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  1. I'm going to bring all my 15s to the local Home Depot and hand them out to all the amigos looking for work. Then I'm gonna call the cops and watch to see what happens.
  2. This sounds like two people who have never seen a gun arguing about guns.
  3. I'll be driving to work around 4am on the Parkway so my odds of getting a deer are as good as anyone elses.
  4. Do you mean CJRPC ?
  5. Is that a combination liquor cabinet, stereo, TV unit?
  6. I believe the Monmouth County Parks system allows deer hunting on some of the courses.
  7. As far as payment, cash is King.
  8. https://www.cabelas.com/product/KRYPTEC-SEAT-COVERS-W-FLAG/1671906.uts?slotId=2 I put theses on my GMC Sierra. They fit like a glove. Most people think they are factory installed. Took about an hour. Front seats, back seats and console cover. Plenty of pockets. Almost forgot, I got the Typhoon pattern. Looks good in a black truck.
  9. Thanks, just got two.
  10. The simple Jersey test: Looks cool. Check Looks like fun. Check Doesn't alter the performance of the fire arm. Check You can't have it.
  11. They will supply the ammo. If you can practice before hand practice this:1. Gun down safety on. 2. Shoulder gun. 3. Safety off, fire gun. Remember, you will still have to take a written test when you pass the hands on portion. The online test just gets you out of the walk around.
  12. My wife has a 28 gauge O/U. My son who is 11 just shot it all day at Ceder Creek and loved it. He usually shoots a Mossberg 20ga. Just sayin'
  13. Al Bundy was a football legend at Polk High. How dare you!!!