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  1. TOMMY R

    Where to get a piece of AR500

    https://cdn.shopjfi.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/small_image/250x250/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/A/R/AR500SMALLTARGET_1_4.jpg FAZIOS WAII TWP
  2. TOMMY R

    Snub nose .357/.38 revolver

    If your planning on a snub nose really just go with 38 special save the 357 for something larger, especially if you go with a light gun, if your gonna carry make sure it's +P. Everybody says get a 357/38 unless you reload 357 is pretty rough, chances are you,ll only shoot 38,s in it anyway.At one time I had quite a few snubs sold them all kept the Ruger LCR 38. My favorites in 357's are my 4" & 6" Ruger GP100's.
  3. TOMMY R

    Any Cowboys? (SASS)

    Go to CJRPC website click on calendar on the 18th they have a Cowboy Action Shoot open to the public
  4. TOMMY R

    WTB BT-99

    i believe he is in Wall Twp.
  5. TOMMY R

    WTB BT-99

    Check into Legacy Firearms I believe he has at least 3 for sale
  6. Check any of your local clubs that have a 5 Stand shoots
  7. TOMMY R

    Looking to get an OU

    I own the CZ TEAL in 12 gauge bought it when it's on sale $550 I'm North of 3500 to 4000 rounds trouble free. It's Turkish oh well for the price couldn't be happier. Mainly 5 Stand & Sporting Clays. My next O/U will probably be a Browning CYNERGY CX priced around $1500 not super fancy but solid. Great entry level gun. Also personal preference I prefer Mechanical Triggers vs Inertia.
  8. TOMMY R

    357 carbine

    Depending on your budget ROSSI lever guns are a great starting point, After that HENRY, UBERTI, a few others I own 2 ROSSI'S in 357 Mag & 454Casull /45 Colt. Just a side note on levers ROSSI has a side gate load HENRY tube fed only personal preference thing.
  9. TOMMY R

    Car trade-in value

    Most the time if you use the NADA GUIDE the true value is the the one column that states bank value. That's what the bank is willing to lend and finance.
  10. I live in Cream Ridge Ocean County section there is also a Monmouth part also I had / have use Jackson Twp. PD
  11. TOMMY R

    Great 80s movies no one ever heard of...

    Maximum Overdrive
  12. Current 04 FORD Ranger Ranger 4x4 pickup Favorites 66 GTO convertible or 66 CHEVY Stepside P/U Absolute worst pos '73 CHEVY VEGA
  13. TOMMY R

    Car guys, what the heck is this??

    Some car dealers install a lockout system if financed miss a your payment shuts you down, then they make you pay a fine to be able to restart and use your car. It's super shady but legal
  14. Cabelas CZ TEAL O/U Shotgun 12 Gauge normal $849 sale $549 scratch on stock -5% more final $522 no tax Delaware
  15. TOMMY R

    talk me in/out of a marlin 336

    If you want 38/357 cheap reliable can't beat a Rossi they have aftermarket trigger kits if you want a smoother trigger, you can upgrade to a Henry sweet out of the box usually. The big difference is Henry's are tube fed only the Rossi has a loading side gate.

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