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  1. My older model guns did not offer optics ready models at the time. Sending them out to be milled was a great option to have.
  2. Just had my Glock 19 done by JagarWerks. There and back in 6 days! Sent the Holosun with my slide, barrel and spring and they aligned it for free. Couldn't have been happier or more impressed with the work.
  3. I carry a double edged knife. I cut Pork Roll with one side and Taylor Ham with the other. No cross contamination!!
  4. Pork Roll is a product . Taylor Ham is a brand of that product. I really don't understand the confusion. Vaseline is a brand of petroleum jelly, Band-Aid is a brand of adhesive strip
  5. Danno

    The Tank

    a" hypothermia kit" So a blanket?
  6. Well the first question would be, "What are you looking to hunt?"
  7. It's scrapple in Pa.!!!
  8. Depending on how many targets it comes with it might be worth it . Those Shoot and see targets aren't cheap.
  9. So your company has perfected NANO Technology and decided to use it on weed juice for dogs instead of say, curing cancer in children? Very good choice.
  10. So EVERYONE'S FID will need to be renewed on the same day?!? We may be able to have some fun with this.
  11. Did you sign anything saying you would be watching the house? If not, it never happened.
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