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  1. Try here http://www.barrelexchange.com/index.cfm?PageNum_bl=7
  2. Cabela's in Delaware isn't a bad ride. My wife and I went there last year to get her a shotgun for trap. The gentleman at the counter spent a solid 45 minutes with her and showed just about everything on the wall. I walk away and let her make her own decision. She ended u with a 28 gauge O/U that I never would of thought of. She loves the gun. The important thing is to let her decide on her gun.
  3. http://www.barrelexchange.com/index.cfm?PageNum_bl=7 You might find the barrel here.
  4. As for "cover" on or off, is not the location a factor as well? That is, cover "outdoors" uncover "indoors?" Unless you are from Texas a gentleman never wears a hat indoors.
  5. would I be able to shoot alone at any of these places? Do they have auto pullers?
  6. Thanks Bill. I was hoping that was all there was to it. I've seen that for a couple of different brand of guns, but not for the Ruger.
  7. I recently bought a used Ruger Red label 12g O/U. Love the gun overall but it has ejectors and i would much rather have extractors. Is there an easy fix for this or do I need to send it to Ruger? It's a 2000 production model. I called Ruger and they said it is not a service they provide.
  8. Yes you are overthinking this. Load your car , get your friend, put his stuff in your car and go shooting. Do the opposite on your way home. Am I the only one the cops aren't following around 24/7 to see if I break any gun laws? Or maybe I'm the only one not driving around waving them out he window of my car?
  9. The manufacturer calls it a knife in their ad. As far a legality goes: 2C:39-1 h. "Gravity knife" means any knife which has ablade which is released from the handle or sheath thereofby the force of gravity or the application of centrifugalforce... p. "Switchblade knife" means any knife or similardevice which has blade which opens automatically by handpressure applied to a button, spring or other device inthe handle of the knife... u. "Ballistic knife" means anyweapon or other device capable of lethal use and which canpropel a knife blade. You can be the test case if you want.
  10. How about the fact that it is an automatic knife? " In stand alone configuration the instrument could be deployed as an automatic knife for hunting or in many other capacities"
  11. Use the standard Jersey test: Is it cool? YES Is it fun? YES Can we have it in Jersey? NO NO NO
  12. So it's open to Jersey residence only but they don't check ID because it's no questions asked. This is just the beginning of the flaws in this system.
  13. You had the directional signals removed correct?