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  1. What about private clubs like CJRPC or Old Bridge? Technically they are gun clubs not open to the puplic?
  2. Same here. We wouldn't take it anyway. There a lot more people that need it more than we do.
  3. Well technically it's not a business.
  4. How is this helping his problem. Telling some one how much better your guns are does not help them with theirs.
  5. If you do go, go over a check it out. Ask some questions, watch how guys are shooting. There is a definite technique/rhythm to the way guys shoot trap.
  6. If you want a good intro to the game go on first or last Sunday. Much more relaxed atmosphere. Ask for John, he'll be the guy sitting in the back of his SUV with the space heater. He is has wealth of experience and is more than happy to share/teach. He is also there on Thursday mornings if you can make it.
  7. He wants to stop school shootings cause lets face it, he does have a vested interest in the health and welfare of school girls.
  8. If you want to sell the mags I'll take them. I already have that rifle. It's a tack driver.
  9. Picked up my permits today. Could have got them yesterday but was too busy. They are dated 1/24.
  10. join the Marines. Maybe then you will get the message that gun nuts are dangerous to everyone’s health, no matter what side you are on. So is he calling Marines gun nuts?
  11. Danno

    Psa Dagr9

    Does it take Glock mags?
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