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    So here in Jax Costco has run out of water the last 2 days and gas is starting to be an issue. Hoping that bitch turns east and out to sea. Behind that is Juan so will have to see how that tracks also....
  2. Rob Thanks for the chart. That is very interesting. Thought it would be much greater separation. Frank Never looked into 6mm AR, does anyone make ammo for it or only reloading? Thanks Guys.
  3. So been looking at the Larue Ultimate Upper sale. I really don't need another AR, but the 6.5 Grendal has my interest. Has anyone shot the 6.5 at distance? My 6.5x47 bolt gun is amazing so was thinking of the Grendal for a small frame AR out to 800+. Thanks, Jimmy
  4. https://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records
  5. My father landed there that day. He never talked about it until I joined the Navy. Always chocked up when we talked. I have his medals, Africa, Sicily, Anzio and then Occupation. They are the greatest generation, but we have a great generation now that has been at war for 16 years. The greatest always step up to do there duty. God bless all of those who serve.
  6. They are definitely a site to see. I love the ships and planes of WWII. When men were men
  7. Dave, Nice find. Love my 03.
  8. If you go the custom route pick your builder carefully and talk to them about what they recommend in parts. Some of the better smiths out there may take 6 months to a year. I had a 6.5x47 built by Robert Gradous and I got it in 6 months only because I told him I had a class to do, so he rushed it for me. I had the action and stock and he supplied the rest.
  9. I have the Tacoma TRD Pro in sand color. Have it 9 months now and it is very smooth. I went from a Silverado to the Taco. Never looking back. Oh and the Tacoma is made in the USA, unlike my Silverado.
  10. yes quite boring this season. I don't even bother watching live or the talking dead anymore.
  11. I have the S&W Shield in 45. Great gun, very accurate.
  12. Paul that is very nice. What is the barrel length? Just needs a suppressor on there
  13. I have a Gen 2 Lil Bastard that I no longer use since I had to change breaks for my suppressor. It's a .308 cal that was cerakoted black. I would sell it for $100, plus shipping if you are interested.
  14. I'll second that. Great brake and really helps you stay on target.
  15. Very nice. Will have to check them out.
  16. The one I shoot the most is my Dan Wesson Valor in their duty coat, so I guess that would be my favorite.
  17. Here is a link from another builder. He has a good rep with bolt guns on the hide, never heard anything about his gas guns. All quality parts. http://www.rwsgunsmithing.com/catalog/mk12-mod-1/ I had a MK12 when in Jersey. Only had to pin the muzzle break not the collar.
  18. While DD makes a nice rifle, they aren't close in spec to "real" Mk12s. About all the have in common is the 18" barrel with rifle length gas. If you want something as close to spec as possible try here: http://highcalibersales.com/mk12-mod0-upper.html That is for the Mod 0. They also make a Mod 1. The gentleman who runs this shop used to work for Crane. They have very good customer service also. They are not cheap but of high quality. The BCM option mentioned above is also good as I have never had a problem with anything BCM. Again it all matters how close you want to be to "original" I wouldn't hesitate to buy a DD, I have a MK18 of theirs and am very happy with it.
  19. Have a couple extra rooms and access to a 1000 yard range
  20. Recoil isn't bad. I use the extended magazine butt plate to get better purchase. I carry it with 124 gr. Gold dots and it doesn't feel bad at all. Not as nice as a 1911, but manageable and conceals easier them my DW Eco.
  21. Eric that is very cool, glad you landed on your feet! Sounds like a fun adventure.
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