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  1. My wife has a 28 gauge O/U. My son who is 11 just shot it all day at Ceder Creek and loved it. He usually shoots a Mossberg 20ga. Just sayin'
  2. Al Bundy was a football legend at Polk High. How dare you!!!
  3. If you took the written part on line you do not have to do the field walk through. You will have to do the hands on firearms and archery if that is what you are getting. Everyone has to take another written test at the end of their hands on test. The online test basically get you out of the walk through field test. Depending on where you go and the crowd size it can save you hours. If a location and date you want is full, go anyway, they get some no shows and I've never seen them turn anyone away.
  4. I'll go first.... Whatcha got?
  5. Hit "CTRL +". A few times, you will be amazed!
  6. Cheaper on Amazon.
  7. I like how the guy went from Jim from the Office to The Road Warrior in 2 days.
  8. I can start a fire at least 4 different ways with out any problems.
  9. A bottle of Glenmorangie 18 year old and a box of Arturo Fuente 858 maduro lonsdales.
  10. I hope all of her fears come true!
  11. Old kitchen cabinets make great garage cabinets.
  12. Spinning reels don't spinn when they are letting out line. There is no way you could use that with a casting reel.
  13. Amazing that in this state he would have been better off with an illegal firearm.