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  1. Be wary of people who do research into illegal guns, illegal drugs, or child pornography as they are probably trying to get involved in those markets.
  2. Delaware doesn't.
  3. There are quite a few CJRPC members on the is site. I am one. If you want to come down and check it out in person say the word, I'm sure we can work something out. I'm available during the week as I work shift work.
  4. Go look at CJRPC.org.
  5. Wow. That's almost cheating. Did you have them for breakfast?
  6. I'm not on Facebook but I'll give Giberson's a look see. Thabks.
  7. Actually Bent Creek won't let anyone under 12 on a guided hunt. I'm not sure how strict they are with this but that's what their brochure says.
  8. Is it possible/practical to pheasant hunt at Assunpink without a dog? I took my son on youthday and the state provided dogs and guides and he loved it. I don't think he'll like walking around a field for hours and not even seeing a bird. I would hate for him to get turned off to hunting at such an early age. Outside of hiring a guide or going to a place like Bent Creek, is there any way to hook up with some one who just wants to run/train their dogs ? Getting my own dog is not an option at this time but might be in the future.
  9. What size is the 12 gauge?
  10. Well they do have 2 more months, lets see how they do.
  11. The long gun he could "sell" to you with a COE. Pistol is another story.
  12. Well my first move would to be keep it off the internet.
  13. They have been talking about developing that area for, no exaggeration, the last 20 years at least. Although this is the most progress I've ever seen with the project.
  14. Unless these guys were welding mud piles he means the Meadowlands. The Basspro site is just a dirt field.