side before I leave.
  14. Both are in stock now!