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  1. I prefer this style of holster: https://www.vedderholsters.com/comforttuck-iwb-hybrid-holster/ works well from 1 to 5 o’clock. Adjustable height, and holds well even if you use only one of the belt clips.
  2. I like this style of holster: https://www.vedderholsters.com/comforttuck-iwb-hybrid-holster/ works well from 1 to 5 o’clock. Adjustable height, and hold well even if you use only one of the belt clips.
  3. when do yours expire? my ihealth china kits are only good for 6 months, expire this july. Extremely suspect short shelf life,
  4. Nassau county, west of Callahan, by the Georgia border. It’s farm, cattle, and horse country. You can shoot on your own land, and still be on the beach in under an hour. Stay away from the west side of Duval county.
  5. North East costal Florida is safe from the hurricane, it’s a little coastal nook. There are 150+ year old wood framed houses next to 150+ year old oaks 1/4 mile inland. The pirates of yore knew what they were doing.
  6. Did the Ridgeline add a locking center diff yet? I really liked them but at the time they were only awd, went Tacoma for the 4x4, needed it for soft deep sand driving.
  7. I have the Apple TV connected to my Samsung’s. This way that little processor in the tv just runs the image processing, while the Apple handles the streaming and video/sound conversions and processing. It’s a nice interface, and the apps are always kept updated. Depending on the channels you want, there are lots of good free tv apps, I currently use Pluto (which is owned by ViacomCBS). If you also get a cheap Roku box, they also have a free live streaming app. Lots of live streaming themed channels all free. For paid, I use Hulu ad-free.
  8. Weren’t these single action style revolvers, so he cocked the hammer and pulled the trigger, all with people standing in front of him. If they weren’t all so anti nra, the one hour nra basic safety course could be given each morning of filming action scenes, even a just 15 minute lecture to everyone and she would be alive.
  9. So were they filming a scene where the camera and crew were downrange, which blanks should have been safe, or was he throwing one of his tantrums waving around the pistol and fired the banks at close range, which would be lethal ?
  10. May be worth it to list it now, people like to be in time for the new school year, possibly paying a premium for that, could be worth it to rent for a month or two?
  11. Don’t forget no state income tax, and no beach badges as they are free
  12. Synthetic Mobile One oil change question. Last changed it out 2 years ago, only ran it about an hour each year to prep it. Just checked and it’s still full and clear. What is the storage life of synthetic while it’s inside the genny?
  13. This is not entirely true, and you may not find out until it’s too late. In my case Rutgers did accept all of my one son’s county credits, but said they don’t all apply towards the degree. Even though his associates is the same as the bachelor, they wanted another 3 years.
  14. Depends, both are great. Do you need 4x4 or is awd good enough. I wish the Ridgeline had a center diff lock. The bed storage is really cool, but if you get a flat you are unloading everything to get to the micro spare. That 8 speed trans is still a bit new but looks promising. End of the day, can’t go wrong with either.
  15. Get a Tacoma, with a home you need to transport the more than occasional bulky item.
  16. The storms in Florida happen in the summer when it’s 80. I have a tri fuel inverter I run on grill propane tanks to power the fridge, computer, and a small room window ac unit.
  17. I was referring to adult dependents such as college and elderly parents. I will have them self file for 2020, but will amend 2019 if needed so they can get some help.
  18. So if it gets approved, which tax year would it hit? The year it was put on the desk, or the year it passed into law? got hit at both ends with dependent adult kids and dependent elderly. May need to re-file several of last year returns.
  19. If you go with an xx60 card you will be replacing it in a year, spend the little bit more for at least xx70 series. Or look for a used 1080-TI You can also go for a 2k gaming monitor, will get 100fps in all titles on ultra with not much visual difference between 2k and 4k. Otherwise you need a 3080, or just go with an etch-a-sketch.
  20. Was the easement in place when you bought your property, or were you the one who granted it? look into law schools, lots of them take cases for free, it will be law students under supervision but they are super eager for their first win!
  21. I almost bought this, but seems it’s now made by umerex. I have the Sig kit, made by Sig and eats the bulk stuff. Also have a ciener kit for 1911 runs awesome. I thought the Beretta would be made by Beretta.
  22. My wife also tried all on the list (several I have) and didn’t like them. The sw 380 ez was close, but I wanted to have a bit better round. She loves her Ruger LCR in 9mm with the larger ruger rubber grip. While it uses moon clips, it’s also made to run fine just dropping into the cylinder. I was thinking of the lcr in 38/357, she would only use 38. But I didn’t want another caliber, I can share the 9’s with all my other stuff, and moon clips are quick to reload.
  23. How far and which direction do you go to evacuate, to Kansas? That is a problem in Florida, they don’t know which coast it’s going to hit until the last turn is made. Last year they said will go up the east coast, so people fled north-west to panhandle, well it changed course and hit the west coast and panhandle. Also, weirdly enough that south-east Georgia is like one big flood zone, where my little northern corner of FL is not. I hope they are safe!
  24. I run mine on only propane, a grill tank gets me 20 hours. According to the manual, 1.6 gallons of gas the tank holds will run 8 hours, doing the math 4 gallons of gas would be the same runtime of a propane tank.
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