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  1. Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon Sporting , Sale was $150 off retail + I saved $123 in sales tax , Sometimes you get lucky .
  2. So early this morninng I head to Cabelas in Delaware by some miracle I called about gun on sale yesterday they tell me they have it , great I'll take a chance be there in the morning . Got there at 9 AM senior hours store empty right up to counter show him the ad and SKU # for gun do the forms all on computer litterly within 5 minutes of hitting send I was approved paid out the door on my home.
  3. Cream Ridge / Jackson right by Six Flags Great Adventure
  4. My one and only sport was Football when Goodell took over was the begining of the end for me , I realize some changes had to be made to protect the players but it's gotten to soft , to political , and now way over the top There is only one National Anthem . You always stand for our flag , and you only take a knee if your hurt.
  5. I have a CZ TEAL by Cabelas 12gauge 28" $450 Check their site for info
  6. I have a box of Remington UMC 50 rounds & an open box of Federal with 32 rounds left there yours if you want them , I'm in Jackson out by Six Fiags , I'm available most anytime message me if your interested , don't want anything for them somehow acquired them have'nt any need collecting dust.
  7. You can also go to places like JEGS , SUMMIT , any speed shop and get all steel or aluminum Big Bucks , one other thing use old school GREEN ANTIFREEZE all that new permanent crap is caustic as hell on your system .
  8. Unless it's a classic car or truck or a piece of equipment made from copper most of the radiators are throw away plastic tanks & aluminum cores . Shop around for new or take a chance on a used in the junk yard.
  9. Shoots steel ammo just fine average groups anywhere around 1 1/2" to 2 + at a 100 yards more expensive brass like Federal , Hornady , lot tighter groups . I've put Golden Tiger , Tula , Wolf , & Brown Bear not one issue it all goes bang and extracts without no issues so far.
  10. I bought one a few months back , have a bunch of steel cased ammo that'll be wasted in an AK love this little rifle added a 4x12 - 40 NIKON and a Surefire Comp. , The Comp tamed what recoil it had to about 1/2 100 yards steel ammo decent groups bought some brass case name brands to try out then I'll start reloading for a little more accuracy.
  11. I paint mine using CUMMINS engine paint older engine color tan super durable also use a company called ammocanmagnets.com for ID
  12. Any information you need is simply a phone call away , LVSC staff has to be the most friendly and accommodating people to deal with.
  13. If your not reloading for volume as mentioned before RCBS is a good for long term but if don't want to break the bank to start and learn LEE Breech Lock around $35 or the Classic around $60. The one thing is stay away from a Turret Style Press for rifle they all have some extra movement , top wobble so to speak good for volume not so much for accuracy. Slow and steady for sub MOA .
  14. If your reloading for a bolt action rifle single stage press is hard to beat a few points of interest buy quality dies Hornady RCBS , also look into a decent trimmer (worst part of reloading rifle) a pretty decent caliper , and a good scale , And if your going for decent consistent accuracy separate your brass , there is always a difference between brands.
  15. I stand corrected 572 is the pump I had both but like the MARLIN 60 I"m not a big fan of the tube feed semi auto .
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